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You’re Not Alone: How to Build Community While Traveling Solo   

The same way I wake up in the morning in the lap of luxury with yet *another* passport stamp to my name is the same way I expect to connect with like-minded individuals when I travel – whether it’s in a group or solo!

In fact, what’s made solo traveling so easy for me is learning how to foster a sense of community. While solo traveling can feel lonely, I’ve discovered so many ways to not just enjoy my alone time, but get some of that much-needed connection during my travels, and now I’m here to share those tips with you!

If you’re coming with us solo, know you’re not alone – and here are some ways to make sure you don’t feel that way!

Participate in Group Activities

Okay, Divas, this is the big one. Building community requires active participation. So during your next Travel Divas trip, don’t forget to join the group excursions that are planned. They’re an excellent way to find common ground since you’re all likely experiencing something new.

When attending group activities, don’t just show up – be a part of it! Talk to the other Divas. If you need a minute of alone time, take it, but don’t forget part of the joys of traveling in a group is about connection with others.

Share Experiences

Think back to when you and your bestie first met. How did you connect? Through the power of shared experiences! Whether or not you had similar experiences, sharing them is what helps create a bridge connecting you with someone you don’t know.

Start by sharing travel experiences – where you’ve been, who you went with, and what you learned. No need to offer advice – simply some golden, magical nuggets you took away from traveling.

Even if it’s your first time – share that! There’s nothing like a “first time I left the country” or “first time I was in a middle seat” story to help you realize that as different as you may be, you’re just as magical as the stranger you just met.

And if you’re just wondering how all of this works but still need somewhere to go, you can always come and sprinkle your Black girl magic with us all across the globe. From Antarctica to the Pacific Islands to Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean, and more, just pick a destination and we’ll handle the rest for you:

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12 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone: How to Build Community While Traveling Solo   ”

    • Hello Terri,

      Thank you for your inquiry!

      Yes, we do have other travelers in your age range.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance or if you have any further questions,
      The Travel Divas

      • Morning Stephanie,

        That is fantastic!

        We also have a roommate match program as well where you and Terri could potentially be matched.

        Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance or if you have any further questions,
        The Travel Divas

  1. I am a single 63 year old woman I want to travel and get out of my comfort zone. I don’t have to many friends that like traveling how can I be a part of the travel group

    • Hello Michele,

      Thank you for your inquiry!

      We would love to have you travel with us. You don’t need any friends that like traveling to travel with us.

      Here at Travel Divas we have a roommate matching program that can be used on any trip.

      So, how can you be a part of the group? Look on our site book your trip and indicate when booking you would like for us to roommate match you. Here’s the link to learn more about our roommate-matching program: https://thetraveldivas.com/roommate-match-program/.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance and we look forward to you traveling with us soon,
      The Travel Divas

    • Michele, join us! I too am 63 yrs old, recently widowed, and taking my 1st TD trip … traveling absolutely solo to Greece in May-June 2024! Also planning a 2025 trip! Don’t be timid any longer … sprinkle your “Black Girl Magic” like the rest! I am! 😉


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