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How to Prep for Solo Travel with a Group

Now, look at you – if you aren’t the embodiment of a true Diva, then we don’t know what is!

You’ve booked a trip with the most luxurious group travel agency for magical Black women like you – and it’s your first time traveling on your own.

That’s a big deal! Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Not only did you not let the girls’ group chat drama derail your bucket list destination dreams, but you did something new and unknown!

We’ve got your back here at Travel Divas. Just because you’re traveling solo doesn’t actually mean you’re alone. Your safety is our number one priority – and so is your peace of mind and your fun! That’s why we’ve gathered a few tips on how you can prepare for traveling with a group of strangers.

We’re Not Really Strangers

Yes, that’s the name of an icebreaker card game that would be a great choice to bring with you on the trip (Amazon’s got ‘em!), but it’s also the truth here at Travel Divas. While you may not know the group of women you’ll be sprinkling your Black girl magic with personally (yet), you’ll be in similar company. The women who rely on us to pamper and spoil them with lavish travel experiences are all cut from the same cloth – hardworking, globe-trotting, open-minded, and lovers of small, personalized touches.

Breaking the Ice

Other than playing icebreaker games like the one we mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to break the ice is just to be honest. Share that it’s your first time traveling with a group of strangers and be genuinely curious about what made them book their trip. Learn about their travel journeys and what they’re looking forward to as a start. You can always go back to questions about what they do or their best vacation tips if conversations ever get dry.

Finding Common Ground

Sometimes, when you get in a group with unfamiliar faces, the hardest thing to do is to connect. We do that as human beings and Travel Divas by finding common ground – and that’s travel! When connecting with your fellow Travel Divas, look for commonalities to spark conversation. Do you have similar jobs? Similar taste in luggage companies? A love for espresso martinis? Are you the adventurous travel type or do you prefer to lay up in luxury? Look for that and you’ll be in good hands.

Navigating Group Dynamics

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, navigating group dynamics is a skill! But as a Diva, you can do anything you put your mind to. So how exactly do you do it? Focus on clear communication. Just because we’re all Divas doesn’t mean we act like them!

Now that you know how to prep for solo travel with a group, take it a step further and learn how to communicate like a Diva while traveling too. Our in-house Diva, Roxie, wrote a special post on how to do just that. Read it here.

Not Sure about Traveling Solo or with a Group of Strangers? Read this. 

Hey Diva! It’s Roxie, and I was chatting with some of your fellow aspiring Travel Divas and there’s one thing that kept coming up in the conversation:

Being scared to travel alone!

I get it. You want to check off your bucket-list vacay to Egypt or finally take those pictures underneath the Eiffel Tower like you used to dream about, but the girls’ trip keeps getting stuck in the group chat.

So, you decide you want to go solo, but you don’t know anyone else who’s done it before, and you’d prefer to go in the company of other women who have the same goal as you – sprinkling your Black girl magic around the globe.  

Truth is, there are so many benefits of traveling this way – and we’re here to dispel all the rumors about group travel!

Let’s get into it!

Cross Off Your Bucket-List Destinations

Just because your girls can’t make it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime trips. Think about all the other beautiful things you’ve accomplished on your own. All your bucket-list travels can absolutely be among them, and the best thing is you’re not actually alone – you get to make new friends!

Do Something Out of the Ordinary

When you travel with your besties or by yourself, it’s easy to do things inside of your comfort zone. But when you travel with a group, you get invited to a curated list of activities that you may or may not have ever done on your own.

Sure, you may love fine dining but avoid the adventurous stuff like dune bashing. Group travel gives you the chance to discover new moments, places, and experiences you might not have said “yes” to before!

Don’t take our word for it, though. Just hop on over to that destination you’ve been eyeing here and look at the pictures, videos, and reviews for yourself.

The Diva’s Guide to Hassle-Free Transportation Abroad

Roxie here, and just like DJ Khaled, I’m back again with another smash hit full of travel tips for Divas just like you!

