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Trips Under $5K

Save Time and Money with Global Entry + Passport

Hey hey, Roxie again. Now, if there’s anything I hate to waste, it’s time and money. As a Travel Diva, I know you hear me on this one. That’s why if you travel often – at least 3 times a year – you’ll want to ensure your hard-earned money is

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It’s Giving Black Girl Luxury in Seychelles

Now, we don’t know about y’all, but word on the street is you’re tiredt. Yes, with a “t.” And while you can binge-watch Netflix curled up in your cozy Target blankets while sipping on your $9 Starbucks latte to refresh and recharge, can we offer you a warmer, more luxurious

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Celebrate Christmas 2023 Like a Diva – in Cabo!

Skip the Secret Santa party, girlfriend – for Christmas 2023, we’re trading the snow for the warm sands of Cabo! Now, before you get too excited, Black girl magic is a requirement for this trip. Yeah, we said it. It’s required. You see, we all have a spark as Black

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Good Trouble: Explore Amsterdam Like a Diva

Diva, forget everything you know about Amsterdam. The city is infamous for its Red Light District, but there’s good trouble to get into, too! For starters, it’s incredibly vibrant and lively, with a rich history and culture. Then there are the friendly locals, world-famous museums and of course, the glorious

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Wash Your Worries Away at the Ritz in Aruba

Can we be honest? That whole “soft life” trend going around on social media might be a big thing now but here at Travel Divas, we’ve been living the soft life for over a decade now. If you’re not sure how to leave the hustle alone for a sec and

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Our Top 6 Favorite Last-Minute Holiday Vacation Spots

Last Minute Holiday Vacation Ideas Stress of the holidays got you ready to just pack it up and head for the hills? Been there. But when you searched your favorite island on Google Flights, they wanted your whole retirement account just for a few days in paradise? Don’t sweat it! 

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Embrace the Motherland on a South African Tour

What could be more amazing than sprinkling your Black girl magic across the Motherland? … We can’t think of a better idea, either!  And that’s why we’re so hyped to be heading to this lush paradise on our next South African tour! We’ll be visiting the incredible countries of South

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The Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: A Black Girl Magic Overview

If you’ve never been to Florence before, let us just tell you this: it truly is every bit as wonderful as what you’ve seen on those Pinterest boards and Instagram reels. One of our favorite places to sprinkle Black girl magic, this Italian gem boasts magnificent medieval architecture, world-class art

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