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Your New Travel Diva BFF Has Some Surprises For You

Travel Diva …. There’s someone we’d like to like you to meet. Now, before we do, we just have to say one thing …

You’re gonna love her!

You see, I know you and she are gonna get along great because she’s like you. 

She’s a high-earning, high-performing boss woman who wants to sprinkle her Black girl magic all over the world.

Why? Because she works damn hard – just like you – and she knows she deserves it. She thinks life’s too short to spend it sitting in front of a laptop in meetings all day long. Like you, she’s done it all … reached the pinnacles of her career, gotten married, raised kids and now … 

AND NOW, she wants “me time.” That’s why every 2-3 months, she’s off getting her passport stamped with her best outfits in tow and her cellphone off so she can finally relax. 

Sounds familiar, right? Well, we’d like to introduce you to Roxanne! She’s the diva in the Travel Divas logo. We call her Roxie for short.

Now, the thing about Roxie is this … just like you, she wants to be taken away from the stresses of her daily life Calgon-style, BUT she’s not trying to plan every detail in her trip.

She wants the best and that means being whisked away, pampered and loved all over. And that, ladies, is why she relies on Travel Divas to book her getaways and take her breath away with unforgettable travel memories.

Now, Roxie’s so excited to meet you that she’s decided she’s gonna pick a few of you at random, on email, SMS and social media, to sprinkle Black girl magic around the world with her on one of her upcoming trips.

She’s also going to share updates and advice to current Travel Divas via voice memos.

Question is … are you ready to sprinkle Black girl magic all over the globe with Roxie?

If the answer’s yes (and you want to be one of Roxie’s choices for a free trip), all you have to do is follow us on social and join our email list: http://bit.ly/TD-signup.

Last-Minute Vacay Ideas for When You Need to Getaway ASAP

Let’s be honest … sometimes you need to get away. And you need to get away FAST.

Now, for those moments when you need to whisk yourself away and sprinkle your Black girl magic anywhere but where you are, there’s a last-minute vacation spot with your name on it just glittering in gold.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to fly across the country. Sometimes the best last-minute vacations are ones where you’re right at home but aren’t.

Here’s some travel inspo if you need Calgon to take you away faster than you can find a deal …

Bougie Hotel in the City

No matter where you live, there’s likely a bougie hotel somewhere in a major city. Book yourself a weekend in the hotel and do nothing. Order room service, sip a martini on the balcony and have the masseuses come to the room to give your hardworking hands, feet and back a well-needed rub. Then, soak in rose petals in a marble bathtub that rivals the royals while you catch up on your reading with the latest juicy book.

Get Away to the Country – Wine Country

Depending on where you live, wine country might just be a few hours away. Consider booking a few days at an inn near a local winery. Then take your time learning about wine. Bring your floppy hat, sunglasses and best swirling hand ’cause your gonna want to feel and taste that grape nectar in all shapes and forms.

Hit the Usuals

Alright, we know everyone runs to Miami, but honestly, there’s really something magical about the usual places –NYC, LA, Las Vegas. The difference this time is you’ll be making plans for a stay instead of doing the stop’n’go adventure. Drop the touristy spots, ’cause unlike others your gonna explore the outer suburbs and feel the city vibes minus all the city people.

Jet to the Caribbean

There’s nothing like tropical vibes for a quick vacay. Book a last-minute trip to the edges of Mexico – Tulum or Cancun, for example – or skip, hop and jump on over to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Jamaica or even Turks & Caicos and stay at an all-inclusive resort. You won’t have to worry about booking excursions since everything’s already part of the package. Plus, you’ll be *just* far enough from home to let all your cares melt away.

There’s no need to overthink a last-minute vacation. Just take a look at the Travel Divas Instagram to get the inspo you need to pick a place and go. It can be a hotel in your backyard or a trip far away … it doesn’t matter because spontaneity is the key here.

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Roxie Loves Her Friends … But Can’t Travel with Them

Roxie Loves Her Friends … But Can’t Travel with Them

Roxie here again with a bit of magic to share with my fellow Divas!

