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Put ‘Em on DND: The Power of Disconnecting during Travel

Divas, I don’t know about you, but being “on” all the time takes a lot of work! Not just physically, but mentally, too. Constant phone notifications, endless video calls or in-person meetings, loud work environments and even noisier family life. It’s a lot – even for a magical Black woman like yourself who can power

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Self-Care & Service: How You Can Travel with Purpose

Listen, here at Travel Divas, we’re all about travel as a form of escape, even recharging and relaxation. But there’s nothing like traveling intentionally with a goal of refueling your own cup while serving others. Purpose-driven travel can be a rewarding way to share your gifts and services with communities in far-flung countries that hold

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Traveling with a Group: 3 Ways to Find Your Own Space

Roxie might be my first name, but my middle name is “freedom.” There’s nothing I crave and value more than the space, time, and energy to do my own thing and explore my curiosity. But when you’re traveling in a group, that can sometimes feel a bit difficult, especially if there are a lot of

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How to Prep for Solo Travel with a Group

Now, look at you – if you aren’t the embodiment of a true Diva, then we don’t know what is! You’ve booked a trip with the most luxurious group travel agency for magical Black women like you – and it’s your first time traveling on your own. That’s a big deal! Give yourself a huge

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