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Where Luxury Has No Limit: Come to Dubai

Hands down, our most popular, most extravagant, most upscale, premium, luxurious trip that’s talked about by hundreds of women in our Facebook group and beyond … is none other than our world-famous Dubai trip.

Listen, there aren’t enough fancy words in any of the languages we know to describe the decadence, over-the-top wealth and glamour that is Dubai.

Of course, what we do know is this … you’ve never, ever been pampered the way you are about to be when you come with us to this magical location.

Know this … we’ve got so much history with Dubai. Better yet, we always have a Dubai location specialist to travel with you throughout any of our Dubai trips.

And we’ve got options to choose from no matter the time of year. So, save your coin, your best dresses and your bougiest vibes because Dubai is the ultimate bucket list vacation.

Just take a look at some of our tours:

Vacances en Blanc Dubai 2024

From an all-white welcome reception and dinner where YOU are the VIP guest to an all-white yacht party to all-white high tea parties (get those 14K gold pinky rings ready), trust us when we say you’ll be sprinkling your Black girl magic all over Dubai.

Ride camels, drive over dunes, shop at the souks and party for 7 nights straight in all-white like the true Diva you are. And with a flying white dress photo op, you’ll have iconic shots and unforgettable memories to remind yourself that you are worthy of the best.

Nobody does Dubai like us. So come do it the only way you should – like a Diva.

Couples in Dubai April 2024

Dune bash with your bae as you channel your power couple Jay-Z & Queen B vibes with this romantic, upscale vacation. With hundreds of breathtaking sights and decadent foods to try, a couples’ welcome dinner, cocktail hour, yacht party, beach day with brunch, signature gifts and more … it’s a trip you and your honey will never forget.

Travel like a TRUE Diva in Dubai with us here.

Respectfully Preparing for Cultural Differences

Girlfriend, it’s Roxie again! Can I just give you a huge pat on the back and a “YASSS, GIRL!” Because if you’re reading this you’ve likely arranged for a trip to somewhere new and in a different country!

So many fabulous Black women just like you don’t get this opportunity, so take a moment to recognize your greatness.

Just like we do at work, we always stay ready so we don’t have to get ready, even for fun stuff like traveling. And while jet-setting is a beautiful thing that can expose you to new cultures and ideas, one thing that’s almost guaranteed to happen is a bit of culture shock.

Here’s how to prepare for cultural differences:

Be Open-Minded & Respectful

Everyone always talks about how you’ll feel in a new country, but it’s important to also be respectful about how natives might feel. That being said, what may be considered normal and appropriate where you’re from may not be the same in a new country.

For example, when visiting countries like the United Arab Emirates, walking around in a bikini near the beach is frowned upon, unlike Miami where it’s the norm. Be open-minded and respectful toward differences in cultural norms.

Learn the Local Language

You don’t need to bust out the Rosetta Stone, but learning a few phrases in the local language will go a long way. While English is spoken widely across the globe, it’s not always a good look to assume everyone speaks it at your destination. Learn how to ask for directions, where the bathroom is, thank you, and how to order food as you prep for your next international trip.

Research Local Customs & Etiquette

This is the big one! Just like being open-minded and respectful is a non-negotiable, so is learning the local customs and etiquette. Not only does this make for a memorable and comfortable experience, it can also make you safer. It’s easy for non-good-doers to pick you out in a crowd if you don’t follow a country’s customs or etiquette. Do your research and familiarize yourself.

For example, did you know slurping when eating noodles in Japan means you enjoy the food, whereas in the U.S. it would be considered rude and unkempt?  

My favorite ways to research include talking to others who’ve traveled there before, watching YouTube, and of course, reading blogs like this one (we’ve got tons more tips on how to travel like a Diva at every one of our destinations).

Prep for cultural differences, excursions, the airport, and more with other great tips from the Travel Divas blog.

How to Navigate Airport Security Like a Diva

Ooooh … hitting the TSA line’s got you feeling anxious? Your girl Roxie gets it.

If there’s one thing I used to hate about traveling, it was this part. That is until I figured out how to best avoid unnecessary delays and hassles at the airport. Now, I breeze through airport security like I own the place!

And once you follow the tips I’m about to share – you will too. I know you’re tight on time packing so let’s get straight into it:

Pack Liquids Properly

Getting stopped by airport security because your liquids and toiletries aren’t packed right can stop even the most prepared Diva in her tracks. First, decide if you’re doing carry-on only or if you’ll also be checking a bag.

