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Dubai NYE is Always a Movie! Diva, Your Leading Role Awaits!

Hey there, Sis! Get ready to dive into a glittering extravaganza that set Dubai ablaze on New Year’s Eve! The Travel Divas and Dudes took the city by storm, and let me tell you, it was lit from start to finish! It was an absolute movie, with each moment unfolding like a scene from a blockbuster, leaving us all spellbound and craving an encore!

Delicious Food and Drinks to Satisfy Every Craving

First things first, let’s talk about the mouthwatering feast that Dubai laid out for us. From sumptuous international cuisine to local delicacies that tantalized our taste buds, it was a culinary journey like no other. Sip on exotic cocktails, indulge in delectable desserts, and feast your eyes on a buffet that could make your heart skip a beat. Dubai knows how to pamper your palate!

Rooftop Scenery That’ll Leave You Breathless

Imagine this: the Dubai skyline illuminated by a thousand lights, with the Burj Khalifa standing tall as a beacon of magnificence. Our New Year’s Eve bash was hosted on a stunning rooftop that offered panoramic views of this iconic cityscape. It’s like dancing among the stars! The atmosphere was electric, and you couldn’t help but feel like you were on top of the world.

A Dope Saxophonist and Non-stop Dancing

But wait, it gets even better! We had a saxophonist who took our night to the next level. The smooth tunes of that saxophone had us swaying, grooving, and moving like nobody’s business. Our energy was boundless, and the dance floor was on fire. The Divas and Dudes brought their A-game, and we danced the night away!

Stepping out Red Carpet Style

The Divas and Dudes owned the red carpet with their jaw-dropping fashion choices. Sequined gowns, tailored suits, and statement accessories turned heads and set the style bar sky-high at this glamorous event. They turned heads and redefined style in the city of glamour.

Toasting to New Beginnings

As the clock struck midnight, glasses clinked and champagne flowed like a river of liquid gold. We toasted to new beginnings, to endless adventures, and to the magic of Dubai on New Year’s Eve. The air was filled with laughter, cheers, and the promise of an incredible year ahead.

Come Take Your Place as the Star you Are!

Sis, if you’re not booking your spot for Dubai New Year’s 2024-2025 with the Travel Divas, you’re missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Dubai’s New Year’s celebration is like no other, and with us, you’ll be part of a community that knows how to embrace life, celebrate in style, and make unforgettable memories.

Don’t let FOMO get the best of you. Join us next year, and let’s shine brighter together. You deserve to start the new year in the most fabulous way possible. Book now and let’s make magic happen in Dubai!

Happy New Year!

We’re Bringing Dubai Chic Diva Tips Just For You!

Alright, Divas, buckle up your stilettos and get ready to slay the Dubai scene! We’re about to spill the tea on the most fabulous outfits that scream ‘Dubai Chic.’ Get ready to sizzle in style and embrace the elegance of the Middle East with Travel Divas!

Embrace Dubai’s Cultural Splendor in Style

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, where tradition and modernity beautifully coexist. Dubai is quite modern and tolerant when it comes to dress codes for women. While it’s respectful to dress modestly, especially in religious or traditional areas, women have the freedom to wear a variety of clothing styles.

Abayas: A Tribute to Elegance and Tradition

The Abaya, a flowing cloak, is a symbol of modesty and grace in the UAE. Our divas can don these beautiful garments while visiting sacred places like the Grand Mosque. Dive into a bit of history: Abayas have evolved from simple, monochromatic designs to stunning, intricate creations. At Travel Divas, we offer a curated collection of Abayas that allow you to pay homage to tradition while looking absolutely fabulous.

Modest Yet Chic

For exploring the bustling streets, spice markets, and glamorous malls of Dubai, choose modest yet stylish ensembles. Flowy maxi dresses, lightweight palazzo pants, and chic long-sleeve tops are perfect choices. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry and luxurious scarves to add that touch of Middle Eastern flair.

Where Beauty Meets Luxury

Dubai isn’t just a travel destination; it’s an experience that embraces opulence and grandeur. Every corner you turn, every landmark you visit, it’s a canvas of awe-inspiring architecture and breathtaking landscapes. And, oh, the shopping! Dubai offers a world-class shopping experience that’s nothing short of a fashionista’s dream.

Are You Coming Diva??

