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Traveling with a Group: 3 Ways to Find Your Own Space

Roxie might be my first name, but my middle name is “freedom.” There’s nothing I crave and value more than the space, time, and energy to do my own thing and explore my curiosity.

But when you’re traveling in a group, that can sometimes feel a bit difficult, especially if there are a lot of group activities and itineraries in place.

Here’s the thing: you’re on vacation for so many reasons. To explore new cultures, meet new people and most importantly, rest and recharge. So having your moments where you can explore on your own are crucial!

Here are a few ways you can carve your own path – no matter who you’re traveling with!

Book Solo Excursions

Just because there are group activities on the agenda doesn’t mean you can’t find some of your own! Think about your non-negotiables when you travel to ensure you have a magical experience and book one of those!

If you always need to visit the water, book a solo excursion to a local beach. Love wine? Go to a winery. You don’t have to attend every single group activity (though be sure to join a few so you can grow your community).

Use that time by yourself to cross off your bucket-list activities for your destination. 

Self-Care Sunday Once A Day

Every day of your trip, pick a self-care activity to pour back into yourself. Take yourself out on a solo dinner. Go to the spa and get a facial or a massage. Lay up next to the pool and read a book. Fill up the marble bathtub with bubbles and have room service deliver an exquisite wine.

And if you’re just plain old tired and need a nap, that’s self-care, too. The thing about self-care is there are no rules. It’s all about what reenergizes you. Don’t make a huge, organized plan out of it (unless that’s your thing) – just pick something that makes you feel magical.

Set Boundaries

Before you head out on any trip – know what your boundaries are. These can include things such as what kind of excursions you’re willing and not willing to go on.

While it’s important to stretch the limits of your comfort zone so you can find new interests, if something doesn’t sit well, don’t do it.

If there are certain topics of discussion you’d rather not engage in a group of women you don’t know yet, know what those are and kindly excuse yourself.

Are you an early riser? Keep your boundary about going out to dinner too late with others so you can get enough rest.

Most importantly – don’t forget to do what lights you up. Travel is all about finding more of your Black girl magic, after all.

Start off by booking your dream destination and turning that dream into your reality during one of our luxurious group travel trips.

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