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3 Reasons Why Your Passport is Non-Negotiable for Travel Emergencies

Ring the alarm! Something just went down – and the only thing on your mind is getting out of your situation. As your resident Travel Diva Roxie, one of my mantras is “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

When it comes to travel – there are so many ways to prepare yourself for emergencies, but what about when you’re at home?

Did you know your passport can be your ticket to safety? There’s a reason why a passport is such an important document and requires so much rigorous checking before it’s issued: it’s literally a freedom pass. And depending on what kind of emergency is happening, it’s also a way for you to get out of harm’s way.

Here are 3 scenarios where having a passport can ease your mind:

Natural Disasters

Whether you’re at home or you’re traveling internationally, the truth is the climate is changing and natural disasters are happening more and more frequently. You need to be prepared in the event the unexpected happens.

From volcanic eruptions to floods to tornadoes, having a passport will allow you ease of travel from your location to a safer destination.

Political Unrest

While the likelihood of political unrest changes depending on which country you’re in, the truth is it can happen anywhere. You want to make sure if something happens politically and unrest, turmoil, and riots break out, you can get yourself back home or to another country where you will be safe and sound. Without a passport, you might find it difficult to get out of said situation.

In other words, having a passport gives you options in emergency situations. Yes, it’s a ticket to freedom, exploration, and new cultures, but it’s also a ticket to safety.

When it comes to sprinkling your Black girl magic, there are so many ways your passport can help you do that. In fact, it can help with your career opportunities, too.

Wanna find out how? Sashay over to this blog Roxie wrote on the benefits of a passport for career level ups.

Your Career Glow Up Is Here: The Power of a Passport to Grow Your Career

Travel Divas like Roxie value personal growth and career development above all else.

And just because I may be in one country doesn’t mean I’m trying to only attract opportunities here! Travel Divas are global when it comes to their careers – and your passport can help open the door to a world of possibilities.

Lemme show you how:

Work Remotely in Another Country

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has been all the rage – and that means you don’t necessarily have to work where you live. While there might be things to consider tax-wise if you work a 9-5, there are still employers who encourage Divas like you to sprinkle their Black girl magic over the globe.

And if you’re your own boss – the only limit is where your passport allows you to go!

If you can, give yourself a break from the desk and find a new place across the continents to work!

Network on an International Scale

You never know what business opportunities or new job moments are waiting for you in another country. Your passport is a way for you to get in the right rooms to make those happen!

For example, there may be international conferences around an area you want to break into or in an industry where you’re already an expert. With a passport, you can be confident you’ll be able to attend and make those wallet- and life-changing connections that make that adage “your network is your net worth” so true.

Cultivate a Resume of New Experiences

Job candidates with international experience stand out from the competition – and as Divas, we’re always trying to stand out. Not only do you get access to new experiences that allow you to develop fresh perspectives and insights for work, but you also become a more attractive, well-rounded candidate who’s seen as adaptable, fast-learning, and cultured.

In other words – a passport can help you grow your career. Think of more opportunities and more money in the bank to help fund your wanderlust!

Speaking of wanderlust, find your next travel destination here and extend the trip for a business conference.

The Joy of Traveling: Why Global Entry + Passport Are Worth the Investment

Hey Travel Diva, Roxie here again, and I’ve got a question for you:

Think back to the last time you traveled. Notice that smile that curled up at the thought?

There’s nothing like the memories you create when you travel. Not just the moments you have with yourself – the awe and the wonder of having gone to a new destination – but the memories you create with others are always worth the investment of time, money, and energy.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not it’s even worth it to get a passport – not to mention the Global Entry perk that allows you to skip customs lines – here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider:

More Time for Meaningful Connections

With Global Entry, you skip so much of the waiting time in lines and the anxiety of trying to get through customs when traveling internationally. That means more time for you to develop meaningful and deep connections with whoever you’re traveling with – or for someone new, you meet at the airport, on the plane, or in the lounge.

Those connections can be ones that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a new business partner, a new client, or a new travel bestie, when you’re not waiting in line, irritated and frustrated, you’re more open to meeting new people from other walks of life.

International Friendships

What is so wonderful about a passport is that it is truly a ticket to international friendships. With that little book full of country stamps, you can go almost anywhere in the world. You could meet new friends, new romantic partners, find new jobs, and connect with those who you may not have otherwise met in your hometown.

Having international friendships comes with so many benefits, but the main one is the expansion of your mind and becoming more cultured. Don’t sleep on having a friend in another country!