If you’re doing carry-on only (or with a checked bag), make sure not to bring any flammable liquids. Everything should be under 3.4 oz (including the size of the container) and fit into a quart-size bag. If you’re checking luggage, you can pack full-size versions of your products. If you have a bottle of water filled up, make sure it’s frozen otherwise TSA will have to throw it away.  

Wear Slip-On Shoes

Have you seen how many people walk through the airport? Then you know the last place you want your feet to touch is the floor! When you’re going through security, you want ease of access AND comfort. The key? Get slip-on shoes. They can be mules, sneakers, or whatever your heart calls for – just make sure you can slip them on and off easily. Don’t forget a pair of socks or light stockings too to keep your feet away from the floor.

Organize All Your Documents

You know the moment: someone’s at the kiosk and the airport security agent needs to see their ID/passport/ticket and they’re holding up the line, digging in their bags and pockets. Don’t be that girl, Travel Diva! Get a cute Travel Divas document organizer (available in our store) and put all your important docs in there so you can whip them out with ease.  

Get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck®

Divas! If you have credit cards like American Express® Gold or Chase Sapphire® or even a travel card, they likely have special statement credits available for purchasing Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. I highly recommend one of these options (Global Entry also contains TSA PreCheck) so you can skip the long lines, keep your shoes on and protect your manicure, plus make it to your gate with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t forget to check the airport website at your destination for all their security tips, too.

Wondering what else you need to do to prepare for your next trip? If you’re heading out of the country, check out this list of essential items.

Pack these 8 Essentials for the Easiest International Trip Ever

Hey, there Travel Diva – long time no chat! It’s your favorite Diva, Roxie, here, and I’m getting ready to jet-set and sprinkle my Black girl magic outside of the country.

As an avid traveler who’s been lucky enough to sprinkle it all over the globe, I’ve learned a thing or 2 about what to bring for the most seamless, unforgettable experience ever.

Now, I’m sharing those globe-trotting insights with you! If you’re getting ready to do your own Black girl magic sprinkling with us internationally sometime soon, you’ll want to keep reading because I’ve gathered the ULTIMATE list of essential items.

You see – even though you might be the best of the best at packing for those quick weekend trips, packing internationally is a whole ‘nother ball game! So here’s a list of 8 items that are simply non-negotiable:

Travel Adapters

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to plug something in when I was away in Asia or in Europe only to realize it wouldn’t work! Grab an international power adapter/converter (in fact, pack 2 to be on the safe side) so you can keep connected on your devices.

Portable Chargers

There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign place and having a dead phone! Be sure to bring a few small portable chargers. You can always rely on a big power bank, but they’re heavy. Look for small portable chargers that can give your phone or device a full charge and pack 2!

Comfortable Shoes

It’s easy to forget these since the goal is always to look like a Diva while you’re traveling, but beauty doesn’t need to equal pain. Pack a comfortable pair of shoes for walking around, and wear those to and from the airport so you don’t have to pack them.


Let’s be honest, those airplane headphones they give out don’t do much to block the roar of the engine – or that loud passenger 3 rows back. Be sure to bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones on your trip so you can get some peace after working so hard!

Legal Documents

Diva, don’t forget your ID and passport! Yup, believe it or not, these are items that can be easy to forget. Make sure to also have digital copies of these stored in your email or safely online, in the event something happens!

Empty Water Bottle

Girlfriend, hydration is key. Especially on long-haul flights, you don’t want to let the dry cabin air take you out. Pack an empty water bottle and fill it up after you go through security. It’ll be your best friend for those excursions we booked for you at your destination, too.

Travel Pillow & Earplugs

So you’ve got the headphones down, but earplugs are a must too, especially if you’re rooming with someone. For those moments when you need a bit of quiet, earplugs are a perfect addition along with a travel pillow to keep your neck comfortable throughout your ride.

Airplane Snacks

I don’t know about you, but something about sitting on a plane for hours on end watching TV, getting excited at the prospect of new travels, whips up a strong appetite for me! That’s why I always carry airplane snacks – nuts, protein bars, candy – so I can keep my energy up en route to and from my destination.

BONUS: Sweater

Now sis, we know you’re heading to somewhere hot and fabulous most of the time, but no matter the weather at your destination, one thing is always true: the plane is so cold! Pack a lightweight sweater so you can kindly deny those not-so-clean plane blankets and you can travel comfortably.

