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The EQ Kuala Lumpur: A Black Girl Magic Overview

EQ night sky
EQ Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

When the first words you see on a website are “the perfect place for a proposal,” then you know they’ve gotta come with the heat. Those are some bold words that require the sort of unforgettable, luxurious experience to back it up.

And when you stay at the EQ Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, you can best believe that’s exactly what you’ll get:

A magical stay that’s picture-perfect and memorable for years to come. That’s why this hotel is our preferred location for when we jet-set off to the modern yet traditional oasis that is Kuala Lumpur.

Now, let’s take a look at why the EQ can claim it’s the best place for a proposal – and the perfect destination for a Travel Diva like you:

Heart of the Golden Triangle

The hotel is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s most riveting attractions. The Golden Triangle offers shopping, nightlife restaurants and easy access to the futuristic monorail.

Luxury Views & 5-Star Rooms

It’s tropical meets modern all the way with the EQ. Fifty-two stories of suites and luxury rooms that will instantly relax your weary muscles and make you forget this isn’t even the best part of the trip.

Eclectic Cuisine

Dine all day and night at the Nipah, winner of the 2021 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. Or eat Japanese at TimeOut Magazine’s Favorite Kuala Lumpur Japanese restaurant, Kampachi. Dine inside the Sabayon for an upscale European dinner that’s rivaled only by the panoramic view of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Infinity Pool at the Top of the City

Do a lap at sunrise as you take in Kuala Lumpur’s spectacular skyline from the infinity pool on the 29th floor. It’s the ideal spot to relax and have a cocktail after you’ve been treated to one of the best traditional massages (according to FEMALE magazine) at the Sanctum Spa.

And that’s just the hotel – we didn’t even talk about the tantalizing excursions and surprises we’ll sprinkle all over Kuala Lumpur for you, but you can find out more and join us in this gorgeous city just by tapping this link: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/singapore-malaysia-2023/

EQ night sky
Kuala Lumpur Room

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7 Singapore Facts That’ll Make You Book a Flight ASAP

Singapore - Travel Divas
Singapore - Travel Divas

Sure, you’ve been to some pretty luxe destinations before. But Singapore? It’s on a whole ’nother level.

For many, the movie Crazy Rich Asians was a first look inside this ultra-wealthy destination, but this city has always been on the cutting edge of luxury and opulence.

See, Singapore is an intoxicating blend of tropical paradise, multicultural metropolis and futuristic vanguard that keeps it on the top of travel bucket lists year after year. Here are 7 reasons why Singapore should be on your radar right now:

#1: The Night Safari is On & Poppin’.

Visit the world’s first night zoo for an amazing, unforgettable excursion. The Night Safari is a huge park with over 1,000 nocturnal animals spanning 120 species! Bring some of your fellow Divas along for a fun, late-night tram ride after you’ve explored the walking trails.

#2: It’s Home to the World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall.

Have you ever heard of an airport with a waterfall inside? Well, that’s what you’ll find at the Jewel Changi Airport complex. Surrounded by lush garden terraces, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall is 131 feet. You’ll feel as if you’re in a scene from the movie Avatar. Don’t forget to check out Singapore’s other magnificent man-made waterfalls at Jurong Bird Park, Cloud Forest and Gardens by the Bay.

#3: It’s One of the World’s Greenest Cities.

Did you know half of Singapore’s land area is covered in greenery? That means any time you need an escape from the city’s bustling activities, you’ll be steps away from a little serenity. The Buit Timah Nature Reserve is a great place to start – it boasts more tree species than in all of North America!

#4: The UNESCO World Heritage Site: Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Inside the city’s most famous gardens are thousands of Instagram-worthy moments in bloom. At the National Orchid Garden, you’ll get a chance to appreciate the budding Divas of the plant world – the park calls their plants VIPs!

#5: The Gardens at the Bay Are a Must.

Let your inner child come out to play at the incredible Gardens at the Bay. With playgrounds, cloud forests, sky-high observatories, flower domes and more – we think this might just be our favorite spot in Singapore. It’s like an amusement park meets botanical gardens meets futuristic city all-in-one!

#6: Food is King, Queen, Prince & Princess Here.

Singapore is giving culture alllll day long. No matter if you’re at a weekend festival, a rugby tournament or a Grand Prix race, you’ll find that Singaporean cuisine is literally worth the entire trip.

