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Roxie’s Guide to Rich Auntie’s New Year Resolutions

Rich Aunties

Well, look at that! It’s almost 2023. I’ve been off jet-setting around the world this year and finally have some downtime to decompress, put my feet up and think about what kind of rich, luxurious, upscale experiences I want to have next year.

Here are some great ideas I want to share, you know, so we can step into our Rich Auntie Vibes even more and sprinkle our Black girl magic so often we might as well put it in our water!

The following are a few Rich Auntie-approved New Year’s Resolutions:

Make Self-Care a Habit: Girlfriend, you work so hard, BUT are fun and self-care ever the top things on your to-do list? Make a habit of putting “F U N” as your to-do thing every single day, whether it’s sipping a glass of bubbly, dancing to your favorite song, or slathering yourself with a luxurious lotion after a warm Epsom bath at night.

Schedule Regular Getaways: That bucket list isn’t going to cross itself off! Every 3 months, schedule a trip. It doesn’t have to be international, although Travel Divas has the most AMAZING international experiences close and far away from home, such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Truth is …  you need to make a regular habit of sprinkling your Black girl magic around at least 3x-4x a year.

Take a Random Day Trip: Spontaneity and doing what you want is 100% Rich Auntie Vibes. Put away the laptop, clock out of the mental stress, and take an unplanned day trip to another city. There’s gotta be a vineyard somewhere that’s calling your name. Just do it!

Try New Cuisines Once a Month: You can expand your palette even if you can’t stamp your passport. Try a new culinary experience once a month – fusion restaurants, hole-in-the-walls and even treat yourself to an upscale 5-star experience at a fancy hotel. Remember … you’re worth it.

Spend More Time Living & Less Time Working: Make a promise to yourself – right now – to spend more time away from your desk. Now, the best way to do this is to hang with us across the world. That is so we can pamper you and help you forget about your too-long to-do list. Did I mention you’ll make lifelong friends AND memories?

Make 2023 the year you live your best life, girlfriend! Start by treating yourself to the gift of imagination and take a peek at all the breathtaking destinations we’re inviting you to right here: www.traveldivas.com/trips

A Fabulous Year in Review: Looking Back on Travel Divas in 2022

2022 was a year filled with change, but 1 thing stayed consistent all year long: The Travel Divas showed up and showed out! 

We loved turning up with you in every corner of the globe during 2022, and we can’t stop reminiscing on all the fun we’ve had this year.

Read on to take a trip down memory lane with us and look back on a few of our 2022 highlights! 

Highlight #1: Egypt 

Egypt owes us nothing!

We spent 9 days in Egypt this March, and we hit up Cairo, Aswan and Luxor while we were there. Thanks to its unique blend of ancient culture and modernity, Egypt is always 1 of our favorite countries to visit. 

We marveled at the Pyramid of Giza, explored ancient temples dedicated to Egyptian gods and goddesses, cruised down the Nile and turned up during a Sound & Light show at the pyramids. 

Highlight #2: Dubai

This trip was one for the books! 

Each year, our Dubai Glam trip gets better and better. And the May and November versions were definitely our best yet. 

Our hotel, the Sheraton at the Mall of the Emirates, made it easy to get our beauty rest and our looks for the night in one fell swoop.

When we weren’t shopping and kicking back at our wildly luxurious hotel, we were out exploring Dubai and getting a taste of life in the United Arab Emirates. 

And we made sure to snap plenty of pics for the ‘gram on our Modern Dubai City Tour and our desert safari. The Divas looked so fly on camelback!

Highlight #3: Hawaii

Whew, Waikiki in September was an absolute dream! 

Our resort was just steps from the white sand and blue water of Waikiki Beach, and we loved waking up to fabulous views every single day. 

Like all our trips, this Waikiki getaway was filled with experiences and events to bring the whole Travel Divas crew closer. We loved learning more about Polynesian culture with y’all during our luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center. 

And we’ll never forget the memories we made during our lit all-white welcome reception! (If you know, you know!)

Highlight #4: South of France

Now, September and October were filled to the brim with luxury. 

We bid au revoir to all our worries and headed to the South of France for a decadent, ultra-relaxing vacation.

We hit up Nice, Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo to indulge in the very best the fabulous French Riviera has to offer.

Between our champagne brunch, rooftop dinner in Nice and our visit to a local winery, each day was filled with luxurious excursions that had us feeling like Bey on her yearly yacht trip!

Highlight #5: Singapore and Malaysia

This October we hit up not 1, but 2 of Asia’s hottest vacation spots! 

In Singapore, we embarked on an adventure-filled night safari and treated ourselves to an island getaway on Sentosa Island. Crazy Rich Asians who?! 

We kept the South Asia vibes going in beautiful Malaysia, with stops in super-chic Kuala Lumpur and the historic city of Malacca. Of course, we ate yummy food the whole way through!

Highlight #6: London

We sprinkled a lil’ Black girl magic in London this October on a glamorous trip that would make even the royals jealous! 

