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Traveling Diva Style

Join us in sprinkling Black Girl Magic around the globe

Pack Your Passport with Stamps, Girlfriend!

Even though we don’t know everything about you, we know you’re a diva who has a bucket list full of must-see destinations. And with Travel Divas, we’ll make sure you hit every one of them. Period.

Oh, and if you’re worried or reluctant to step outside your comfort zone to experience everything the world has to offer, that ends today. 

You see, starting right now, you have a sisterhood of travel divas who are waiting to give you the motivation, inspiration and group of getaway girlfriends you need to overcome your fear and submerge yourself into unforgettable experiences.

Rest & Relaxation Breeds Innovation and Creativity

Listen, we already know you’re an ambitious goal getter with a lengthy list of career and business achievements and accolades. But do you want to know how to level up and tap into even more of your innovation and creativity?

The answer: Taking time out to see the world and relax and unwind so you can clear your head and return to work or business refreshed, refueled and reenergized. 

And Travel Divas is here to make sure you get the rest and relaxation you need to achieve limitless success in everything you set out to do. 

Just Have Fun, Diva!

Listen, all work and no play will make any ambitious, goal-getting diva go absolutely insane (and we don’t want that). Work hard, play hard – that’s the motto. So, congrats on breaking records for your employer or racking up incredible results for your clients and keeping your customers satisfied. 

We applaud you and we also want you to know that you can count on us to channel that inner college student and get in a twerk or two in the name of fun every now and again, girlfriend.

A Sisterhood of Travel Divas Are Waiting for You

See this pic of beautiful divas enjoying an incredible vacation? We need you in the next pic, girlfriend. Oh, and these divas don’t all know each other, so if you’ve had trouble finding a travel bestie in the past, you have PLENTY of them now.

However, traveling is not just something that we wake up one morning and decide on.

We’re here to ensure you have a travel experience like no other. Period. We handle all aspects of your travel including reservations, payments, excursions – every little detail to ensure you make lasting memories. 

With that said, the only thing left to do is answer this one question:

Are YOU ready to join us in sprinkling some Black Girl Magic around the globe?

Our Commitment to Keeping You Safe

Our clients’ safety has always been our highest priority at Travel Divas. Working closely with our travel partners overseas and our highly experienced in-house travel hosts, we are proud of our reputation for taking the utmost care of every client’s safety and well-being.

For our 2021 tours and beyond, we have strengthened our safety management processes to include measures to protect our clients and team members from COVID-19. These new measures include protection while traveling, sightseeing, mealtimes and at hotels.

Guided by WHO (World Health Organization) and IATA (International Aviation Transport Association – who governs our accreditation) as well as local government regulations, our protocols include personal protection, disinfecting, and social distancing measures.

Needless to say, for your own protection you will be expected to follow the rules and regulations handed down by the health authorities in our host destination.

Rest assured that we will do everything possible to keep you safe on your vacation, while also helping you enjoy every moment along the way!

You’re in Good Hands with Travel Divas

Founded in 2007, Travel Divas has created a whole new Black Girl Magic vibe in the travel industry.

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