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Packing For Jamaica

Sis, if you are anything like me, you tend to overpack for every trip you go on.  You know what I mean… you have to sit on your suitcase to get it to close… Oops! Then half the time, you have too much stuff with you that you don’t end up using. No worries, Diva.

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Save Time and Money with Global Entry + Passport

Hey hey, Roxie again. Now, if there’s anything I hate to waste, it’s time and money. As a Travel Diva, I know you hear me on this one. That’s why if you travel often – at least 3 times a year – you’ll want to ensure your hard-earned money is being spent in the right

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If You Travel Often, Global Entry is a Must-Have

Efficiency. Hassle-free. Ease. Those are just a few things Roxie values when it comes to travel, especially because I’m out here jet-setting and sprinkling my Black girl magic around the world so often! In the interest of efficiency, I’m sharing a pro tip for my fellow frequent travelers and why you need to get on

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Traveling to Unplug and Recharge: The Benefits of Digital Detoxes

Girl, are you a distracted traveler? Are you always checking your phone, scrolling social media or worrying about work or what’s happening back home? Now putting the phone down is hard but when I’m jet-setting across the globe, I want to take it allll in. I want all the experiences, the adventures, the culture, the

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Self-Care & Service: How You Can Travel with Purpose

Listen, here at Travel Divas, we’re all about travel as a form of escape, even recharging and relaxation. But there’s nothing like traveling intentionally with a goal of refueling your own cup while serving others. Purpose-driven travel can be a rewarding way to share your gifts and services with communities in far-flung countries that hold

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Discover the Joy of Traveling Solo

There’s a reason why Marie Kondo’s way of tidying up her space is to find joy in the things around her: not only does it clear your mind, it opens you up for new experiences and connections – with others and yourself. Your in-house Travel Diva Roxie thinks the same! There’s nothing I cherish more

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How to Prep for Solo Travel with a Group

Now, look at you – if you aren’t the embodiment of a true Diva, then we don’t know what is! You’ve booked a trip with the most luxurious group travel agency for magical Black women like you – and it’s your first time traveling on your own. That’s a big deal! Give yourself a huge

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Roxie’s Guide to Rich Auntie’s New Year Resolutions

Well, look at that! It’s almost 2023. I’ve been off jet-setting around the world this year and finally have some downtime to decompress, put my feet up and think about what kind of rich, luxurious, upscale experiences I want to have next year. Here are some great ideas I want to share, you know, so

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