We lived our best Bridgerton lives on this London getaway and treated ourselves to our heart’s content. 

Every second of this trip was filled with luxury. Some of our favorite parts were touring the city in vintage taxis, sipping on afternoon tea, touring Windsor Castle and going to a concert at the Royal Opera House. 

Highlight #7: Los Cabos

Sis, we shut Los Cabos DOWN and looked fabulous doing it! 

We headed down to Mexico in October for a trip to Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos. While there, we kept the all-white theme going for 5 days straight and served major monochrome lewks during our welcome event, pool party, catamaran cruise and sunset farewell party. 

The Travel Divas also treated themselves to some serious rest and relaxation at our all-inclusive resort. We’re so glad you all enjoyed your spa treatments, beach days and personal butler services! 

Highlight #8: South Africa

November was all about visiting the Motherland, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

We headed down to South Africa to take in the country’s rich culture and natural wonders. 

We hit the city of Cape Town hard, tasting authentic South African wine and marveling at the breathtaking Victoria Falls. 

And although South Africa is more than a wildlife destination, we did throw in a few safari excursions for our most adventurous Travel Divas! We loved getting up close and personal with hippos, crocodiles, elephants, leopards and other wild animals. 

Highlight #9: Ghana

The Motherland tour continued when we let the hot West African sun heat us up this winter.

Our trips to Ghana were filled with opportunities to celebrate our ancestors, reconnect with our roots and explore Ghana’s rich history and vibrant present. 

We’ll never forget turning up with you at the Black and Gold “Welcome Home” dinner party, meeting locals in the villages and the fun-filled nights in the streets of Accra.

We did more than party, though. Our lives were forever changed after walking in our ancestors’ footsteps through the Door of No Return, visiting the castles where our people were held captive before embarking on the Middle Passage and receiving our African names from Ghanaian elders during a naming ceremony.


While 2022 will always hold a special place in our hearts, we can’t wait to make even more memories with you next year! We’ve got tons of epic trips planned for 2023. Book your next Travel Divas getaway here: https://thetraveldivas.com/trips/

2 Holiday Brunch Spots Fit for A Travel Diva

There’s truly nothing like eating brunch during the holidays – spending time with the family, looking your best, and sprinkling your Black girl magic someplace else other than your house.

That’s why we’ve gathered together a few spots for you to jet set to around the world, all so you can experience elevated bougie brunches with a dash of holiday spirit and a sprinkle of Black girl magic.

Here are a few spots that put the “holiday” in “holiday brunch” … 

Deck The Halls in Dubai

If there’s one place that knows how to party and get in the holiday spirit, it’s Dubai. And let’s not even get started on the delicious holiday brunch that is to die for. Are you ready for a bougie brunch at one of the city’s most luxurious, upscale, and festive hotels? 

Listen, y’all know that Australia is the Queen Diva of coral reefs, right? Trust us when we say those snatch-your-breath-away photos of life under the sea pale in comparison to the awe-inspiring experience you’ll get first-hand.

Christmas in Cabo

Ready to tantalize your tastebuds in Los Cabos? Rock out to the sound of the ocean while sipping on (and spilling) tea, lapping up mimosas, and eating brunch with the girlfriends at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. No questions asked … this seaside escape is perfect for sprinkling your Black girl magic. 

Want more travel inspiration? Get ready to sprinkle your Black girl magic all over the world with more tips and lists just like this when you subscribe to the Travel Divas email list: http://bit.ly/TD-signup.


Dubai: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/dubai-new-years-eve-2023-24-tour-3/

Cabo: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/christmas-in-cabo-2023/

20 Holiday Instagram Captions

1. Y’all got cute to go to the living room – I’m getting cute to go to the airport. Bye! 🙌🏾

2. Me and travel go together like cornbread and collard greens🤞🏾

3. Imma have to work off this Christmas Brunch meal before my next @traveldivas vacay!

4. Another drama-free Christmas out the country and out the way 😴✈️

5. Can’t wait to be the bougie auntie who only flies in for holidays 😎

6. Listennnnn, after that cooking class on my last @traveldivas trip, I’m ‘bout to put my foot in this Christmas brunch!

7. Imma let winter finish, but Christmas in Cabo is looking like the move. 👀

8. All Mariah wanted for Christmas is you, but I need a vacation!

9. I’m drinking this pumpkin spice latte, but deep down I really want a fruity drink with a lil’ umbrella in it 😩

10. Heard it’s snowing at home … Can’t relate. I’m in the tropics with @traveldivas 😜

11.  Every day feels like Christmas in Dubai!

12.  Bought myself another trip across the world with @traveldivas for Christmas 🎁 Thank you, me!

13.  Christmas hits different when you’re in the Caribbean with @traveldivas!

14.  Due to getting myself a 5-star @traveldivas vacation, the rest of you will be receiving thoughts and prayers from me for Christmas 😂

15.  The only white I’ll be seeing this Christmas is at the @traveldivas VIP all-white reception dinner 💅🏾

16.  Santa said you wanted some Black girl magic for Christmas, so here’s me on a @traveldivas trip!

17.  Is it just me or are they playing the Christmas music extra early this year? 🤔 That can only mean 1 thing: time to start planning my 2023 trips!