The Black Girl Magic is Different with Passport & GE Holders

When you see a fellow Diva with a passport or one who’s just gone through the GE kiosk with ease, you know she moves different. She prioritizes ease. She cares about her time. And she doesn’t play about her travel.

I don’t know about you – but doesn’t that sound like the kind of meaningful connection you want to make? Someone who’s on your level and understands that travel isn’t just an escape; it’s a way of life?

Think of having a passport and Global Entry as a door that unlocks an entirely new set of individuals you now have access to. It’s like going to the airport lounges – not everyone can get in, so you have a different caliber of people there, and oftentimes, these can be some of the most enriching and life-changing relationships you can make.

Listen, for less than $300, you can get both a passport, Global Entry, and TSA PreCheck (it’s included in Global Entry), and if you have a travel credit card, it’s likely you’ll get this investment back in a statement credit, making your annual fee 100% worth it.

It’s a one-time investment (you’ll need to renew every few years) but a lifetime of magical memories.

So, do yourself a favor and get both. And if you need some inspiration, just take a look at how much fun your fellow Travel Divas had on some of our past trips.

Essence Fest 2024 – A Sneak Peek into the Ultimate Summer Experience for Black Women

Calling all the powerful, vibrant, and dynamic Black women out there! If you’re dreaming of a summer that leaves an everlasting mark, then the Essence Fest 2024 is your destination.

For those who don’t know, Essence Fest is more than just a festival—it’s a celebration of Black culture, womanhood, and the unrelenting spirit of community. Born out of the ethos of Essence magazine, a pioneering force in celebrating Black women and their unique narratives, Essence Fest has grown to become a cultural powerhouse in its own right.

So, what can you expect from the Essence Fest 2024?

1. A Celebration of Black Excellence

Essence Fest is globally recognized as a hub of Black excellence. It’s where the best in music, fashion, art, and lifestyle come together, presenting an array of performances, exhibits, and showcases that will leave you awe-struck.

2. Star-Studded Performances

Over the years, Essence Fest has seen performances from top global artists like Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, and Prince, to name just a few. For Essence Fest 2024, you can expect an even more spectacular line-up of music icons that will set your soul on fire!

3. Empowerment Sessions

Essence Fest is also about empowerment and growth. Attend insightful workshops and sessions with leading voices in business, health, politics, and lifestyle. Prepare to be inspired and gain wisdom to supercharge your life journey.

4. Networking Opportunities

Rub shoulders with like-minded women, establish meaningful connections, and celebrate your shared experiences and aspirations. Essence Fest is all about building and fostering a powerful community.

5. The Unforgettable Essence of New Orleans

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of New Orleans. Discover the city’s famed cuisine, vibrant music scene, and breathtaking architecture. Essence Fest offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the heart of The Big Easy.

Now, if you’re thinking, “this sounds like a dream,” we’re here to make it even better! Introducing the Travel Divas 2024 Essence Fest Travel Package! It’s not just a travel package, it’s your golden ticket to experience Essence Fest 2024 like never before!

With Travel Divas, you will be pampered with diva-level travel benefits, upscale hotel stays, exclusive day parties, and much more.

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So, are you ready to step into a summer of exploration, excitement, and pure Black Girl Magic? Your journey starts here!

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Save Time and Money with Global Entry + Passport

Hey hey, Roxie again. Now, if there’s anything I hate to waste, it’s time and money. As a Travel Diva, I know you hear me on this one.

That’s why if you travel often – at least 3 times a year – you’ll want to ensure your hard-earned money is being spent in the right places so you can stay draped in the lap of luxury before, during and after your trip.

That luxury can start before you even get to the airport when you have Global Entry and a passport.

If you’re curious what Global Entry is and all the benefits it offers, I wrote a lil’ something-something for you right here.

The thing is – having Global Entry AND a passport can truly save you time and money. Here are a few of the ways they can do just that:

Get the “VIP” Treatment at Customs

Unless you have a private plane and your own departure terminal, the next best thing is Global Entry which lets you fly through the Customs line. Global Entry gives you expedited entry in other countries because they’ve vetted your identity already and you’re considered a low-risk traveler.

Typically, once you’ve gotten it, you can easily enter back into the U.S. through automatic kiosks depending on the airport. In many other countries, you can skip standing in the standard customs lines because you’ve already undergone a rigorous identity check to obtain your Global Entry card.

Less Likelihood of the Diva “I Missed My Flight” Moment

Because Global Entry makes it easier for you to avoid processing lines and check-in is via an automatic kiosk, as well as its TSA PreCheck® benefits, that means you simply spend less time getting through security.