Traveling is such an eye-opening, healing experience, but there are so many unknowns that can make it a bit scary. One of those? Transportation abroad! Whether you’re used to high-tech public transit back home or you’re used to driving yourself everywhere, transportation abroad simply looks different depending on what country you’re in.

So, how does a Diva safely travel inside her bucket-list destination? Just do these 4 things so you can stay ready and feel confident you know how to get around.

Research Public Transportation Options

Like “most” things in life, you can usually find the answers to what you’re looking for online. Before booking your trip, do your due diligence about the availability of public transportation at your destination.

Depending on the country or continent, it can look vastly different. Tokyo public transportation is extremely sophisticated, organized, and on-time but the language difference can make it difficult to figure out where you’re going, whereas if you’re in Turks and Caicos, the only way for you to really get around is with a private driver.

Before you pick your destination, ask yourself what you’re comfortable with. Do you want to have access to trains and buses? Are taxis readily available and if so, are they regulated or unregulated? How do you rent a car? Scavenge the internet (don’t rely on just one source) to find out what every day and even long-distance travel looks like.

Renting a Car

Are you a Diva with her driver’s license? You might think the best way to get around on your own time in a foreign country is by renting a car. Depending on where you are, there may be certain requirements in place to rent a car. In addition, be sure to review traffic laws, what side of the street to drive on, and what kind of streets are in the areas you want to visit.

For example, renting a car in Florence might seem like a wonderfully scenic way to explore the Tuscan countryside, but if you’re going through the more famed part of the city, the streets are narrow and lined with cobblestone.

Hire a Private Driver

When I go on vacay helping Travel Divas scout some of the best spots to bring to you, one of my favorite ways to travel is by vetting and hiring a private driver. If you’re the type of Diva who’s used to doing it all by yourself, let your vacation be the time you DON’T do that. Look for recommendations for reputable private car services that can safely get you to your location.

This is especially important if you’re traveling late at night or in areas that are less frequented.

Another safety tip: never let anyone know you’re traveling by yourself, it’s your first time in the country or let them know where you’re staying. It may sound simple but safety is important when traveling to foreign countries!

Looking for other ways to prepare for your next international trip? I’ve got you, girlfriend!

Read this step-by-step guide on how to prep for international travel right here.

Magical Morocco: Indulge in a Cultural Feast for the Senses

Tired of beaches but still need a vacation?

But not just any vacay. No, a standard beach trip won’t cut it this time.

You need a total shift from the norm, an eye-opening experience to make you feel more alive than ever while you lay in the lap of unparalleled luxury…

Allow us to take you on a journey to Morocco. Close your eyes and envision this North African gem with:

Moroccan Gems

Stunning Moorish architecture so ornate and intricate, you wonder how craftsmen created such geometrically perfect designs and buildings thousands of years ago …

Instagram-famous blue walled-cities that serve as National Geographic-worthy backdrops for your most thrilling escapades …

Arabian Nights-like camel rides into the Saharan sunset as your laughter with newfound friends rises under an infinite blanket of stars …

Mesmerizing belly dancing and music that connects you back to your mind, body, and soul in a way that you never could imagine …

Heart-pounding haggling for African gold and Moroccan silk at a local open-air market, where you’ve found the most dazzling treasures …

Delectable, mouth-watering dishes prepared with the freshest herbs and spices that will awaken your palate for adventure …

From Casablanca and Fes to Marrakech, Morocco delivers vibrant cultural and historical experiences, unbelievably delicious food, and unsurpassed luxury when you travel with us.

Elite Status

Now, before you go back to work, wishing that this daydream was real, let us remind you of your Diva status:

You deserve rest and rejuvenation.

You deserve luxury.

And you deserve to expand your horizons beyond your current reality.

Join us to experience the magic of Morocco on this unforgettable trip. Get all the details about how we’re gonna make this dream come true for you here:



If you’ve been bit by the melanated travel bug after basking in the culturally lit, Black girl-friendly cities of the world and need some inspo for a new trip, look no further than one of West Africa’s most electric metropolises … Ghana!