You know, recently I’ve been spending ALL my time on Pinterest dreaming of sprinkling my Black girl magic in places I’ve never been before.

Ziplining across rainforests in tropical villas, sipping bottomless mimosas in red swimsuits with my girls on a Caribbean beach and popping bottles of champagne in all-white as we kii-kii and create “remember the time when?” memories.

The problem? We can’t ever seem to actually travel together.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You or your girlfriends can’t get PTO at the same time
  • They’re saving up for something and think they can’t travel
  • They always say they’re down, but when it’s time to make it happen, they’re wishy-washy
  • Their bucket list adventures don’t match up with yours

I get it, girlfriend! While traveling with your girls makes exploring the world *that* much more fun, did you know Travel Divas still gives you that up-close-and-personal-girlfriend vibe as you travel to new places and get the bougie, upscale, premium treatment you deserve after working so hard?

Whether you dream of Dubai, wish for clear waters in Turks & Caicos or crave luxury and high tea in London, you can still cross off destinations from your bucket list while making new friends with our “roommate match” option.

Reality is … many of our Divas have made lifelong friendships with new, like-minded women because they took a chance on themselves and didn’t wait to travel because their friends couldn’t.

You see, we do all the work, research, booking and taking care of you so you can fly solo with confidence.

After all, girlfriend, your dreams can’t wait for anyone!

Check out our guide to traveling solo as a Diva, plus sign up for our email list to get more tips delivered straight to your inbox: http://bit.ly/TD-signup

Make History … Come Alive in Rome

Some of history’s finest divas have hailed from this Mediterranean enclave of greatness. And there’s no doubt you’ve read about Rome in school or heard your coworkers ki-kiing about this modern yet ancient city for weeks on end after they’ve got back from a trip over there.

And as one of the most traveled to locations in the entire world, Rome has earned its claim to fame. You see, here at Travel Divas, we think this city is one of the most glamorous spots for a Travel Diva like yourself to step into magical Black empress vibes. 

That’s why on July 30-August 6, 2022, we’re inviting you to vacation with us on a Roman holiday of your own in Rome, Italy. This once-in-a-lifetime trip is more than a reprieve from your busy everyday duties. It’s a chance to sprinkle your magic all over the ancient ruins – from the Colosseum to the Roman Temple of Shopping to impromptu photoshoots and decadent tastes of gelato, Italian wine and fresh pizza. 

For 7 days and 6 nights, you’ll be transported like a diva to the heart of Rome, where you will: 

  • Reside like a Roman queen at the 5-star Hotel de la Ville
  • Be served your daily breakfast like a royal
  • Dine with your fellow divas in all white at one of the hottest rooftop restaurants overlooking the Roman skyline
  • Explore the historic center of the city with a private tour of art galleries, ateliers, fountains, the Pantheon and more
  • Sip an afternoon espresso like a native
  • Treat yourself to a private walking tour led by a fashion expert, exploring the worlds of brands such as Versace, Ferragamo and Bulgari
  • Come back to a signature gift package curated for you by the Travel Divas team
  • And so much more!

So, bring your little black dress, your summer all-white ensemble and your Black girl magic as we explore just a few of the many excursions below:

Bend it Like Baroque

Ease into your Roman holiday with a private tour of Rome’s historic Baroque center, the Piazza del Popolo. Once known as the first view of Rome a traveler had, this public square is home to the famous, architecturally gorgeous church of Santa Maria del Popolo.

Feel Like a Gladiator

While Scandal may have given rise to some of the modern uses of the word, gladiators reigned here at the Colosseum long before Olivia Pope came into the world. Step into this historic center that once accommodated over 50,000 spectators and leave some of your Black girl magic while you’re there.

Live La Dolce Vita

Don your finest wears at an evening photo shoot at some of the most iconic Roman landmarks including the Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum and the Pincio Terrace. Pose in a vintage car and pretend like you’re Sophia Loren. 

Refresh Your Black Girl Magic

Fill up your cup and ease the tension in your mind and muscles with a hot dip into the thermal, sulfurous waters of the Acque Albule spring, known for its deeply anti-inflammatory powers. Between whirlpools, saunas, Turkish baths and even massaging water jets, you’ll forget that it’s not all a dream.

