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Free & Clear: Why Traveling Is What Every Black Woman Needs for Her Mental Health

Hey girlfriend! It’s Roxie again, and I’ve just come back from my latest rendezvous. While I was out jet-setting across Europe and Asia, I couldn’t help but notice that all the stresses, to-do lists and constant worry that can sometimes take hold of me disappeared.

There’s just something about hopping on a plane and getting far away that clears your mind.

After all, your environment plays a huge part in your overall well-being and mental health. For magical, hard-working Black women like us, our environments are often all about the grind, the hustle and ensuring our loved ones have everything they need.

But what about you? How do you make sure you have everything you need and pour back into your own cup?

For so many of us, travel fills that bill. It’s a great way to escape, get a bit of distance from daily life and gain valuable insights so you can live your best life.

Here are a few more ways travel benefits your mental health and why you should let us take care of all the planning so you can rest, recharge and relax STAT:

Reduce Your Stress

You’re probably no stranger to “Superwoman Schema” or “Sojourner’s Syndrome” – also known as “Strong Black Woman Syndrome.” In fact, chances are you probably lean into these at work and in life without even realizing it. That’s not your fault – so much of how the world works makes it easy for Black women to suffer disproportionately from stress.

A study done by the Human Nature journal even shared that Black women process and internalize stress differently – and that it can cause biological aging.

In other words, stress could be aging you and one of the best ways to combat that is through travel.

When you get away from environments where stress is your norm, you naturally lower your stress levels. Also, there’s nothing like breathing fresh air, getting away from the laptop, and doing whatever the heck you want that just melts all the stress away.

Boost Your Mood

While routine is a wonderful thing, it can eventually make for a bleak mood and dreary disposition when it comes to tackling your everyday tasks, personally and professionally.

Travel is an opportunity to shake up your routine and expose yourself to new sights, sounds, cultures, and adventures.

If you’ve been feeling blue recently, it might be time to hop on a plane to help reset your outlook.

Improve Your Overall Mental Health

Did you know that when you do something different outside of your norm that you form new pathways in your brain? The same goes for travel. New experiences can help improve your brain function, boost your mood, and inspire creativity.

Sometimes you just need a dose of vitamin D and sunshine, some water, and some greenery to turn things around. In this day and age when so many of us are cooped up in buildings and staring at computer screens all day, being exposed to nature for longer periods of time can improve your overall mental health.

So, what to do next?

Decide which destination makes you feel the most excited. Is it the turquoise seas and over-the-water bungalows in the Maldives? Dubai’s opulent vibes? The glamour of Paris? The intoxicating roses of Jordan? The colorful countryside of Cartagena?

Wherever you feel called to explore, we can make it happen without you ever lifting a finger (except to pay and pack, that is!).

Come sprinkle your Black girl magic with us on one of these magical escapes.

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