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20 Holiday Instagram Captions

1. Y’all got cute to go to the living room – I’m getting cute to go to the airport. Bye! 🙌🏾

2. Me and travel go together like cornbread and collard greens🤞🏾

3. Imma have to work off this Christmas Brunch meal before my next @traveldivas vacay!

4. Another drama-free Christmas out the country and out the way 😴✈️

5. Can’t wait to be the bougie auntie who only flies in for holidays 😎

6. Listennnnn, after that cooking class on my last @traveldivas trip, I’m ‘bout to put my foot in this Christmas brunch!

7. Imma let winter finish, but Christmas in Cabo is looking like the move. 👀

8. All Mariah wanted for Christmas is you, but I need a vacation!

9. I’m drinking this pumpkin spice latte, but deep down I really want a fruity drink with a lil’ umbrella in it 😩

10. Heard it’s snowing at home … Can’t relate. I’m in the tropics with @traveldivas 😜

11.  Every day feels like Christmas in Dubai!

12.  Bought myself another trip across the world with @traveldivas for Christmas 🎁 Thank you, me!

13.  Christmas hits different when you’re in the Caribbean with @traveldivas!

14.  Due to getting myself a 5-star @traveldivas vacation, the rest of you will be receiving thoughts and prayers from me for Christmas 😂

15.  The only white I’ll be seeing this Christmas is at the @traveldivas VIP all-white reception dinner 💅🏾

16.  Santa said you wanted some Black girl magic for Christmas, so here’s me on a @traveldivas trip!

17.  Is it just me or are they playing the Christmas music extra early this year? 🤔 That can only mean 1 thing: time to start planning my 2023 trips!

18.  Skipped the Christmas party this year. Booked a trip with @traveldivas instead!

19.  What should I get myself for Christmas? A Cabo trip? A Dubai vacay?

20.  Whew chile, Christmas vacay drained me. Time to book a @traveldivas trip to recover 😂

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