Be a Master Chef

Gelato and pizza back home will never be the same after you learn to master the most delicious of Italian arts. From making paper-thin yeast dough to preparing zesty tomato sauce to making gelato by hand, you’ll find yourself licking your fingers more than once. 

Now, we’d list everything … but we don’t want to spoil all the fun. 

Let us treat you like a Roman goddess in Rome in 2022. Get all the details on excursions, accommodations, dates and more here.


Say Konnichiwa to Tokyo’s Most IG-Worthy Spots

Listen, when we say Tokyo is one of our favorite places for pictures, we mean it. This super tech city is a fascinating blend of futuristic architecture, ancient Japanese culture and natural beauty. Translation? Endless photo ops for Divas like yourself.

Let’s get into it:

Tokyo Tower

At 333 meters, Tokyo Tower is the world’s tallest self-supporting steel tower – ideal for unbelievable city views and pics to match. Climb the 600-step staircase to the main deck for a bit of exercise (or take the elevator up).

Meiji Shrine

Hop off the train at Harajuku station and whip your good camera out because this shrine, which recently turned 102, is a must-visit. This traditional temple is quiet, clean and perfect for IG thanks to the shrine’s large wooden entryway.

Ueno Park

This gorgeous public space has been home to some of Tokyo’s most iconic landscapes for over a century. If you can manage to visit during Cherry Blossom season, you’ll be in for the most stunning, pink backdrop in bloom. 

Roppongi Hills

Put on your best Diva outfit because this 54-story skyscraper offers photo op after photo op. A city within a city, this building development complex has the perfect panoramic shot from the 52nd floor observation deck.

Tokyo Plaza Omotesando

Home to the Harajuku district, Tokyo Plaza Omotesando contains an IG-worthy shopping center with a mirrored archway and stairway, making for a great photo op. Don’t forget to take pics of all the fun fashion in the Harajuku streets, too!

Shibuya Crossing (The Scramble)

Ever seen videos of thousands of folks crossing the street in Tokyo? That’s likely The Scramble, Tokyo’s busiest intersection. There’s even some talk that it may very well be the world’s busiest intersection. Get your Black girl magic photos in quick here because the amount of foot traffic is massive.

Come experience the magic of Japan and travel like a Diva with us to Tokyo:

Home to the Harajuku district, Tokyo Plaza Omotesando contains an IG-worthy shopping center with a mirrored archway and stairway, making for a great photo op. Don’t forget to take pics of all the fun fashion in the Harajuku streets, too!

Shibuya Crossing (The Scramble)

Ever seen videos of thousands of folks crossing the street in Tokyo? That’s likely The Scramble, Tokyo’s busiest intersection. There’s even some talk that it may very well be the world’s busiest intersection. Get your Black girl magic photos in quick here because the amount of foot traffic is massive.

Come experience the magic of Japan and travel like a Diva with us to Tokyo:


The Fairmont Singapore: A Black Girl Magic Overview

Imagine this … you’re whisked away to a five-star, luxury hotel where you’re pampered, fawned over and treated like the Black girl royalty that you are.

You’re thousands of miles and several continents away from the endless to-do lists and infinite demands of professional life.

You are enveloped in opulence and wealth every step you take and you truly feel like you’re at home.

This, girlfriend, isn’t a dream – it’s just a sneak peek of the extravagance that awaits you when you come with us to Singapore and stay at the lavish Fairmont Hotel, located in Marina Bay.

Here’s what you need to know about this world-famous hotel:

So Safe & Clean, You’ll See Your Reflection In Every Surface

Certified as an SG Clean establishment and the first Accor LUXE hotel to be accredited with the global ALLSAFE label, you can rest assured that your stay at the Fairmont will be extraordinarily safe, clean and drenched in wellness.

13 Restaurants

Embark on what the Fairmont calls a “gastronomic journey” as you take your pick from an amazing array of culinary delights from 13 restaurants and bars on the premises. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi and sashimi, Chinese dim sum, spaghetti al pomodoro or a modern cocktail, there’s something every Diva can enjoy.

