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20 Social Media Captions to Announce You’re In Ghana

For a culturally immersive experience, Ghana is screaming your name. Check out 20 Social Media Captions you can use to let others know, “I’m in Ghana, baby!” 1. They gon’ have to roll me home after all this Ghanaian jollof! 🥘 2. Maya Angelou said it best: If you don’t know where you’ve come from,

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Roxie’s Guide to Rich Auntie’s New Year Resolutions

Well, look at that! It’s almost 2023. I’ve been off jet-setting around the world this year and finally have some downtime to decompress, put my feet up and think about what kind of rich, luxurious, upscale experiences I want to have next year. Here are some great ideas I want to share, you know, so

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2 Holiday Brunch Spots Fit for A Travel Diva

There’s truly nothing like eating brunch during the holidays – spending time with the family, looking your best, and sprinkling your Black girl magic someplace else other than your house. That’s why we’ve gathered together a few spots for you to jet set to around the world, all so you can experience elevated bougie brunches

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20 Holiday Instagram Captions

1. Y’all got cute to go to the living room – I’m getting cute to go to the airport. Bye! 🙌🏾 2. Me and travel go together like cornbread and collard greens🤞🏾 3. Imma have to work off this Christmas Brunch meal before my next @traveldivas vacay! 4. Another drama-free Christmas out the country and

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Cozy Up to Switzerland: The Perfect Winter Wonderland for Divas

Listen, there’s no shame in our game: we love to curl up under a plush, weighted blanket with a cup of salted caramel hot chocolate, some buttery popcorn, fuzzy socks, and the remote stuck on the Hallmark channel when the cold weather rolls around. But sometimes, do you ever wish you could go all Queen

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10 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance ASAP

We were 100% transparent with you the other day. Simply, you need travel insurance, Travel Diva. It isn’t optional. It isn’t just nice to have. It’s a must. It’s the same way you need your passport and airplane ticket to get to your destination. You NEED travel insurance.  YOU are your biggest investment. Travel insurance

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One Rookie Travel Mistake You Never Want to Make

You’re excited about your trip, right? You’re ready to rip and run these streets and sprinkle your Black girl magic all over. You’ve been busting your behind saving up your coin to treat yourself and get away from all the stress. So, there couldn’t possibly be a reason why a hardworking, highly intelligent boss chick

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6 Ways to Sprinkle Your Black Girl Magic in Ghana

Here at Travel Divas, we’re firm believers that luxury experiences don’t have to happen solely in Europe. No, you see, there’s a different kind of “je ne sais quoi” you’ll find when you venture out on the road less traveled. And the culturally rich country of Ghana is no exception. In the land of jollof rice

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