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The Diva’s Guide to Hassle-Free Transportation Abroad

Roxie here, and just like DJ Khaled, I’m back again with another smash hit full of travel tips for Divas just like you!

Traveling is such an eye-opening, healing experience, but there are so many unknowns that can make it a bit scary. One of those? Transportation abroad! Whether you’re used to high-tech public transit back home or you’re used to driving yourself everywhere, transportation abroad simply looks different depending on what country you’re in.

So, how does a Diva safely travel inside her bucket-list destination? Just do these 4 things so you can stay ready and feel confident you know how to get around.

Research Public Transportation Options

Like “most” things in life, you can usually find the answers to what you’re looking for online. Before booking your trip, do your due diligence about the availability of public transportation at your destination.

Depending on the country or continent, it can look vastly different. Tokyo public transportation is extremely sophisticated, organized, and on-time but the language difference can make it difficult to figure out where you’re going, whereas if you’re in Turks and Caicos, the only way for you to really get around is with a private driver.

Before you pick your destination, ask yourself what you’re comfortable with. Do you want to have access to trains and buses? Are taxis readily available and if so, are they regulated or unregulated? How do you rent a car? Scavenge the internet (don’t rely on just one source) to find out what every day and even long-distance travel looks like.

Renting a Car

Are you a Diva with her driver’s license? You might think the best way to get around on your own time in a foreign country is by renting a car. Depending on where you are, there may be certain requirements in place to rent a car. In addition, be sure to review traffic laws, what side of the street to drive on, and what kind of streets are in the areas you want to visit.

For example, renting a car in Florence might seem like a wonderfully scenic way to explore the Tuscan countryside, but if you’re going through the more famed part of the city, the streets are narrow and lined with cobblestone.

Hire a Private Driver

When I go on vacay helping Travel Divas scout some of the best spots to bring to you, one of my favorite ways to travel is by vetting and hiring a private driver. If you’re the type of Diva who’s used to doing it all by yourself, let your vacation be the time you DON’T do that. Look for recommendations for reputable private car services that can safely get you to your location.

This is especially important if you’re traveling late at night or in areas that are less frequented.

Another safety tip: never let anyone know you’re traveling by yourself, it’s your first time in the country or let them know where you’re staying. It may sound simple but safety is important when traveling to foreign countries!

Looking for other ways to prepare for your next international trip? I’ve got you, girlfriend!

Read this step-by-step guide on how to prep for international travel right here.

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