Expansive Harbor Views

Gaze out over the harbor and Marina Bay while you lay up in lush luxury. Each room in the Fairmont is carefully appointed with the finest amenities, details and statement pieces for undeniable comfort.

Wellness Retreat

With over 23 treatment rooms, the Willow Stream Spa inside the Fairmont Singapore is the perfect place to revitalize body, mind and soul. Think whirlpools, cool dips, steam rooms, sauna rooms, pools, tennis courts and more. Of course, if you need a traditional massage, they’ve got you covered.

And that’s just the hotel. The Travel Divas trip? Well, girlfriend, that’s so jam-packed with luxury we wrote an entire page on how we’ll pamper you.

Get all the details here:


Need More Melanated Magic After Cartagena? Fly Here.

If you’ve been bit by the melanated travel bug after basking in the culturally lit, Black girl-friendly city of Cartagena, Colombia and need some inspo for a new trip, look no further than one of West Africa’s most electric metropolises … Ghana!

If you loved the vibrant culture and lush, tropical paradise of Cartagena, our 3-locale tour of Accra, Kumasi and the Cape Coast will heat up your winter travel schedule!

Come back to the Motherland with us, reach your roots and immerse yourself in Ghana’s rich history and radiance. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

Black & Gold Welcome Home Dinner Party & Cultural Performance

Girlfriend, Ghana knows how to party! Celebrate like they do in the homeland with a black-and-gold-themed, “welcome home” dinner party hosted by your Travel Divas guides. We’ve even curated a special performance from local dancers and musicians that will delight your senses and stir your soul.

The Door of No Return

Visit this symbolic landmark that represents the last place many West Africans saw before being forced into the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Bring your tissues, Divas: this one can be quite the poignant experience. The Door of No Return is a reminder of the shoulders we all stand on and a memory that will stay with you forever.

African Naming Ceremony

Feel the warmth of your ancestors’ embrace as you receive a hand-selected, traditional Ghanaian name during a powerful naming ceremony. You’ll feel closer and more connected than you ever have before – even if your family doesn’t come from Ghana.

Come with us and see Africa in a new light! Learn more about the five-star accommodations, luxurious perks, breathtaking tours and excursions we’ve arranged for you behind this link:


We’re Taking Our Magic to the Sea! Join Our Inaugural Cruise in 2023

You know Black girl magic knows no bounds: land, air, anywhere we go we bring the magic. Now we’re taking our talents to the sea with our very first cruise!

See, in 2023, we’re not playing any games when it comes to expanding your horizons. Our inaugural Virgin Voyages experience will upgrade the way you think about cruising forever.

Pack your best sailing outfit (we see you in that crisp navy blue and white combo!) and get ready to explore epic Mediterranean ports of call on the French Daze & Ibiza Nights cruise.

We’re full steam ahead on a mission to bring you maximum joy, culture and a fabulous time as we set sail from Barcelona and hit up all the must-see destinations in the Mediterranean’s uber luxe playground.

We’re finalizing all the deets right this second but here’s a sneak peek of what to expect once we welcome you aboard:

7 Nights of Magical Sailing – June 11 to June 18, 2023

On this incredible journey, you’ll depart from Barcelona, stop in the French metropolis of Marseille, glam it up with a night in Cannes (yes, THE Cannes!), create unforgettable memories in Palma de Mallorca and then feel the wind caressing your curls in Ibiza.

Quarters fit for a Diva

These aren’t the below-deck rooms of cruises past! Sail the seas like a Diva with luxurious quarters decked out with plush velvet interiors, modern details and architecture, and beds so comfortable you might be tempted to lay up all day long. With unlimited Wi-Fi, dinner included every night and no tipping required, you’ll be fully pampered.

Five-Star Entertainment

Listen, Virgin doesn’t play when it comes to the entertainment. With adult cabarets, dance shows, dinner parties, acrobatics on a ship full of nightclubs, decadent cuisine and Broadway-level productions, this cruise line delivers endless opportunities for fun on board.