So, dear divas, it’s time to pack your bags, channel your inner elegance, and shine in Dubai. Let’s lift each other up, explore new horizons, and be our authentic, fabulous selves in this prime spot of luxury and culture. You’re worthy of it all, and Dubai is waiting to be dazzled by your presence.

Experience Dubai with Travel Divas – because you’re not just visiting a destination; you’re embracing a lifestyle. Start your journey today, and let the adventure begin!

Can We Talk About Luxury?! Oh Yes, that Would be Dubai!

Dubai…Oh My! Are you ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and elegance? Dubai, often hailed as a modern oasis, stands as the ultimate destination for those who crave opulence and awe-inspiring vistas. At Travel Divas, we’ve got the keys to unlock the magic of this city, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s delve into what makes Dubai the pinnacle of luxury and why our divas adore exploring it with us.

A World of Unparalleled Opulence

Dubai is a city that defies imagination. Skyscrapers touch the heavens, each one more extravagant than the last. The opulent lifestyle here is not just about wealth; it’s about indulging in life’s finer pleasures.

Dubai’s landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking. From the serene beauty of pristine beaches to the stark, mesmerizing expanse of the desert, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. It’s a place where modernity seamlessly blends with nature’s grandeur.

Your Gateway to Dubai’s Elegance

Now, let’s talk about why our Travel Divas adore experiencing Dubai with us. It’s not just a trip; it’s a journey that transforms you.

We understand that when you travel, you’re not just seeking destinations; you’re creating memories. That’s why our Dubai 2024 itinerary is designed to make every moment unforgettable. Picture our divas, glammed up to the nines, taking in the mesmerizing views of the city’s skyline from The View at Palms. It’s a scene straight out of a dream!

Bonds and Sisterhood: Our Secret Ingredient

But here’s the real magic – the bonds and sisterhood that blossom during our adventures. It’s about celebrating each other’s uniqueness, embracing Black Girl Magic, and creating lifelong connections. Whether you’re sipping tea at our Glam Tea Party, soaring through the sky in flying dresses, or dancing under the moonlight at our All White Yacht Party, you’ll feel the warmth of this community.

Respecting Tradition and Beauty

When visiting the grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, we embrace the beauty of cultural attire. Picture yourself draped in elegant garments like an Abaya, showing respect and reverence to this magnificent place of worship. It’s a moment where tradition and opulence intertwine, and it’s a testament to our commitment to cultural respect.

The Culinary Extravaganza

Now, let’s indulge in the culinary wonders of Dubai. From savory street food at the Spice and Gold Souks to the regal elegance of lunch at Emirates Palace, Dubai’s cuisine is a sensory delight. Picture yourself savoring every bite, paired with the finest champagne, as you celebrate life in the most luxurious way possible.

Soaring in Style

In Dubai, we elevate your experiences to new heights – quite literally! Experience the thrill of flying dresses, an adventure that’s both exhilarating and empowering. It’s a moment of sheer elegance and excitement, a memory you’ll treasure forever.

Embrace Dubai’s Essence with Our Exclusive Candles

Indulge in the opulence and charm of Dubai from the comfort of your own home with our Limited Edition Dubai OUD Candles. These exquisite candles are a sensory journey inspired by the scents of the Middle East, encapsulating the essence of Dubai’s rich heritage and luxurious aura. With every flicker of the flame, you’ll be transported to the heart of the desert, where tradition and opulence intertwine in a symphony of scents. Visit our Travel Divas store now to make these must-have candles yours.

Dubai Awaits Sis!

In Dubai, luxury isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s an art form. And at Travel Divas, we’re here to help you explore this masterpiece in all its glory. So, pack your bags, embrace your inner diva, and join us on a journey that promises nothing less than elegance and excitement.

Let’s lift each other up, revel in the beauty of Dubai’s skyline, and forge bonds that will last a lifetime. Book your 2024 Dubai adventure now and get ready to live your most glamorous dreams!

Dubai Dreams: Divas Take on Yachts and Safaris Dripped in White!

Hey there, my fabulous Travel Divas! Today, we’re diving into the glittering city of Dubai, dressed head to toe in dazzling white, where the sun kisses the desert, and adventure awaits at every turn. Buckle up, because we’re in for an exhilarating day filled with yacht cruises, desert safaris, and unforgettable moments, all while adorned in the purest of colors.

