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Put ‘Em on DND: The Power of Disconnecting during Travel

Divas, I don’t know about you, but being “on” all the time takes a lot of work! Not just physically, but mentally, too.

Constant phone notifications, endless video calls or in-person meetings, loud work environments and even noisier family life.

It’s a lot – even for a magical Black woman like yourself who can power through anything!

That’s why unplugging completely when you travel is an absolute must. Look, whatever they’ve got going on back home – they can find somebody else to do it! You need to rest and recharge. It’s not your job to carry the weight of the world every second of every day – even though you can and you do.

Travel is your time to be soft. To turn inward. And to be with yourself. So put your phone on do not disturb, leave the laptop behind and check out why you should completely disconnect during travel:

Too Much Scrolling & You’ll Miss Out

Look, we know you love a good picture for the memories but try your best to not even pull your camera out when you’re away. You want to be in the moment and truly see, hear, smell and taste everything around you.

After all, some people never get the privilege of traveling out their own neighborhood, never mind the country. Don’t squander your chance at discovering beauty up-front-and-close by taking pictures or spending your time scrolling.

There are so many studies that show how being on the phone and social media can dampen your mood, and when you’re traveling, that’s the last thing we want to happen!

Unlock Your Creativity

New intelligence level unlocked! Without Google to answer whatever question you have, your brain actually has to work a little harder and find new ways of thinking. It also forces you to be present in the moment!

Think about it like this: always looking up why something is the way that it is can make you miss details you wouldn’t normally catch. Instead of wondering and looking up why there are cobblestones, for example, you can relish in the feel of them beneath your feet. In knowing they were probably built centuries ago and have lasted the test of time.

Just Googling that won’t give you the satisfaction and wow factor of coming to those conclusions on your own!

Stop the Overthinking

The biggest benefit of unplugging? You literally turn off the parts of you that are wired to overthink. When you’re constantly talking on the phone, scrolling or playing around with your electronic devices, it can be difficult not to get anxious or to have 50 million thoughts roaming around.

When you don’t have your phone prompting you to pick it up again, that anxiety can actually go away.

And once it does – you can really relax for the first time. No worries. No cares. Just relaxing and being.

And that alone is worth disconnecting while you travel! Wondering how else you can elevate your travel experience? Learn more about purposeful travel, what it is, and why you should consider it as part of your self-care routine.

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