If you love vibrant culture and lush, tropical paradises then our 3-locale tour of Accra, Kumasi, and the Cape Coast will heat up your travel schedule!

Come back to the Motherland with us, reach your roots, and immerse yourself in Ghana’s rich history and radiance. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

Black & Gold Welcome Home Dinner Party & Cultural Performance

Girlfriend, Ghana knows how to party! Celebrate like they do in the homeland with a black-and-gold-themed, “welcome home” dinner party hosted by your Travel Divas guides. We’ve even curated a special performance from local dancers and musicians that will delight your senses and stir your soul.

The Door of No Return

Visit this symbolic landmark that represents the last place many West Africans saw before being forced into the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Bring your tissues, Divas: this one can be quite the poignant experience. The Door of No Return is a reminder of the shoulders we all stand on and a memory that will stay with you forever.

African Naming Ceremony

Feel the warmth of your ancestors’ embrace as you receive a hand-selected, traditional Ghanaian name during a powerful naming ceremony. You’ll feel closer and more connected than you ever have before – even if your family doesn’t come from Ghana.

Come with us and see Africa in a new light! Learn more about the five-star accommodations, luxurious perks, breathtaking tours, and excursions we’ve arranged for you behind this link.


Your Insta Feed Isn’t Ready for These Six Picture-Perfect South Africa Spots

In the words of the great Destiny’s Child, we just don’t think you’re ready for this! You see, while the homeland is filled with hundreds of gasp-worthy, breathtaking sights, South Africa holds a special place in our hearts.

National Geographic doesn’t do this country’s beauty justice but this list of Instagrammable spots might help with that.

We’ve scavenged the country for some of the most feed-worthy spots so you can sprinkle your Black girl magic all over South Africa.

Let’s get into it:

Lion’s Head and Cape Point

Lion’s Head

If you love a bit of exercise and the outdoors, then hiking up Lion’s Head is the perfect adventure for you. With paragliders soaring high up in the sky and unbelievably beautiful sunset views, you’ll be delighted by the magical shots here. The two-hour hike is well worth it, trust us!   

Cape Point

Just outside of Cape Town, Cape Point is a photographer’s dream. From rugged cliffs and commanding ocean views to an 1800s lighthouse to climb, there are great photo ops at every turn. It’s no wonder tourists flock here, so be sure to get there a bit after sunrise to take your photos in peace!

Stunning Moorish architecture is so ornate and intricate, you wonder how craftsmen created such geometrically perfect designs and buildings thousands of years ago …

Instagram-famous blue walled-cities that serve as National Geographic-worthy backdrops for your most thrilling escapades …

Canola Fields and Boulder’s Beach

Canola Fields

There’s nothing we love more than Black girl magic – and Black girl joy. Frolic in the fields and show the world exactly that when you visit Canola Fields in Caledon. With huge swaths of yellow flowers, farmland, and vineyards, you’ll feel like a kid again.

Boulder’s Beach

Travel like a Diva and take pictures like one while you roam this beach, famous for its massive penguin population. With clear skies and granite boulders of numerous sizes, you can let your melanin shine here for a variety of Instagram and Pinterest-worthy pics.


This fabulous wine farm is a Travel Diva’s dream. Not only can you kiki with your fellow Travel Divas while you sip on some handcrafted wine, but you’ll also get the perfect photo ops. Be sure to visit the Cacti Maze, especially during the late afternoon.

Table Bay

Rent a kayak with your fellow Travel Divas and get pictures with dolphins, whales, and sunfish in this breathtaking bay. Go first thing in the morning and bring a waterproof case so you can get cozy with the water and marine life.

Ready to sprinkle your Black girl magic all over South Africa and make these photo ops a reality? Book your reservation with us right here.