Morning Bliss: Yacht Cruise

Our day kicks off with a touch of luxury as we board a pristine yacht, ready to set sail across the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, looking stunning in our all-white ensembles. Picture yourself basking in the warm sun, surrounded by your fellow divas, and sipping on refreshing drinks. The ultimate #SquadGoals, right?

As the yacht gently glides through the shimmering waters, the scent of a delectable BBQ lunch wafts through the air. Grilled delicacies and a wide array of beverages await us, adding a taste of opulence to our day. We’re not just travelers; we’re queens of the sea!

Afternoon Adventure: Desert Safari Extravaganza

After our delightful lunch on the yacht, it’s time for the next chapter of our Dubai adventure, all dressed in our pristine white attire. We’ll transfer back to our luxurious hotel to recharge for what lies ahead. But don’t get too comfortable; the real magic awaits us in the desert!

The afternoon sun casts a golden glow as we embark on a thrilling desert safari, a sea of white against the desert sands. Buckle up for an exhilarating dune drive, with photo stops that will leave you breathless. Feel the adrenaline rush as we visit a camel farm, a true glimpse into Arabian culture.

As the sun begins its descent, we’ll witness a breathtaking desert sunset, bathed in the soft glow of our white attire. It’s a moment that will make your heart skip a beat, and you won’t be able to resist capturing the beauty of the desert on camera.

But that’s not all, sis! Get ready for camel riding, sandboarding, and the chance to adorn your hands with intricate henna designs, all while looking effortlessly elegant in white. A falconer will showcase the majestic hunting skills of these incredible birds, a vital part of the nation’s heritage.

Evening Delights: Cultural Immersion and Culinary Indulgence

As the stars twinkle in the Arabian sky, we’ll be treated to a mesmerizing performance of the traditional folk dance ‘Tanoura,’ a sea of white twirling in harmony. It’s a whirlwind of colors, spinning, and culture that will leave you spellbound.

But the Arabian hospitality doesn’t stop there! Enjoy the sweetness of dates, the warmth of Arabic coffee, and the flavor of Shisha (the Arabic water pipe), all while looking effortlessly chic in white. Our taste buds are in for a treat!

After all the excitement, we’ve surely worked up an appetite, haven’t we? A sumptuous barbecue dinner is served, a feast fit for queens like us, who shine even brighter in white. Savor the flavors and indulge in a culinary journey through Arabia.

Before we bid adieu to this enchanting desert, we’ll be treated to an oriental belly dance performance, our white outfits adding a touch of elegance to the night. The night sky will come alive with shimmering veils and captivating moves.

A Day to Remember

As the stars twinkle above the desert, we’ll be transported back to the city, hearts full of memories and laughter, all of us clad in our chic, all-white attire. Dubai, with its blend of tradition and luxury, has left an indelible mark on our souls.

Today, we’ve embraced adventure, culture, and the spirit of togetherness that defines Travel Divas, all while looking effortlessly glamorous in white. So, let’s raise a glass, my fabulous sisters, and toast to the magic of Dubai and the incredible memories we’ve made.

And if you’re feeling inspired by our all-white Dubai adventure, it’s time to book your own trip to this incredible destination in style. Dive into the world of Travel Divas and let us take you on a journey that’s as vibrant as your spirit and as chic as your all-white ensemble. Until our next adventure, stay fierce, stay fabulous, and keep embracing that Black Girl Magic!

Travel Divas

Vibrant Hues with Hats Infused: A Dubai Diva Afternoon Vibe!

Hey there, fabulous souls! If you’re ready to embark on a journey of elegance, luxury, and pure indulgence, we’ve got just the ticket: Afternoon of cocktails and beauty, Dubai-style, with a dash of Travel Divas magic!

Sip, Savor, and Slay: Ladies Adorned in Glamorous Headpieces

Picture this: You step into a world of opulence where the sun kisses the horizon, and the Dubai skyline glistens like gold. As you enter, you’re welcomed by a sea of beautiful divas, each donning exquisite headpieces that rival the crown jewels. It’s not just any afternoon; it’s a fashion show of its own!

The ladies of the Travel Divas community know how to make a statement. With headpieces that range from traditional Arabic designs to avant-garde creations, they bring a vibrant kaleidoscope of culture and style to the table. Every head-turning accessory tells a story, and together, they create an ensemble of elegance and panache.

