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When in Rome: A Diva’s Top Picks for Experiencing La Dolce Vita

Hello, Fabulous Divas! If you’ve got Rome on your radar, buckle up, because we’re diving into the crème de la crème of the Eternal City. We’re talking ancient ruins meets modern luxury, all infused with that irresistible Travel Divas flair! The Colosseum: Where History and Glamour Collide Forget about dusty textbooks; the Colosseum is where

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Respectfully Preparing for Cultural Differences

Girlfriend, it’s Roxie again! Can I just give you a huge pat on the back and a “YASSS, GIRL!” Because if you’re reading this you’ve likely arranged for a trip to somewhere new and in a different country! So many fabulous Black women just like you don’t get this opportunity, so take a moment to

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Traveling to Unplug and Recharge: The Benefits of Digital Detoxes

Girl, are you a distracted traveler? Are you always checking your phone, scrolling social media or worrying about work or what’s happening back home? Now putting the phone down is hard but when I’m jet-setting across the globe, I want to take it allll in. I want all the experiences, the adventures, the culture, the

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How to Prep for Solo Travel with a Group

Now, look at you – if you aren’t the embodiment of a true Diva, then we don’t know what is! You’ve booked a trip with the most luxurious group travel agency for magical Black women like you – and it’s your first time traveling on your own. That’s a big deal! Give yourself a huge

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The Diva’s Guide to Hassle-Free Transportation Abroad

Roxie here, and just like DJ Khaled, I’m back again with another smash hit full of travel tips for Divas just like you! Traveling is such an eye-opening, healing experience, but there are so many unknowns that can make it a bit scary. One of those? Transportation abroad! Whether you’re used to high-tech public transit

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