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Treat Yo’ Self, Sis! How to Pamper Yourself in Morocco

Sure, the Hive is out here handing in their resignation letters thanks to Bey’s new song, but you? You’re still putting in that work every day.

But that doesn’t mean a Diva doesn’t get tired of the hustle. A boss lady has to replenish her Black girl magic every now and again! Our suggestion: book a flight to one of the most miraculous, cup-filling and colorful places in the world – Morocco!

Now, jetting off to faraway destinations is a gift in itself. Some might say it’s the ultimate “treat yo’ self” moment.

And when you let Travel Divas show you around these Moroccan streets and then pamper you with hot cups of Moroccan mint tea, extravagant dinners and adventurous excursions like camel riding, you’ll see how rewarding this rich culture can be.

But just because you’ll be soaking up the Moroccan sun, doesn’t mean you have to let yourself fall to the bottom of the gift list! We’ve rounded up some of the best treats you can scoop up in Morocco so your trip to this north African wonder can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s get into it:

Handcrafted Leather

Listen, we know Italian leather is the bomb.com, but Moroccan leather gives it a run for its money every single time. Head over to the famous Chouara Tannery to get your buttery soft, tanned Moroccan leather goods for when you’re back in the States.

Moroccan Argan Oil

The small things sometimes feel like the most wonderful indulgences. And when it comes to our crowning glory, our hair, nothing is better than a hot oil treatment! Calm your scalp after a long day in the Saharan sun with an argan oil treatment. Argan trees are native to Moroccan, so you’ll get the all-natural, unprocessed and most potent form of the oil.

Rugs & Carpets

We don’t know about you but those Mediterranean carpets feel like we’re living a real-life version of Aladdin. Bring your Arabian Nights home with you with handmade rugs and carpets that will instantly add a pop of color and culture to your home. Just get ready to negotiate a bit!

Colorful Pottery

If there’s one thing Morocco is known for besides its bangin’ food, it’s the colors! The hand-painted ceramics are no joke here. Whatever shape, form, color or size you desire, you’ll find a carefully crafted piece of pottery that can serve as a daily reminder that you sprinkled your Black girl magic all over Morocco! Our favs are the colorful teacups.


Rock a pair of traditional Moroccan slippers (babouche or belgha) to add some comfort and vibrancy to your wardrobe. Expertly-crafted footwear gives a brand new meaning to the term “house shoes.” Now every time you hop out the bed and slide your feet in, you’ll be reminded of that one time you went to Morocco with your fellow Divas!

Those are just a *few* of the ways you can treat yourself when you’re in Morocco with us. But first, you have to book your trip!

Get all the accommodation + excursion details on the other side of this link: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/morocco-2023-tour-3/

Leather Morocco
Rug Roll Morocco
Morocco Leather
Morocco Store

The Table Bay Hotel: A Black Girl Magic Overview

The Table Bay Hotel
The Table Bay Hotel

Listen, it could just be us, but we love looking up a place before we get there. Restaurants, stores and coffee shops all get the once over on Google or Yelp before we visit. And especially hotels! Now, here at Travel Divas, you never have to worry about looking up whether a hotel is the bomb.com or not.

We only book crème de la creme Diva-worthy hotels to serve as your home away from home.

And The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town – our top choice for your accommodations when you sprinkle your Black girl magic with us in South Africa in 2023 – is no exception.

With over 1,500+ 5-star Google reviews and 3,000+ 4.5-star TripAdvisor ratings (it’s labeled a Travelers’ Choice Hotel!), The Table Bay Hotel can best be described with a single word:


Located on Cape Town’s historic Victoria & Albert waterfront, you’ll awake to dazzling sunrises and celebrate breathtaking sunsets with champagne as you chat it up with your fellow Divas at some of the hotel’s finest dining establishments.

There are over 70 restaurants within half a mile and the hotel is attached to the mall, so you’re in the perfect spot to indulge in spectacular shopping and food.

From Portuguese fare at Mozambik V&A Waterfront to South African specialties at Karibu and a full Japanese kitchen at Willoughby & Co, your tastebuds will be delighted by the wide array of culinary choices available.

Now, we can tell you allll about how the hotel’s understated luxury is where the magic is at, but truth be told, it’s the stellar customer service!

Take a quick look at any of the reviews and the first thing you’ll notice is that everyone is treated like royalty at The Table Bay.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from Travel Divas, right?

Now, we love top-notch service, but with ocean views, saunas, hot tubs, spas, heated pools, private balconies, massages and even butler service – it’s hard to pick which hotel feature is our favorite.

(Though, if we’re being honest, the marble bathroom sinks and heavenly whirlpool baths come reaaaaal close.) 

Now, here’s the thing: if the hotel you’ll stay at when you come with us to South Africa is this poppin’ … you won’t believe how lit the actual trip is gonna be.

See for yourself right here: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/south-african-tour-2023/

The Pool
The Table Bay Hotel - South Africa

Splurge on World-Class Shopping in Cape Town

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “luxury”?

You probably imagine material goods – iconic brands, designer clothes, premium handbags, pricey shoes and ultra-expensive cars.

And while that’s part of it, luxury is so much more than that.

If you ask us, true luxury is really about experiences that go above and beyond the ordinary. Here at Travel Divas, that’s our specialty – curating elevated travel experiences that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

One way we take your experience over the top? Shopping! A Travel Divas shopping trip is more than just a few stops at an upscale boutique here and there.

And when we take South Africa in 2023, we’ll whisk you away to a world-class shopping expedition along the Victoria & Albert Waterfront in Cape Town. Now that’s luxury!

Kissing the coast of the Atlantic at Table Bay Harbour, this waterfront complex is a shopping mecca that draws over 20 million people every year just to see the breathtaking views!

With over 450 stores, you can do what all Travel Divas were born to do – shop till you drop. From the brands you love to local ones you’ll fall in love with, there’s something at V&A Waterfront no matter what you’re in the mood to swipe your credit card on!

Michael Kors.
Dolce & Gabbana.
Jo Malone.

The list goes on and on. And of course, you can take a break with a decadent meal at Makers Landing, a ride on The Cape Wheel or on a chartered boat ride.

And that’s just one day of luxury and leisure in South Africa. Come see what the rest of the week looks like and secure your spot to join us here: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/south-african-tour-2023/

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