Feast Fit for Royalty: Delight in Culinary Wonders and Exquisite Cocktails

Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance – the food and cocktails! Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey as you’re treated to a spread that’s fit for royalty. Dubai’s afternoon tea is a fusion of traditional Emirati flavors and international delicacies.

Indulge in delicate finger sandwiches, divine pastries, and perfectly baked scones that melt in your mouth. The fragrant spices and sumptuous textures will transport you to a world of pure bliss.

But it doesn’t stop there! Dubai’s Diva afternoon wouldn’t be complete without a selection of handcrafted cocktails that dazzle and amaze. Sip on creations that combine the finest spirits with Middle Eastern influences, adding an exotic twist to your experience.

Laughs, Love, and the Beauty of the Divas

As you nibble on exquisite treats and sip on cocktails that dance on your palate, the atmosphere is filled with laughter and joy. The Travel Divas community knows how to turn every moment into a memory. Sharing stories, celebrating life, and uplifting each other—it’s the essence of our sisterhood.

The beauty of our divas goes beyond what meets the eye. It’s the strength, resilience, and magic that flows through every conversation and shared smile. In Dubai’s luxurious setting, surrounded by like-minded souls, you’ll feel the empowerment and radiance of Black Girl Magic like never before.

Your Passport to Glamour: Book Your Dubai Adventure with Travel Divas Today!

Ready to join the ranks of the fabulous divas who’ve experienced Dubai’s enchanting afternoon? Don’t wait! Book your trip with Travel Divas to Dubai and unlock a world of elegance, culture, and unforgettable moments.

Let’s lift each other up, explore new horizons, and be our authentic, fabulous selves in the heart of Dubai. You’re worthy of it all, sis!

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your strength, shine bright, and let’s make memories that will last a lifetime. Dubai is calling, and the divas are waiting to welcome you with open arms. Book your adventure now, and let the magic of Dubai sweep you off your feet!

See you soon Diva,

Travel Divas

Why 2024 Is The Ultimate Diva Year To Explore, Experience, and Elevate—Sis, It’s Time to Jet-Set!

Hello, beautiful souls! 🌟 If you’re sitting there, sipping your morning latte or scrolling through your feed, dreaming of the next grand adventure, get ready because, honey, 2024 is the year to unleash your inner diva on the world stage. Trust me, this year isn’t just another page on the calendar—it’s a whole mood, an energetic burst of Black Girl Magic ready to sprinkle its sparkle across the globe!

Elevate Your Spirit in Amsterdam

Let’s kick things off in Amsterdam. Imagine cruising along canals, framed by a parade of elegant, centuries-old townhouses, as if you’re part of a sophisticated painting. Now, sprinkle that experience with gourmet cheese tastings and awe-inspiring museums. Feel that? That’s the blend of old-world charm meeting your fabulous, contemporary spirit. 💫

Don’t wait! Join us!

Cartagena, Where Culture and Fun Collide

Feel the cobblestones under your stylish sandals as you wander the colorful streets of Cartagena. From vibrant markets to the intoxicating rhythm of salsa dancing, you’ll discover a blend of cultures that feels like a warm embrace. Authentic and alluring, just like you, sis.

This could totally be you!

Extend Your Glam in Turkey

Picture yourself, our dazzling diva, in the mesmerizing land of Turkey—where East meets West, honey! Cruise down the Bosphorus Strait between two continents, as you sip on some sumptuous Turkish tea. Istanbul’s skyline, adorned with centuries-old minarets, whispers tales of sultans and empires. And let’s not sleep on the hot air balloons over Cappadocia—imagine soaring at sunrise, feeling like a radiant goddess gracing the skies. Turkey is a feast for your soul and a marvel for your Instagram feed! 📸 You’re just one click away!

Fiji: Your Pacific Paradise Awaits

Fiji is your cue to really let your hair down and let the ocean waves be your lullaby. This isn’t just any beach getaway—it’s a slice of paradise that’s been reserved just for you. Dive into crystal-clear waters with reefs that look like an artist’s palette, or simply sunbathe on your private island like the irreplaceable queen you are. Fiji will make you believe in love at first sight! 🏝️ Fiji needs some of your magic!