Translation: Fewer Diva moments and less stress getting ready for the airport hours before your flight. Luxury is having the freedom to choose how you spend your time. A passport and Global Entry give you back valuable hours you can then spend chilling in the high-end lounge or in bed before the Uber comes to get you.

It’s Only $22 More Than TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® makes going in and out of domestic territories or states a breeze, but you’re still at the mercy of international customs and processing lines. When you enroll in Global Entry – just $22 more than TSA PreCheck® – you get the benefits of TSA PreCheck® included!

Purchased separately, you’d pay about $178 for both programs. By just doing Global Entry, you save almost a hundred dollars.

If you have certain credit cards, you might even get the fee back as a statement credit! It’s perfect for the Diva who knows she’s going to be jet-setting, sprinkling her Black girl magic across the globe for the foreseeable future.

Now, you just need a destination to inspire you to go out and get it done!

Tap this link below to be automagically transported to your bucket-list destination.

Traveling to Unplug and Recharge: The Benefits of Digital Detoxes

Girl, are you a distracted traveler? Are you always checking your phone, scrolling social media or worrying about work or what’s happening back home?

Now putting the phone down is hard but when I’m jet-setting across the globe, I want to take it allll in. I want all the experiences, the adventures, the culture, the food – every single second of it – and I don’t want to miss out on something just because I’ve got my head down watching a cat video my sister sent me on Instagram!

I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on all the travel things either but I also know how tough it can be to ignore your phone. Especially when your email dings every few minutes and your friends keep blowing up the group chat.

But look – you didn’t come all this way to do what you do at home. You’re paying for this trip and you deserve the FULL experience.

Now my solution might ruffle a few feathers but I’mma say it anyway: unplug from your phone when you’re traveling.

Now that you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, let me explain. I’m not saying you can’t take your phone with you when you’re traveling. I’m also not saying you can’t use it to take pictures or listen to music.

I’m saying to cut down on distractions. Mute your notifications. Temporarily turn off email notifications. Remove Instagram and Facebook from your phone.

Here are a few reasons why I recommend doing a digital detox when you travel:

Increase Post-Trip Productivity

Listen, you’re not on vacation to answer emails or field a bunch of work-related questions. You’re on vacation to get away from all of that and relax.

So, if you’re constantly checking your phone or answering emails, you’re still working. Sure, you might be doing it poolside or at the beach but some part of you will resent “having to work” when you should be doing anything but.

Disconnect from work completely. Silence your email. Set up an out-of-office email that automatically sends when anyone emails you. And resist the urge to check email or check in with your colleagues or team when you’re having some downtime in the hotel.

By not working on vacation, you’ll return to your job more relaxed, rejuvenated, and productive than if you had split your vacation time with work.

Reduce Stress

It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but that little phone can be a huge contributing factor to your stress.

And by constantly checking emails, texts, and social media, you’re amping up your stress level, even if you don’t realize it.

When you’re on vacation, cut ties with your phone and only use it for emergencies or to check in with your family or friends at specific times of day.

As I suggested above, temporarily remove social media apps from your phone, silence email notifications and only allow yourself to “check” your phone for a few minutes a day.

This won’t just help you stay more present on vacation, but it will let you truly relax and rejuvenate while you’re taking in all the sights, culture, and food.

Improve Mental Health

Just as technology can increase stress, it can also have a negative impact on your mental health.

For many of us, when we scroll social media, we compare ourselves and our lives to the posts we see. So-and-so is so in shape. So-and-so got a promotion. So-and-so no longer has to work for a living. So-and-so is enjoying a luxury, all-expenses-paid vacation. And so on.

While we’re meant to be enjoying this wonderful trip we’re on, we’re comparing ourselves and our life to what we see on Facebook and whether we realize it or not, it’s affecting our mental health.

Tuck your phone away and get out and explore the sights, sounds, and food when traveling. Just stepping outside and taking it all in can boost your mood, inspire creativity and improve your brain function.

Read on to discover all the mental health benefits of travel.

Travel as a Form of Therapy: The Healing Power of Exploring New Places

Hey girl, it’s Roxie. Quick question: Why do you travel?

I know why I travel – it’s healing, therapeutic, relaxing and I love exploring new places, eating exotic foods and making new friends – but why do you travel?

I’m guessing probably for many of the same reasons.

Maybe you want to get away from everyday life. Maybe you want a change of scenery. Maybe you want to simply rest and relax.

Whatever the reason, go ‘head and add “taking care of your mental health” to the list. Because that’s 1 of the biggest reasons why travel is so amazing.  