And if you know what to pack but don’t have somewhere to go, I’ve got you covered, too.

Come sprinkle your Black girl magic with us in whatever continent is calling your name (yup, even Antarctica is a possibility!)

How to Stay Healthy Like A Diva While Traveling

Well look at that – it’s your girl Roxie back with some more tips for the most Diva-esque traveling experience ever! There are so many new, exciting adventures with your name on them, and the last thing any Diva wants is to get sick and not be able to do any of them!

We all know how important it is to stay healthy before you travel so you don’t have to let that travel insurance kick in, but staying healthy during the trip is just as if not more important!

You’re traveling to release stress from working as hard as you do. So we can’t have you stressing out about how you feel while you’re traveling!

Here are a couple of Diva-approved healthy tips so you can look and feel your best during your next bucket-list trip:

Pack A First Aid Kit

If you’re feeling like you’re the bag lady Erykah Badu was singing about with everything inside your travel luggage, don’t fret. It’s better to be prepared than to get caught out there!

That being said, pack a mini first aid kit with antibacterial ointment, adhesive bandages, medication like painkillers, antacids, and upset stomach relief so you’ll be ready in case you cut yourself or eat something that doesn’t agree with you.

You can find great travel first aid kits on Amazon but don’t forget to also bring your own medicine, peppermint or ginger tea bags, motion sickness bracelets or meds, magnesium cream or tablets (great for aches/pains plus hangovers), and pads/tampons just in case.

Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing I love more than a good sip on vacay, but don’t forget to sip on some H20 as well! Often, we’re more active on vacation than we are at home, so you’re expending tons of energy. Be sure to get at least 3 meals a day (plus snacks!) and stay hydrated with lots of water throughout the day.

Especially if you’re the kind of Diva like me who loves to walk around or even lounge in the sun, hydration will be key to ensuring you wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

Get Enough Sleep

I know, I know. There’s so much to see and you’re too excited to sleep because you want to stay up chit-chatting and exploring, but every Diva needs her beauty rest. It’s easy to sleep less on vacations due to the excitement, but it’s best to aim for as much sleep as you can manage so you have enough energy to explore.

No one wants to be so tired they need to take a nap when they come back from their latest excursion – only to miss the next one because the nap turned into full-blown slumber.

Practice Self-Care

If your itinerary is packed, do yourself a favor and swap an activity out for a relaxing self-care moment. Try the hotel spa where you can get an overdue massage or facial, or if self-care feels like bubble baths and champagne, have your Butler or room service bring it to you! Maybe you love to read on the beach.

Whatever self-care means to you, it’s important to keep that up while you’re on vacation. You don’t need to power through your vacation and tick all your to-do’s – it’s not work; it’s fun!

Now that you know how to stay physically healthy, you’ll also want to make sure your wallet does, too.

Check out this blog I wrote for you on how to manage your finances like a Diva while traveling.

Manage Your Money Like a Diva While Traveling

Okay, confession time: I, Roxie, fellow Travel Diva, love splurging on myself. Just like you, I work hard to bring you all these globe-trotting tips! But, also like so many traveling Divas, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to manage my finances effectively.

Whether you’re new to traveling or you’re a seasoned vet, managing your money while traveling is key for maintaining a stress-free vacation.

You’ve already got enough on your plate, so let’s get straight to it – here are 3 ways you can manage your money like a Diva on vacay!

Use Travel Credit Cards

Let’s be honest: credit cards simply offer you way more protection and perks than debit cards do when you’re traveling. That’s why I always recommend that Divas like yourself use them!

Whether you’ve got Capital One, Amex, Chase, or another top travel credit company, you can easily manage your expenses using a single credit card for travel. It’ll help you keep track of how much you’re spending, plus depending on the card you may or may not have to worry about foreign transaction fees.

Plus, should anything happen – lost luggage, for example – travel credit cards usually have protections built in for that as long as the trip was purchased using that card.

Create a Budget

Listen, I know you’re a balling Diva, but having a travel budget doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself. In fact, think of a travel budget as a way you can love on yourself while traveling without the worry you’ll have to work too hard to pay for it all when you come back home.

Ask yourself, what am I comfortable spending daily? How much do I want to spend on food? Trinkets and special touches? Tips? Decide what’s important to you and leave more room in your budget for that. Don’t forget a blow-it line item – a certain amount of money you reserve to spend on anything you want!

