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How to Calm Your Anxious Mind before Traveling

You’ve got your tickets. Your bags are packed. You’re set to head out on the trip of a lifetime. And the only thing you can feel is … ANXIETY.

If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Traveling can be incredibly stressful, no matter how much you’re looking forward to your trip. But the good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to ease your mind!

Flip the script on travel anxiety with these calming strategies to feel more relaxed before your next trip.

Tip #1: Give Yourself Time

Part of the reason so many people feel anxious during travel is the pressure to be in specific places at specific times. You start to worry about long lines, traffic jams, getting lost, forgetting something important and then panic sets in.

Giving yourself some extra time to get to your destination can relieve a lot of this stress and help you manage your anxiety. After all, it’s incredibly unlikely you’ll end up in a 2-hour traffic jam, an extra-long security line AND get lost in the airport! Knowing you won’t be running to board your plane at the last minute will make the entire journey more enjoyable.

Tip #2: Stay Positive

If you begin your journey with a negative mindset, you’re inviting stress and anxiety on your trip. Try to stay positive about your vacation from the moment you book it. Instead of asking yourself what might go wrong, focus on all the fun you’ll have doing new things in beautiful places.

Tip #3: Be Prepared

Worried that something is going to go wrong while you’re away? Set aside some time to journal these thoughts and what you can do to prevent them from impacting your trip. For example, you might check that you have all important phone numbers saved in your phone or designate a meeting place in advance in case you’re separated from your group. While you should never dwell on worst-case scenarios, putting a little prep work in can calm your fears.

Tip #4: Practice Calming Techniques

If you deal with travel anxiety, then you know it can hit you at any time. Before your next trip, spend some time exploring breathing exercises, guided meditations and other calming techniques. The key here is to find something that works for you before you’re in the middle of traveling. That way, when anxiety strikes, you’ll be able to practice the technique in the moment.


Anxiety is part of traveling for many folks, but it doesn’t have to be. Give yourself extra time, stay positive, be prepared and practice calming techniques to manage your anxiety. Want more insider travel tips and advice? Head here for everything you need to know!

Get Your Red Bottoms and Designer Wear Ready for Rome 2023

You bring the diva with you wherever you go, sprinkling your Black girl magic, iconic style, undeniable confidence and damn-good looks all through the streets, whether you’re at home or jet-setting around the world.

That’s why strapping on your finest designer shoes to strut in front of the Colosseum like a true warrior queen is just one of the highlights of our ultra-glam, ultra-boujee, ultra-luxe Rome 2022 tour.

And we’re inviting you to bring your Red Bottoms, your “damn, who’s that” outfits, long flowing goddess dresses and spent-a-bag-or-two-on-these purses to travel, pose and relax like a true diva should.

When you do Rome with Travel Divas, you’ll indulge in all things diva-like:

Slay In Front of the Spanish Steps 

Listen, IG photos are nice for a minute … that is, until someone else posts and your photo is lost in the scrolling sauce. But what about hanging a stunning pass-it-down-for-generations photo above your mantel or in your foyer. If you’re a diva like us, then the hanging around option sounds more like you.

That’s why you’ll be professionally photographed as you’re dressed-to-the-nines, posing in front of the Spanish just like Rihanna in the latest issue of Vogue. Breathtaking. Beautiful. Boss. And these are just a few words to describe the incredible, high-quality photos our melanin-loving photographers will take of you.

Oh, and did we mention we’ll also photo-click capture you posing in the most iconic vintage cars in the streets of Rome? Modern meets classic meets Black girl magic is the vibe you’ll effortlessly embody.

And, you’ll probably be hungry after working so hard to look so good (though truthfully, it’s easy for a melanated goddess such as yourself). That’s why you’ll need to:

Sip Prosecco at a Gourmet Luxury Picnic

Sip on the finest Italian champagne at a carefully-curated picnic lunch one day. Dress in your best whites, you know … like you’re on Diddy’s yacht at our all-white rooftop welcome dinner. Then, learn how to make pizza and gelato in a private cooking class. 

