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Diva, flying dress photoshoot out the country – you down?

Fact: iPhones give those expensive cameras a run for their money. But when it comes to capturing that picture-perfect moment that makes you feel like a supermodel, it’s gonna take more than just a quick snap on your phone.

Especially when your supermodel dreams include looking like a Black goddess with a gorgeous flowing dress billowing in your wake as you stand in all your glory.

You’ve seen the girls do it in Santorini, but flying dress photoshoots can happen anywhere:

Paris. Dubai. Greece. Turkey. Morocco. Jamaica.

Here at Travel Divas, we know exactly which professionals you can rely on for flying dress photoshoots so fly and breathtaking, you’ll want to frame them and put them where everybody can see. 

The only catch? You’ve got to book the trip in the first place!

The only catch? You’ve got to book the trip in the first place!

Let us spoil you and plan your entire getaway for you so all you have to do is pack the perfect dress. We’ll hook you up with recs for a 5-star photographer and show you the best spots on our getaway for your VOGUE-worthy pictures.


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