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Mindful Travel: How to Stay Present and Grounded During Your Trips

Oh hey girl, Roxie here again with another travel tip! If you’re one of those travelers who gets overwhelmed in crowds, irritated by flight delays or anxious when it seems like everything that can go wrong does, then this blog is for you.

I know traveling can be stressful. You’ve got to navigate your way through crowds of people and screaming children. You’ve got to keep your cool when the airline bumps your flight to a later time and you end up almost missing your connecting flight. And you’ve got to chalk it up to a good time when you step out into a monsoon – without an umbrella – and your phone slips out of your hand and into a huge puddle.

Sounds like the worst trip ever, right? And the trip hasn’t even really started.

If you’re one of those travelers who gets anxious and overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned, here are some things you can try to keep you present and grounded:


Listen, I know it sounds a little hippy dippy but meditation helps me keep my cool. It’s all about bringing your mind back to the present instead of replaying what went wrong in the past or worrying about the future.

Meditation during travel helps you remember your trip is bigger than the minor inconvenience in front of you. And don’t think you have to wait until you’re by yourself to meditate! Pop in your headphones, look up “5 minute meditation” on YouTube and get your Zen on girlfriend.


Just as you can meditate anywhere, you can journal anywhere, too. Plus, keeping a travel journal not only helps you relax, it’s a great way to remember all the sights and experiences of your trip, too.

I know that writing while traveling can sound exhausting, especially if you’re experiencing a highly stressful situation, but it’s also a great way to calm your nerves and focus on the things you’re most excited about or the best parts of the trips you’ve already experienced.

Make your journal fun and easy – write about what you’re looking forward to, reflect on the day, write about something you found interesting or about the food you ate.


Now, I know what you’re thinking … really Roxie? Breathe? Yep. Take a deep breath in and let it out nice and slow. Woosahhhhh.

Traveling to your destination can wear you out and zap your energy – fast. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is with a little breathwork. It’s an instant mood boost and regulates your nervous system when you get overstimulated. (Which can happen quick with all the new sights and sounds.) 

When you travel, all sorts of unexpected things will pop off that can frustrate you. Try to embrace them and use the above techniques to move through those moments so that they don’t sour your entire trip.

One of the best solutions for frustrating, stressful travel? Traveling with us! We put as many of the details on autopilot as possible and the Divas will be right by your side to keep you in great spirits. Peruse our trips here.

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  1. for Jamaica are there any special items we need to bring to enhance our trip.

    My roommate and I are 1st time travelers with the divas.


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