#7: There Are Over 64 Islands.

Singapore isn’t just a city; it’s a collection of islands that will make you feel like you’ve visited dozens of different countries in just one trip. Sentosa is a popular spot with resort vibes while St. John’s Island and Sisters’ Islands are perfect for quieter moments. Either way, there’s never a shortage of places to explore.

Now, those are just a few reasons why you should come with us to Singapore. We have sooo many more reasons (plus a way for you to book if you’re already down) behind this link: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/singapore-malaysia-2023/

Changi Airport Waterfall
Night Safari

The Suite Life on Singapore Airlines: A Black Girl Magic Overview

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Let’s be honest: you’ve peeped all those swoon-worthy pictures of Black women living the sweet life inside a cozy suite on an airplane and you’ve got questions.

The most important one being – how can you start to live that kind of suite life? First, let us put you on to everything that booking a suite entails on Singapore Airlines, one of the premier airlines for Divas like yourself.

Listen, premium economy and business class are OK, but as a Diva, you need space to sprinkle your Black girl magic all over the plane and fly in comfort. With the suites inside Singapore Airlines planes, you’ll get just that.

Kiss cramped quarters, zero legroom and sharing armrests goodbye with your own personal cabin. Designed by a famed French luxury yacht designer, these suites have enough space for a standalone bed AND a chaise lounge.

Yes, a chaise lounge. Not just a seat. A chaise lounge. Leather, too.

Did we mention the window blinds, sliding door and window view? It’s giving private vibes and we’re here for it.

We almost forgot the large table so you can whip out the laptop and finish up some last-minute work, dine like a Diva or even enjoy a meal with a loved one.

In fact, if you’re traveling with your partner, Singapore Airlines can even hook up adjacent suites into a double room.

When it comes to the food … lawd, say a prayer. Singapore Airlines serves your pre-chosen main course on bone china, prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs.

You get table service, wines and a 23-inch LCD TV with noise-canceling headphones to top it off. With internet and text messaging, you can even connect with the fam.

We don’t know about you, but that feels like a vacation and you didn’t even get to Singapore yet!

Imagine then, how you’d feel after living the suite life only to be pampered for days on end by the Travel Divas team?

Come sneak behind this link to get a preview of how we keep the luxury flowing during our upcoming Singapore and Malaysia trip: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/singapore-malaysia-2023/ 

The Fairmont Singapore: A Black Girl Magic Overview

Imagine this … you’re whisked away to a five-star, luxury hotel where you’re pampered, fawned over and treated like the Black girl royalty that you are.

You’re thousands of miles and several continents away from the endless to-do lists and infinite demands of professional life.

You are enveloped in opulence and wealth every step you take and you truly feel like you’re at home.

This, girlfriend, isn’t a dream – it’s just a sneak peek of the extravagance that awaits you when you come with us to Singapore and stay at the lavish Fairmont Hotel, located in Marina Bay.

Here’s what you need to know about this world-famous hotel:

So Safe & Clean, You’ll See Your Reflection In Every Surface

Certified as an SG Clean establishment and the first Accor LUXE hotel to be accredited with the global ALLSAFE label, you can rest assured that your stay at the Fairmont will be extraordinarily safe, clean and drenched in wellness.

13 Restaurants

Embark on what the Fairmont calls a “gastronomic journey” as you take your pick from an amazing array of culinary delights from 13 restaurants and bars on the premises. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi and sashimi, Chinese dim sum, spaghetti al pomodoro or a modern cocktail, there’s something every Diva can enjoy.

Expansive Harbor Views

Gaze out over the harbor and Marina Bay while you lay up in lush luxury. Each room in the Fairmont is carefully appointed with the finest amenities, details and statement pieces for undeniable comfort.

Wellness Retreat

With over 23 treatment rooms, the Willow Stream Spa inside the Fairmont Singapore is the perfect place to revitalize body, mind and soul. Think whirlpools, cool dips, steam rooms, sauna rooms, pools, tennis courts and more. Of course, if you need a traditional massage, they’ve got you covered.

And that’s just the hotel. The Travel Divas trip? Well, girlfriend, that’s so jam-packed with luxury we wrote an entire page on how we’ll pamper you.

Get all the details here:


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