Next, unwind while you swish, smell and marvel at the exquisite wines over the hills just outside of Rome. 

After filling up your cup, get ready for a glam, classy night on the town.

Put on Your Red Bottoms, Little Black Dress and Pearls

After touring the Colosseum, taking a walking tour with a private fashion expert and soaking in the thermal waters of Acque Albule Springs, you’ll want to slip into your sexiest Black dress, Red Bottoms and pearls for our upscale farewell dinner.


Glam it up and walk the streets of Rome as if you’re Cleopatra herself when you travel with us to Rome in 2023. Get all the details on accommodations, excursions and more here.

Ready for Your Most Opulent Vacay Yet in the South of France?

Girlfriend, I don’t know about you, but 2023 is all about marvel, luxury and wonder here at Travel Diva.

And while we’re definitely hopping on the #wherethemoneyresides train, we thought we’d bring some of those same magical, abundant vibes with a midsummer excursion to a town that makes that famous Instagram video tagline all but real:

Views of Nice, France

Nice and Saint Tropez.

Yes, sis, the same opulent, decadent southern French getaways that only the highest net worth celebrities frequent. 

Now, it’s time for you to join the ranks and experience glamour on another level. THIS is where Black girl magic glitters like gold. Let’s get into some of the excursions here:

Monaco Monte Carlo sea view with yachts

Yacht Vibes on the French Riviera

Get your floppy hats, your finest sundresses and your carefree vibes ready for a private yacht excursion along the gorgeously breathtaking French Riviera coastline as we visit Monaco, Monte Carlo and Cannes. You smell that? It’s the air of luxury.

Skylines for Days with a Rooftop Dinner in Nice

Our all-white welcome dinners could rival Diddy’s annual parties. Here, you’ll gasp at the uninterrupted skylines in Nice as you sit on the finest white wines and relish in Black girl magic during a decadent rooftop dinner.

Experience the Luxury of Having a Fragrance Expert

Sure, you can cop the latest perfume from Macy’s and Sephora (maybe even Neiman Marcus), but why do that when you can experience what it’s like to work with a professional perfumer? Take your olfactory senses for a ride when you visit the famous gardens of La Mouissone accompanied by a fragrance expert.

Romantic dinner at harbor of Portofino

Wine, Wine, Wine

You do so much, sis. That’s why it’s time for you to wine down and let all the tension, caretaking, bossing up and resilience go for a second (or two) during our local winery excursion. 

Taste southern French wines straight from the source (and get a history lesson, too) as you let your curls down and mind flow free.

Excited for the luxury, opulence and decadence that southern France has to offer? Get all the details about these excursions (and more) and accommodations here: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/south-of-france-2023/.

Rich Aunties Invade Dubai

In case you missed it, the rich aunties toured Dubai. And the trip highlights were too amazing to keep to ourselves! 

So, what went down? See more pics here.

After unwinding and settling into our luxury accommodations, we got to know each other at an amazing party with a view. The next morning, we jumped right into the city, visiting landmarks and marveling at the incredible architecture. 

Then, we explored the area’s natural beauty, as we rode camels through the desert. Later, we celebrated the local culture. We watched the area’s top talent perform and danced the night away. And we haven’t even mentioned the incredible photo opportunities, gourmet dishes and extravagant pool party. 

If it sounds like an epic trip, with rich auntie vibes from start to finish … it was. 

Want to see for yourself? Check out the video below to see the highlights from our Dubai getaway. Be sure to turn up the volume!

And if you want to join the fun next time, head here to discover your dream Travel Divas trip right now!

Emirates Special Fares

Diner en Blanc – But Make It Travel Divas

Travel Diva, have you heard of Diner en Blanc?

If not, let us tell you real quick. Diner en Blanc is an upscale, world-wide event where folks dress in their finest white outfits to dine out together in a public space. 

And no, it isn’t a glorified picnic. If the French name (meaning “dinner in white”) is any indication, Diner en Blanc is an exclusive, VIP-only event.