From Morocco’s Mystique to Dubai’s Dazzle

Picture this, Sis! One moment you’re basking in Morocco’s rich tapestry—think spices, lanterns, and ancient medinas. The next, you’re catapulted into Dubai’s futuristic opulence, sipping cocktails in sky-high lounges and shopping amidst aquatic splendor. It’s a seamless blend of tradition and luxury, an exquisite journey that lets your multi-faceted Black Girl Magic shine from one continent to another. 🌍✨ Moroccan Vibes Await you!

Book Your 2024 Adventure NOW!

Sis, you’re worthy of a year that’s as radiant and full of life as you are. We’re just scratching the surface, darling! Places like Thailand, Paris, Greece, and Rome are also on the diva itinerary, waiting to fill your year with endless wonder and sophistication. Book ANY of our 2024 travel events and embrace the luxury, the culture, the Black Girl Magic that you were born to experience. Go ahead, click this link and treat yourself to the most empowering, enriching, and electrifying year of your life!

Don’t just step into 2024—strut into it, owning your divine energy and wisdom. Let’s make it a year of growth, exploration, and a whole lot of fabulousness! 🌟👑

Cheers to you, Diva!

Unveil the Magic of Dubai: 20 Phrases to Elevate Your Social Media Journey in This Oasis of Glamour

When it comes to Dubai, nothing compares to flossing and letting the world know you are there. Peep 20 social media captions you can use below Diva, to sound the alarm like Beyonce, you are in Dubai, baby!

1. Out in Dubai with my @traveldivas 🏜️

2. Bringing Black girl magic to Dubai ✨

3. Idk what’s more beautiful – me or the Burj Khalifa behind me 😍

4. Spilling the tea with my girls hits differently in Dubai! 🍵

5. At the top, it’s just us Divas 💁‍♀️

6. In the desert but this ain’t no mirage 🥰 Dubai owes me nothing!

7. A Diva went to the desert and now they’re EXTRA thirsty 🥵

8. Dune-bashing like a Diva!

9. My word for 2024: luxury! And I’m doing it in Dubai with @traveldivas

10. A week in Dubai with @traveldivas and now I don’t know how to ACK!

It’s Getting Hot in Here

11. This Diva just got 10x hotter: catch me out in Dubai!

12. You ever had dinner in the desert? Me either, ‘til I went to Dubai!

13. Passport still poppin’! Just touched down in Dubai 😎

14. Prettiest flower in the Miracle Garden 🌸

15. If it’s not 5 stars, I don’t want it! Luckily, everything about Dubai is top-tier. 💅

2024: Bringing Black Girl Magic

16. Riding a camel is easy once you get over the humps 🥹

17. On my, Real Housewives, I mean Divas of Dubai ish!

18. Lighting up Dubai just like these fireworks 🎆

19. All I need in this life of sin is Dubai and my girlfriends!

20. Starting 2024 the way I wanna end it: traveling with my girlfriends to bougie places!

Your Journey Awaits! 🌍

Can you feel it, Sis? The heartbeat of Dubai calling out to your wanderlust soul. It’s not just a destination; it’s an experience wrapped in luxurious charm and timeless grandeur.

Sis, you’re worthy of this opulence! Step up and book any of our bespoke Dubai travel events for 2024. Because in a world of possibilities, your dreams should have no bounds.

Don’t wait. Let’s jet set into 2024, leaving trails of glitter and memories that last a lifetime. Click here to book your unforgettable Dubai trip for 2024.

Feel the embrace of the golden sun and the rich hues of Arabian nights, as you soar into new horizons. You’re not just traveling, darling, you’re creating a legacy.

✨**Black Girl Magic, ignite your passion, explore new terrains, and let’s make memories together!**✨

Let’s do this, Sis! 🌟

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime in Dubai.

Where Luxury Has No Limit: Come to Dubai

Hands down, our most popular, most extravagant, most upscale, premium, luxurious trip that’s talked about by hundreds of women in our Facebook group and beyond … is none other than our world-famous Dubai trip.

Listen, there aren’t enough fancy words in any of the languages we know to describe the decadence, over-the-top wealth and glamour that is Dubai.

Of course, what we do know is this … you’ve never, ever been pampered the way you are about to be when you come with us to this magical location.

Know this … we’ve got so much history with Dubai. Better yet, we always have a Dubai location specialist to travel with you throughout any of our Dubai trips.

