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20 Social Media Captions to Announce You’re In Ghana

For a culturally immersive experience, Ghana is screaming your name. Check out 20 Social Media Captions you can use to let others know, “I’m in Ghana, baby!”

1. They gon’ have to roll me home after all this Ghanaian jollof! 🥘

2. Maya Angelou said it best: If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. ✊

3. Ghana’s giving Wakanda Forever in real life! 🦁

4. A Black queen in the land of the Black Stars 👑

5. Adjusting my crown at the seat of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana! 👑

6. At the birthplace of Black girl magic 🌟

7. From now on, you can call me diva. 📲

8. I flew to Ghana with @traveldivas and now I don’t wanna go back! ✈

9. Touched down in Ghana and feeling like an African queen 🌆

10. I love traveling the world, but after this @traveldivas trip, Ghana has my heart ❤️

Dancing on these Ghana Streets

11. My ancestors walked through the Door of No Return and now I’ve made it back. ✊

12. Melanated and magical in Ghana! ✨

13. Gonna need another suitcase for all the shopping I’ve been doing at the markets! 💼

14. Feeling real close to my roots in the Motherland. 🍃

15. Not even from Ghana but it feels like home with this Black and Gold welcome party! 🥳

16. When you finally visit the Motherland. I’m HOME! 🌍

17. Couldn’t visit Cape Coast without my @traveldivas girls! 👭

18. Sankofa means “go back and get it.” I definitely got my life in Ghana and can’t wait to go back! 💨

19. 9 nights in the Motherland and I’m not ready to go back 😫

20. Ghana. Did. Not. Come. To. Play! Rest up before you get here, ‘cause Ghana knows how to party! 😴


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