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

When traveling to foreign countries especially, it’s easy to “get got” and be targeted for not being a native. For example, it’s common for taxi drivers in many international airports to charge exorbitant prices for weary travelers who don’t know where or how to get official, licensed transportation.

When you can, always go with vendors or services that have been vetted by hotel staff or are licensed to avoid spending more than you bargained for.  

Don’t forget to pay attention to tipping culture, too. I’m sure we’ve all had those 20% automatic gratuity moments at some restaurants back in the U.S., so be sure to check out where you’re going to understand how tipping works so you can budget accordingly.

You don’t need to be a spreadsheet queen, but every Diva does need to manage her finances well while traveling so she can actually relax.

Speaking of relaxing, you’ll also want to ensure your accommodations are fit for a queen. I’ve put together some tips for choosing the best hotels and places to stay and it’s right behind this magical link.

The Travel Diva’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hotel Accommodations

Hey Diva! It’s Roxie again, and I’ve been thinking: it’s not easy figuring out the best place to stay when you’re traveling. (Except when you let Travel Divas do it all for you!)

When you expect exceptional customer service, unique-can’t-find-this-anywhere-else experiences, and drop-dead gorgeous scenery and luxury amenities, the list seemingly gets smaller. But that’s only because you don’t have my secret tips and tricks for picking the *perfect* accommodation.

Let’s get into it!

Research. It. All.

This tip applies to all the other tips, but research is key! The great thing about living in 2023 (or whatever year you’re reading because these tips don’t age!) is that everything is accessible right at our fingertips with our phones, tablets, and laptops!

First, use your favorite notetaking software to create an organized list of your findings. You’ll want to jot down notes, reviews, and other things to help you make your decision.

This could be your notes app, Excel, Google Sheets, Notion, or whatever you like – no need for anything fancy.

In your research list, you’ll have the hotel name, location, phone number, number of stars, and amenities list. You can add on features that are important to you too. Once you’ve got that, get to researching.

Your girlfriend Roxie recommends Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, travel blogs like ours, and word-of-mouth as great ways to research. We know ChatGPT is all the rage and you could certainly use it to organize your findings, but we could never even because the most sophisticated A.I. isn’t a Travel Diva like you!

Hotel Location & Accessibility

How easy is it to get to and from the hotel to your excursions? This is a key factor in choosing your hotel. Unless you plan on living it up in the hotel, keep in mind if they have their own shuttles to certain destinations or their own taxi service they rely on. Internationally, Uber and Lyft aren’t always readily available so you want to choose a hotel that’s close to the action (that is, if you want to be near it!)

Hotel Amenities

This, girlfriends, is the big one. There is nothing worse than not having what you need in your hotel. Decide what your non-negotiables are. Big bathroom and marble bathtub? Balcony? Spa? Gym? Pool? Think about your lifestyle at home and what you need easy access to and pick a hotel with amenities to match.

Hotel Restaurants

Depending on your destination, you might be far off from any local food. What if you get hungry in the middle of the night or don’t want to venture off into a local neighborhood because your feet are weary? Be sure to check for hotel bars and restaurants that are open a bit late and offer a good selection so you can always grab something to eat without traveling too far.

Online Reviews

Check everywhere! Google, Bing, Instagram, Expedia, TripAdvisor, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, even YouTube! You can get a wide variety of opinions, pictures, and the reality of staying at a hotel when you look at reviews across multiple platforms.


Don’t forget to factor budget into all your decisions. While a hotel may have all the above, if it breaks the bank, it might not be the best fit. While we always recommend booking directly with the hotel, sometimes you can get the best deals using credit cards like Amex or Chase or through third-party booking tools like TripAdvisor or Expedia.

The good thing if you travel with us? We handle it all for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’ve got a destination in mind, start by checking out the hotels we’ve vetted for our Travel Divas Collections.

The Diva’s Symbol of Freedom & Global Citizenship: Your Passport

Ah … you smell that? That’s the sweet fragrance of new experiences in a foreign country. Everything is just … fresher. More alive. More vibrant.

At least that’s what your resident Travel Diva Roxie thinks! I don’t know about you but everything seems like it’s turned up a notch when you experience new cultures in a place you’ve never been before.

