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Down For a Quick Getaway?

Now, if there’s one thing we love more than serving you the opportunity to turn up your Black girl magic meter with travel, it’s this … a quick getaway!

And this time, we are inviting you to stamp your passport book and whisk yourself away to a paradise right in our backyards – that being the Caribbean, of course!

Picture this: You’re in an all-red swimsuit with a floppy hat, your nails and hair are done, red lipstick moistens your lips, designer sunnies shade your gorgeous brown eyes and a tropical drink sweats coolness in your hand … all while you’re at an exclusive VIP pool party with your fellow Travel Divas. 

You’re basking in the Caribbean sun and watching your melanin glow, any stress gets washed away by the warm, clear waters, and relaxation rolls in with every sway of a palm tree.

Whether you want complete luxury in Turks & Caicos, all-white fun times in Los Cabos, an Atlantean paradise in the Bahamas or Calgon-take-me-away vibes in Jamaica … you can find a quick getaway with Travel Divas.

Let us whisk you away to a tropical paradise for a few days.

Travel to the Caribbean & Mexico with Travel Divas®