Our Essential Packing List for an Ultra-Luxe Safari

Look, there’s nothing more beautiful and awe-inspiring than a safari. Watching majestic animals in all their natural splendor, roaming African grasslands under fiery red-orange skies – few sights are more spectacular …
Except for you and your Travel Divas crew!
See, at Travel Divas, we don’t do safaris the way everyone else does. And we know you’re anything but average. Sure, everyone else may go in a tee and sneakers, but you’re not just anyone – you’re a Diva!

That’s why we’re giving you the tea on what you need to pack so your safari trip is drama-free and more importantly, swirling in luxury and style!

Here’s what you should bring:

Clothing – Colors, Types, Materials

Pops of color are perfect for Caribbean getaways, but for safaris, the aesthetic is definitely giving more neutral. There’s a psychological reason behind this: with all the breathtaking wildlife you’ll encounter, you’re more likely to attract attention with bright colors like reds and neons. You’ll get the safest and most observer-like experience sticking to khakis, light browns, greens, and tans so you blend more easily into the environment.

Make sure you pack casual clothes, too – capris, shorts, safari or drawstrings pants, high-waisted leggings, athletic joggers, or loose tees. You’ll be in a hot environment, so make sure your clothes are breathable and not too tight.

Cotton is your best bet, but if you can find other breathable materials, that’s okay too. Anything that’s waterproof on the outside will be helpful too.


Bring layers including a light jacket and a scarf, as temps tend to drop once the sun sets at night. These can also make it less likely for bug bites along your ride.

We love a good wide-brim, beige hat and a straw bag that’s lightweight so you can pack sunscreen, lip gloss, your designer shades, and water.

Just because you’re out and about doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put on your jewels, though. Grab yourself a sexy gold bangle and some small round gold hoops.

Make sure you’re rocking comfortable undergarments too – if they’re moisture-wicking, even better.

Bug spray is definitely a must. Don’t forget a small first aid kit and any anti-nausea, motion-sickness, or allergy tablets, along with any medication your doctors prescribed such as malaria tablets.

Wet wipes, a portable charger, a flashlight, and binoculars are great to bring as well.

Last But Not Least

What Not to Bring

Leave the camouflage at home. Depending on what country you’re in, it’s prohibited (such as Zimbabwe). Drones are a no-go in East Africa and leave plastic bags at the hotel if you’re in Kenya or Rwanda.

Last But Not Least

Don’t forget to pack your Black girl magic and an open mind! And if you’re curious as to what kind of safari adventures await you, check out our Africa trips.


Dig Your Toes into the White Sand Beaches of Black Girl Magic Hotspot Seychelles

The gentle brush of palms swaying in the wind rocks you to sleep like a lullaby. You drift in and out and wonder ….

Am I dreaming?

Is this real?

Is this paradise?

It surely feels like it is. Your toes are dug into the warm, white sand, giving your hardworking feet a soft massage. 

The soft rise and fall of the clear blue waters caress the shore and urge you out of the best slumber you’ve had in years, as a fellow Travel Diva gently taps you on the shoulders – not wanting you to miss the watercolor sunset.

Definitely a dream, you think. But truth is, it’s not. And, this could be your reality when you travel with us to the serene city of Mahé in Seychelles in East Africa in May 2023.

Here’s a sneak peek of the daydream:

Days & Nights at the Story Hotel, Seychelles

With a balcony view, so you never forget you’re in paradise, you’ll stay in a magnificent junior suite before you attend a cocktail reception with canapes, wine, roses, and more. And of course, we’ll end our week with a traditional Travel Divas farewell dinner composed of Seychelles’ local delicacies.

Afternoon Sunset Cruise

Watch as you unknowingly become the next National Geographic photographer when the sun sets and bursts into hundreds of different colors during our Seychelle cruise … complete with snacks, DJ, and drinks.

Peaks of Paradise

If the name’s any suggestion, then our thrilling trek up Seychelle’s lush greenery and hiking trail will reward you with stunning views of the islands. Of course, we provide you with food and a local guide to keep you safe and feeling good.

Island Hop

Island hop like a diva as you sprinkle your Black girl magic on Praslin and La Digue, visiting national parks, having your photo taken on the world-famous Anse Lazio Beach, and more. 