And we’ve got options to choose from no matter the time of year. So, save your coin, your best dresses and your bougiest vibes because Dubai is the ultimate bucket list vacation.

Just take a look at some of our tours:

Vacances en Blanc Dubai 2024

From an all-white welcome reception and dinner where YOU are the VIP guest to an all-white yacht party to all-white high tea parties (get those 14K gold pinky rings ready), trust us when we say you’ll be sprinkling your Black girl magic all over Dubai.

Ride camels, drive over dunes, shop at the souks and party for 7 nights straight in all-white like the true Diva you are. And with a flying white dress photo op, you’ll have iconic shots and unforgettable memories to remind yourself that you are worthy of the best.

Nobody does Dubai like us. So come do it the only way you should – like a Diva.

Couples in Dubai April 2024

Dune bash with your bae as you channel your power couple Jay-Z & Queen B vibes with this romantic, upscale vacation. With hundreds of breathtaking sights and decadent foods to try, a couples’ welcome dinner, cocktail hour, yacht party, beach day with brunch, signature gifts and more … it’s a trip you and your honey will never forget.

Travel like a TRUE Diva in Dubai with us here.

20 Social Media Captions to Announce You’re In Ghana

For a culturally immersive experience, Ghana is screaming your name. Check out 20 Social Media Captions you can use to let others know, “I’m in Ghana, baby!”

1. They gon’ have to roll me home after all this Ghanaian jollof! 🥘

2. Maya Angelou said it best: If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. ✊

3. Ghana’s giving Wakanda Forever in real life! 🦁

4. A Black queen in the land of the Black Stars 👑

5. Adjusting my crown at the seat of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana! 👑

6. At the birthplace of Black girl magic 🌟

7. From now on, you can call me diva. 📲

8. I flew to Ghana with @traveldivas and now I don’t wanna go back! ✈

9. Touched down in Ghana and feeling like an African queen 🌆

10. I love traveling the world, but after this @traveldivas trip, Ghana has my heart ❤️

Dancing on these Ghana Streets

11. My ancestors walked through the Door of No Return and now I’ve made it back. ✊

12. Melanated and magical in Ghana! ✨

13. Gonna need another suitcase for all the shopping I’ve been doing at the markets! 💼

14. Feeling real close to my roots in the Motherland. 🍃

15. Not even from Ghana but it feels like home with this Black and Gold welcome party! 🥳

16. When you finally visit the Motherland. I’m HOME! 🌍

17. Couldn’t visit Cape Coast without my @traveldivas girls! 👭

18. Sankofa means “go back and get it.” I definitely got my life in Ghana and can’t wait to go back! 💨

19. 9 nights in the Motherland and I’m not ready to go back 😫

20. Ghana. Did. Not. Come. To. Play! Rest up before you get here, ‘cause Ghana knows how to party! 😴


2 Holiday Brunch Spots Fit for A Travel Diva

There’s truly nothing like eating brunch during the holidays – spending time with the family, looking your best, and sprinkling your Black girl magic someplace else other than your house.

That’s why we’ve gathered together a few spots for you to jet set to around the world, all so you can experience elevated bougie brunches with a dash of holiday spirit and a sprinkle of Black girl magic.

Here are a few spots that put the “holiday” in “holiday brunch” … 

Deck The Halls in Dubai

If there’s one place that knows how to party and get in the holiday spirit, it’s Dubai. And let’s not even get started on the delicious holiday brunch that is to die for. Are you ready for a bougie brunch at one of the city’s most luxurious, upscale, and festive hotels? 

Listen, y’all know that Australia is the Queen Diva of coral reefs, right? Trust us when we say those snatch-your-breath-away photos of life under the sea pale in comparison to the awe-inspiring experience you’ll get first-hand.

Christmas in Cabo

Ready to tantalize your tastebuds in Los Cabos? Rock out to the sound of the ocean while sipping on (and spilling) tea, lapping up mimosas, and eating brunch with the girlfriends at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. No questions asked … this seaside escape is perfect for sprinkling your Black girl magic. 

Want more travel inspiration? Get ready to sprinkle your Black girl magic all over the world with more tips and lists just like this when you subscribe to the Travel Divas email list: http://bit.ly/TD-signup.


Dubai: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/dubai-new-years-eve-2023-24-tour-3/

Cabo: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/christmas-in-cabo-2023/