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The Helvetia & Bristol in Florence: A Black Girl Magic Overview

If you’ve never been to Florence before, let us just tell you this: it truly is every bit as wonderful as what you’ve seen on those Pinterest boards and Instagram reels. One of our favorite places to sprinkle Black girl magic, this Italian gem boasts magnificent medieval architecture, world-class art galleries and museums, amazing food

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Traveldivas wine pouring

Celebrate the Birthplace of Gucci: Visit Florence in September 2023

Incredible architecture, world-famous masterpieces and to-die-for Tuscan cuisine and wine. These are just 3 of many compelling reasons to visit Florence. But if you ask us, we’re headed to this top travel destination for the Gs. If you thought money when you read that, you’re our type of girl. While we’re always up for more

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Rome Glam 2023

Rome is “That Girl.” Here’s 5 Reasons Why

All right, Divas, there’s no need to dust off those old, outdated and boring history books to learn about Rome, because we’re dropping straight facts – the most interesting ones – right here! You see, if you ask us, Rome is “that girl.” Rome is giving main character energy and as a Travel Diva, that’s

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