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At Travel Divas, we always make sure that every group trip gives all participants an unforgettable experience

Why travel alone when you can go with other amazing women like yourself and have ten times the fun?

  • We will help you find all the best spots, especially if you don’t have a lot of inspiration. We know the right places to visit in every city, the best restaurants to get lovely meals and even where you can party the right way.
  • If you were the only one there to witness your travel experiences, who would you be able to share those fantastic memories with? Joining our group trips helps you create essential memories that will leave you laughing hard every time you randomly remember them.
  • No one is excluded! Our group trips are especially for African-American women who are ready to unwind and connect with like minds. You are our travel divas, and we would love for you to be a part of our beautiful trips.
  • Of course, joining our group trips saves a lot of extra money. Travel Divas is a travel agency that also considers the budget of our amazing women. Money shouldn’t stop you from getting that much-needed break. Therefore, we offer amazing discounts(discounts or easy/affordable payment plans?) on all our group trips, making it very affordable

Here is a highlight of one of our favorite trips in 2019.

Dubai Glam 2019 was such a dream! With our base at the Sheraton Hall of the Emirates Hotel, Dubai had to be on our list of destinations for millions of reasons. Everywhere around us exuded luxury, the perfect vacation spot for our Travel Divas. All our beautiful women were given the Travel Diva treatment with a professional tour guide and all the world-class amenities befitting of our guests. To cap it all off, eight nights at the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates featured a modern and old classic Dubai city tour, Abu Dhabi tour, visit to the Grand Mosque, lunch at the Emirates Palace, a yacht cruise and a visit to the exclusive Louvre Museum. It was a luxury Middle Eastern experience no one will forget anytime soon. We can’t wait for you to join us on our next trip to Dubai!

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