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One Time for the Birthday Chic!

Indulge in the BIRTHDAY BASH You Deserve

Lemme ask a question: Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something?

Well, here’s the thing: if you pause for a moment, you can hear exactly what that message is.

And the word on these streets is you’re overdue for a warm, tropical getaway where you’ll be catered to and celebrated for your big day.   

What better way to do that than with a 5-day tropical birthday bash where the margaritas don’t stop, the conversations keep flowing, and the good vibes are perfectly aligned?

When you join us to celebrate your birthday during our Zodiac Birthday Bash (just choose your sign), that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Listen, it’s your big day, so you shouldn’t have to do a thing except be a Diva, a goddess and a magical Black woman! (In other words, just be yourself!)

That’s why we handle all the deets – fabulous hotel, airport transfers, exclusive birthday meet and greets plus pool, champagne brunch, and dinner parties.

You just pack your clothes and your passport!

Whether you want to celebrate in your own space or you need a zodiac bestie to share the magic with you, we’ll help match you to a roommate that fits your vibes.