Something about it just tastes, feels, and smells like freedom. Or, maybe it’s just the smell of my passport! It’s truly a symbol of freedom, and I invite you to explore these reasons why:

It’s a Reminder You are Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

Every time I look at this little book full of stamps, I’m reminded that it was our ancestors’ wildest dreams:

To be able to travel freely without being confined to a single space. Our ancestors didn’t have a choice in the matter but in 2023, we do and your passport is proof of that.

Not everyone is able to get a passport – so the only way they can explore new cultures is through the Internet or TV. Take a moment to be grateful for the privilege to be able to leave your home country to explore another.

It’s a Ticket to Worldwide Connection

Even before the internet gave us the opportunity to connect with folks from all over the world, a passport was your way to do it in real life. With a passport, you can visit far-flung cultures and people from all walks of life – with different religions, beliefs, traditions, and ways of being.

There’s something about being exposed to how others live that opens up your mindset. As magical Black women, we are always about our growth, and your passport affords you the freedom to flex those growth muscles in person with other cultures.

It’s a Way Out in Case of Emergencies

Every Travel Diva has seen a movie where someone needed to escape a dire situation in another country. When you have a passport, you have the option of not being stuck where you are. I wrote an entire blog post on this – tap this link to learn why a passport is a must-have for emergencies.

3 Reasons Why Your Passport is Non-Negotiable for Travel Emergencies

Ring the alarm! Something just went down – and the only thing on your mind is getting out of your situation. As your resident Travel Diva Roxie, one of my mantras is “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

When it comes to travel – there are so many ways to prepare yourself for emergencies, but what about when you’re at home?

Did you know your passport can be your ticket to safety? There’s a reason why a passport is such an important document and requires so much rigorous checking before it’s issued: it’s literally a freedom pass. And depending on what kind of emergency is happening, it’s also a way for you to get out of harm’s way.

Here are 3 scenarios where having a passport can ease your mind:

Natural Disasters

Whether you’re at home or you’re traveling internationally, the truth is the climate is changing and natural disasters are happening more and more frequently. You need to be prepared in the event the unexpected happens.

From volcanic eruptions to floods to tornadoes, having a passport will allow you ease of travel from your location to a safer destination.

Political Unrest

While the likelihood of political unrest changes depending on which country you’re in, the truth is it can happen anywhere. You want to make sure if something happens politically and unrest, turmoil, and riots break out, you can get yourself back home or to another country where you will be safe and sound. Without a passport, you might find it difficult to get out of said situation.

In other words, having a passport gives you options in emergency situations. Yes, it’s a ticket to freedom, exploration, and new cultures, but it’s also a ticket to safety.

When it comes to sprinkling your Black girl magic, there are so many ways your passport can help you do that. In fact, it can help with your career opportunities, too.

Wanna find out how? Sashay over to this blog Roxie wrote on the benefits of a passport for career level ups.

Your Career Glow Up Is Here: The Power of a Passport to Grow Your Career

Travel Divas like Roxie value personal growth and career development above all else.

And just because I may be in one country doesn’t mean I’m trying to only attract opportunities here! Travel Divas are global when it comes to their careers – and your passport can help open the door to a world of possibilities.

Lemme show you how:

Work Remotely in Another Country

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has been all the rage – and that means you don’t necessarily have to work where you live. While there might be things to consider tax-wise if you work a 9-5, there are still employers who encourage Divas like you to sprinkle their Black girl magic over the globe.

And if you’re your own boss – the only limit is where your passport allows you to go!

If you can, give yourself a break from the desk and find a new place across the continents to work!

Network on an International Scale

You never know what business opportunities or new job moments are waiting for you in another country. Your passport is a way for you to get in the right rooms to make those happen!

For example, there may be international conferences around an area you want to break into or in an industry where you’re already an expert. With a passport, you can be confident you’ll be able to attend and make those wallet- and life-changing connections that make that adage “your network is your net worth” so true.

Cultivate a Resume of New Experiences

Job candidates with international experience stand out from the competition – and as Divas, we’re always trying to stand out. Not only do you get access to new experiences that allow you to develop fresh perspectives and insights for work, but you also become a more attractive, well-rounded candidate who’s seen as adaptable, fast-learning, and cultured.

In other words – a passport can help you grow your career. Think of more opportunities and more money in the bank to help fund your wanderlust!

Speaking of wanderlust, find your next travel destination here and extend the trip for a business conference.