18.  Skipped the Christmas party this year. Booked a trip with @traveldivas instead!

19.  What should I get myself for Christmas? A Cabo trip? A Dubai vacay?

20.  Whew chile, Christmas vacay drained me. Time to book a @traveldivas trip to recover 😂

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Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas: 5 Songs to Add to Your Christmas Playlist

This year flew by, and it’s already Christmastime!

Now that the holidays are here, we can’t help but feel a little merrier. And if you don’t, a Christmas playlist can put you in a festive mood.

You see, Christmas music is the perfect way to lift your spirits, spread joy and relive wonderful holiday memories. Whether you’re playing your favorite Christmas songs at a holiday party, jamming on your way to work, or singing along as you wrap gifts, nothing is a better mood-booster than holiday tunes!

Now at Travel Divas, you know we put a little twist on everything. And that includes Christmas tunes! We filled our playlist with soulful renditions of classics and original songs by some of the greatest artists of all time.

Read on to see which Christmas songs are our holiday playlist must-haves!

Song #1: “Silent Night” by The Temptations

The Temptations’ version of “Silent Night” is unbeatable.

Although they first released this song in 1968, it never gets old. And when Melvin drops that baritone melody, it gives us chills every time! They may not have recorded it first, but it’s definitely a staple in our house.

Song #2: “Joy to the World” by Whitney Houston and The Georgia Mass Choir

Whitney made every song she sang her own, and “Joy to the World” is no different.

This version of “Joy to the World” starts off with a series of beautiful runs and high notes from Whitney. Then, the choir joins in to add a supercharged dose of joy to this Christmas standard. Put this one on whenever you need a little pick-me-up during the holidays!

Song #3: “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway

No Christmas is complete without this song. We bet you started humming as soon as you read that.

See, “This Christmas” has been on heavy rotation every holiday season since 1970, and it’s the perfect way to get people of all ages in the Christmas spirit. If you play this song at your holiday party, you’re sure to get everyone singing along!

Song #4: “O Holy Night” by Mariah Carey

Look, Mariah Carey is the unequivocal queen of Christmas bops and there’s one song you might’ve thought of first, but don’t sleep on O Holy Night!

She divafied this Christmas classic and added a modern flair (along with her signature whistle notes) to it. This song is a surefire way to get in the holiday spirit.

Song #5: “Give Love on Christmas Day” by The Jackson 5

This tune by The Jackson 5 is a great reminder to spread love and holiday cheer to all you meet!

“Give Love on Christmas Day” is all about showing love to everyone you meet … from family to neighbors, to random people on the street, and everyone in between. It reminds us to put our focus on spreading joy this holiday season.

These songs will surely get you and everyone you play them for in the holiday spirit! Add these soulful Christmas jams to your playlist for an instant mood boost. Ready to take your festive playlist on the road and set off on a holiday vacay? Check out our 2023 festive trips.

Check out our 2023 festive trips.

Switzerland https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/switzerland-2023-trip-2/

Ghana NYE: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/ghana-nye-2023/

Los Cabos: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/christmas-in-cabo-2023/

Dubai NYE: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/dubai-new-years-eve-2023-24-tour-3/

Maldives: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/maldives-2023-tour-2/

Top 3 Reasons to Say Aloha in Hawaii

Two Hawaiian hula dancers move gracefully before the warm glow of the tropical sunset.

Now, let’s be honest, someplace tropical, magical, and where you can get away and see palm trees is pure bliss. Are you ready to book that flight, Diva?

You don’t want to travel to the Caribbean, but you still want palm trees, umbrella drinks, and warm weather.

And you can do all this and much more when you sprinkle your Black girl magic in Hawaii, in 2024! 

Get your hips oiled for hulas and your mind right for unforgettable memories. Here are the top three reasons you should say aloha in Hawaii:

#1: 6 Nights at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki

With late-night soaks in hydro spa tubs, a terrace with views of the Pacific Ocean, and the most comfortable sheets you’ve ever slept in, the time spent in your enclave at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki is guaranteed to be one you and your bae reminiscence on for years to come.

#2: All-White Reception

Nothing says relaxation, leisure, and the beach more than an all-white affair. Bring your best all-white ’fit and get ready to be welcomed to Hawaii in style since our all-white reception will be one for your travel history books. 

#3: Luau All Night

Witness a traditional Hawaiian luau with hula, music, and Hawaiian staples including poke, salmon, beer, and more during your excursion to the Polynesian Center. Before the night begins, learn about the rich royal history of Hawaii, before it became a U.S. state. 

Ready to spend some well-needed away from the house and the responsibilities of life? Do just that while laying out on the beach sipping Piña Coladas and basking in the sun when you come with us to Hawaii!