If you’re thinking “sign me up!”, hit the link below to join our trip.


Meet The Real Housewives … We Mean Divas of Dubai

Listen, if you’re anything like us, you love a good tea spill … as long as it’s not your own, that is! As a Diva, the only drama you permit is the kind you watch on Bravo.

Now, the Real Housewives of Dubai premieres in June, focused on the ultra-glam, ultra-wealthy housewives of the desert. But before you binge the season, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on the real Divas here:

You and your girlfriends!

You see, here at Travel Divas, we do Dubai like no one else. Not even the Housewives. Yeah, we said it!

With nearly a decade of experience traveling to Dubai, we’ve got local specialists, connections and vendors that will make your trip to one of the world’s top destinations absolutely unforgettable.

Here are just a few ways we out-Diva “The Real Housewives of Dubai:”

All White on Yachts

Say bon voyage to the boring life as you sail away aboard a luxury yacht through the Persian Gulf. And don’t forget to pack your flyest all-white looks so you can kick it with your fellow Travel Divas and talk about rich, bougie, Black girl magic goals in style.

Signature, Travel Divas-Only Glam Galas

Get your glam on at a party you’ll talk about for ages. Hosted at some of the hottest spots in Dubai, our group exclusive parties are the perfect chance to go all out – and we do it on every Dubai trip. So, bring your designer heels, your best bags and your best dress: we’re turning up!

Traditional Desert Safari

You know how the Housewives are always going on adventures together? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll do with your fellow Divas during our desert safari. From henna tattoos to camel rides, water pipes, dune bashing and more, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun.

The best part? You can get down in Dubai with us whenever you want, however you want. Dreaming of a glamorous, Diva-trip? Try our Glam Tours. Ready for an all-out extravaganza? Our NYE bashes are unsurpassed. With over 10 trips to the Emirati land of luxury this season alone, you can join us for fun any time of year.

Whatever you decide, know that when “The Real Housewives of Dubai” comes on, you can be livin’ it up just like them too. Check out our Dubai trips here: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/the-real-travel-divas-of-dubai-2023/.

How to Calm Your Anxious Mind before Traveling

You’ve got your tickets. Your bags are packed. You’re set to head out on the trip of a lifetime. And the only thing you can feel is … ANXIETY.

If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Traveling can be incredibly stressful, no matter how much you’re looking forward to your trip. But the good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to ease your mind!

Flip the script on travel anxiety with these calming strategies to feel more relaxed before your next trip.

Tip #1: Give Yourself Time

Part of the reason so many people feel anxious during travel is the pressure to be in specific places at specific times. You start to worry about long lines, traffic jams, getting lost, forgetting something important and then panic sets in.

Giving yourself some extra time to get to your destination can relieve a lot of this stress and help you manage your anxiety. After all, it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll end up in a 2-hour traffic jam, an extra-long security line AND get lost in the airport! Knowing you won’t be running to board your plane at the last minute will make the entire journey more enjoyable.

Tip #2: Stay Positive

If you begin your journey with a negative mindset, you’re inviting stress and anxiety on your trip. Try to stay positive about your vacation from the moment you book it. Instead of asking yourself what might go wrong, focus on all the fun you’ll have doing new things in beautiful places.

Tip #3: Be Prepared

Worried that something is going to go wrong while you’re away? Set aside some time to journal these thoughts and what you can do to prevent them from impacting your trip. For example, you might check that you have all important phone numbers saved in your phone or designate a meeting place in advance in case you’re separated from your group. While you should never dwell on worst-case scenarios, putting a little prep work in can calm your fears.

Tip #4: Practice Calming Techniques

If you deal with travel anxiety, then you know it can hit you at any time. Before your next trip, spend some time exploring breathing exercises, guided meditations and other calming techniques. The key here is to find something that works for you before you’re in the middle of traveling. That way, when anxiety strikes, you’ll be able to practice the technique in the moment.


Anxiety is part of traveling for many folks, but it doesn’t have to be. Give yourself extra time, stay positive, be prepared and practice calming techniques to manage your anxiety. Want more insider travel tips and advice? Head here for everything you need to know!

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