We’re talking only a select few are “privy” to the secret location of the dinner, and they find out the day of. Most of the time, folks must bring their own dining accoutrements such as tables, chairs and cloths, as well as their own food. 

While the best part could very well be that they’re often held at iconic locations, it’s the all-white elegance for us.

The event’s so popular it’s held on six continents in over 90 cities. And of course, we said to ourselves, let’s do that … but make it Travel Divas.  

That’s why we’re extending our virtual hands to invite you to our upcoming Vacances in Blanc 2022 in one of the hottest cities:

Los Cabos!

Yes, that’s right: there’s nothing better than feeling that tropical Mexican breeze caress your face as you dine with your fellow Travel Divas. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll do when you join us for 5 days in Los Cabos:

All White Everything for 5 Days Straight

Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? When you join us in Los Cabos, you’ll rock clean, crisp and carefree white every day for five days. Bring your favorite long, flowy white dresses and your crisp white tees as you soak up the sun and sprinkle your Black girl magic all over Los Cabos.

And oh, don’t forget your white sunnies, white sandals and a white handbag to match. Yacht-ready, rich and carefree is the vibe.

Diner en Blanc

Now you know we couldn’t host a Vacances en Blanc without an all-white dinner. Between our welcome and farewell dinners, you’ll enjoy culinary delights from the finest chefs Los Cabos has to offer while you kick back and chat about life, goals and love with your fellow Travel Divas.

Sprinkle Your Black Girl Magic

Bring out your best white swimsuit, because the resort you’ll stay out when you join us for Vacances en Blanc is an oasis of opulence on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. From luxury spa treatments that’ll loosen those hard-working muscles to beachfront pools where you can recharge your melanin for maximum glow, you’ll never want to leave Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos.

So, if you’re ready to party like Diddy but travel like a Diva, join us in Los Cabos in 2022.

The Travel Divas Guide to Traveling Safely During COVID-19

It’s been a stressful year. And before any of this happened, you were already on the verge of needing a vacation. After all, you’re a boss chick who’s about her business. 

And with COVID-19, that business just got busier.

You’re feeling burnt out and ready to escape the world and take a break from the business, your career and constant news coverage about what’s going on in the world.

The only problem is, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

And while you KNOW there’s no way you can settle for yet another staycation, you’re still a little unsure if it’s a good time to fly or even what travel etiquette looks like with a contagious virus everywhere.

That’s why we put together a protocol guide to keep you safe, so you can stay healthy and lower the chances of you or someone else getting sick:

A happy female business traveler video chats as she waits for ride share to the airport. She is wearing a protective face mask as she travels during COVID-19.

Protocol #1: Check Yourself

Before you arrive to the airport or your destination, assess your health. How do you feel? Is your temperature normal? Do you have a fever? A cough? Is your sense of smell normal?

Don’t forget to monitor yourself prior to leaving to determine what normal feels like for you.

Protocol #2: Mask

Wearing a mask is the easiest way to prevent the spread of the virus. Wear it everywhere, even on the airplane, and change your mask every few hours. 

Dispose of single-use ones and wash reusable masks every night. 

Protocol #3: Sanitize

Use the hand sanitizer stations everywhere you go while on vacation. Remember to sanitize after touching frequent touch points such as elevator buttons, door handles, escalator rails, TV remotes and more. 

Don’t forget to sanitize your hotel room: TV remotes, doorknobs and more. 

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, then rinse for 10 seconds. 

Try to keep your hands off your face as well. 

Bring personal bottles of hand sanitizer with you, as you may not have access to soap and water everywhere.

Protocol #4: Social Distance

Maintain at least 6 feet apart from people (other than your travel buddies) when possible. Follow any lines on the floor that indicate this. 

Protocol #5: Get Checked Out

If you’re not feeling well, get checked out. Many hotels/resorts have professionals onsite or can direct you to medical help.


Girlfriend, don’t let COVID-19 get in the way of a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Give yourself the gift of a memorable, luxury travel experience. Ready to let your hair down and inject some excitement, self-care and fun into your life? Check out www.TheTravelDivas.com to find out how to do exactly that.

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