Ready to go so far away that Calgon couldn’t even reach these depths of paradise? Join us in Seychelles in 2023.


20 Social Media Captions to Announce You’re In Ghana

For a culturally immersive experience, Ghana is screaming your name. Check out 20 Social Media Captions you can use to let others know, “I’m in Ghana, baby!”

1. They gon’ have to roll me home after all this Ghanaian jollof! 🥘

2. Maya Angelou said it best: If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. ✊

3. Ghana’s giving Wakanda Forever in real life! 🦁

4. A Black queen in the land of the Black Stars 👑

5. Adjusting my crown at the seat of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana! 👑

6. At the birthplace of Black girl magic 🌟

7. From now on, you can call me diva. 📲

8. I flew to Ghana with @traveldivas and now I don’t wanna go back! ✈

9. Touched down in Ghana and feeling like an African queen 🌆

10. I love traveling the world, but after this @traveldivas trip, Ghana has my heart ❤️

Dancing on these Ghana Streets

11. My ancestors walked through the Door of No Return and now I’ve made it back. ✊

12. Melanated and magical in Ghana! ✨

13. Gonna need another suitcase for all the shopping I’ve been doing at the markets! 💼

14. Feeling real close to my roots in the Motherland. 🍃

15. Not even from Ghana but it feels like home with this Black and Gold welcome party! 🥳

16. When you finally visit the Motherland. I’m HOME! 🌍

17. Couldn’t visit Cape Coast without my @traveldivas girls! 👭

18. Sankofa means “go back and get it.” I definitely got my life in Ghana and can’t wait to go back! 💨

19. 9 nights in the Motherland and I’m not ready to go back 😫

20. Ghana. Did. Not. Come. To. Play! Rest up before you get here, ‘cause Ghana knows how to party! 😴


Roxie’s Guide to Rich Auntie’s New Year Resolutions

Rich Aunties

Well, look at that! It’s almost 2023. I’ve been off jet-setting around the world this year and finally have some downtime to decompress, put my feet up and think about what kind of rich, luxurious, upscale experiences I want to have next year.

Here are some great ideas I want to share, you know, so we can step into our Rich Auntie Vibes even more and sprinkle our Black girl magic so often we might as well put it in our water!

The following are a few Rich Auntie-approved New Year’s Resolutions:

Make Self-Care a Habit: Girlfriend, you work so hard, BUT are fun and self-care ever the top things on your to-do list? Make a habit of putting “F U N” as your to-do thing every single day, whether it’s sipping a glass of bubbly, dancing to your favorite song, or slathering yourself with a luxurious lotion after a warm Epsom bath at night.

Schedule Regular Getaways: That bucket list isn’t going to cross itself off! Every 3 months, schedule a trip. It doesn’t have to be international, although Travel Divas has the most AMAZING international experiences close and far away from home, such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Truth is …  you need to make a regular habit of sprinkling your Black girl magic around at least 3x-4x a year.

Take a Random Day Trip: Spontaneity and doing what you want is 100% Rich Auntie Vibes. Put away the laptop, clock out of the mental stress, and take an unplanned day trip to another city. There’s gotta be a vineyard somewhere that’s calling your name. Just do it!

Try New Cuisines Once a Month: You can expand your palette even if you can’t stamp your passport. Try a new culinary experience once a month – fusion restaurants, hole-in-the-walls and even treat yourself to an upscale 5-star experience at a fancy hotel. Remember … you’re worth it.

Spend More Time Living & Less Time Working: Make a promise to yourself – right now – to spend more time away from your desk. Now, the best way to do this is to hang with us across the world. That is so we can pamper you and help you forget about your too-long to-do list. Did I mention you’ll make lifelong friends AND memories?

Make 2023 the year you live your best life, girlfriend! Start by treating yourself to the gift of imagination and take a peek at all the breathtaking destinations we’re inviting you to right here: www.traveldivas.com/trips

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