Here are 3 ways exploring new places can be just as healing as a therapy sesh:

Leads to Personal Growth

If you’re stuck in the same place day after day, it’s easy to stay the same. You do the same things, see the same people and have the same experiences.

But when you travel, you take in new experiences, new environments and meet new people. Travel calls on you to rely on yourself in different ways. It challenges you, cultivates empathy (even if you’re just navigating the airport) and pushes you to develop your worldview.

Encourages Self-Discovery

Listen, it is SO easy to become comfortable and passive in your life. It’s easy to just go through the motions and not really think about what you want or who you want to be. After all, our busy lives and daily obligations mean we don’t have much time to reflect.

Travel gives you a new perspective on things and gives you the time and space to think about what it is you truly want. When you travel, you remove the day-to-day hustle and distractions that influence your thoughts.

For example, maybe eating a croissant while walking the streets of Paris makes you realize that you don’t want to work in a cubicle for the next 20 years but you’d rather be a pastry chef instead.

Or maybe while exploring the pyramids, it hits you how much you really enjoy archaeology and you decide to take a class at your local college. You’re not planning a career change, you just found something that really interests you and you want to know more about it.

Improves Mental Health

We’ve talked about travel and mental health before but listen, taking a vacation can stimulate creativity, help you better adapt to challenges and boost your mood.

Plus, when you take a break from your regular routine, you can clear your head and get out of any rut you may be in. And just planning your next vacation can improve your mood because you have something to look forward to.

So, be honest with yourself …

Is it time for a vacation?

If you’re nodding your head “yes,” then let us help. We’ll take care of all the little details, all you have to do is pick your destination and show up.

Mindful Travel: How to Stay Present and Grounded During Your Trips

Oh hey girl, Roxie here again with another travel tip! If you’re one of those travelers who gets overwhelmed in crowds, irritated by flight delays or anxious when it seems like everything that can go wrong does, then this blog is for you.

I know traveling can be stressful. You’ve got to navigate your way through crowds of people and screaming children. You’ve got to keep your cool when the airline bumps your flight to a later time and you end up almost missing your connecting flight. And you’ve got to chalk it up to a good time when you step out into a monsoon – without an umbrella – and your phone slips out of your hand and into a huge puddle.

Sounds like the worst trip ever, right? And the trip hasn’t even really started.

If you’re one of those travelers who gets anxious and overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned, here are some things you can try to keep you present and grounded:


Listen, I know it sounds a little hippy dippy but meditation helps me keep my cool. It’s all about bringing your mind back to the present instead of replaying what went wrong in the past or worrying about the future.

Meditation during travel helps you remember your trip is bigger than the minor inconvenience in front of you. And don’t think you have to wait until you’re by yourself to meditate! Pop in your headphones, look up “5 minute meditation” on YouTube and get your Zen on girlfriend.


Just as you can meditate anywhere, you can journal anywhere, too. Plus, keeping a travel journal not only helps you relax, it’s a great way to remember all the sights and experiences of your trip, too.

I know that writing while traveling can sound exhausting, especially if you’re experiencing a highly stressful situation, but it’s also a great way to calm your nerves and focus on the things you’re most excited about or the best parts of the trips you’ve already experienced.

Make your journal fun and easy – write about what you’re looking forward to, reflect on the day, write about something you found interesting or about the food you ate.


Now, I know what you’re thinking … really Roxie? Breathe? Yep. Take a deep breath in and let it out nice and slow. Woosahhhhh.

Traveling to your destination can wear you out and zap your energy – fast. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is with a little breathwork. It’s an instant mood boost and regulates your nervous system when you get overstimulated. (Which can happen quick with all the new sights and sounds.) 

When you travel, all sorts of unexpected things will pop off that can frustrate you. Try to embrace them and use the above techniques to move through those moments so that they don’t sour your entire trip.

One of the best solutions for frustrating, stressful travel? Traveling with us! We put as many of the details on autopilot as possible and the Divas will be right by your side to keep you in great spirits. Peruse our trips here.

Put ‘Em on DND: The Power of Disconnecting during Travel

Divas, I don’t know about you, but being “on” all the time takes a lot of work! Not just physically, but mentally, too.

Constant phone notifications, endless video calls or in-person meetings, loud work environments and even noisier family life.

It’s a lot – even for a magical Black woman like yourself who can power through anything!

That’s why unplugging completely when you travel is an absolute must. Look, whatever they’ve got going on back home – they can find somebody else to do it! You need to rest and recharge. It’s not your job to carry the weight of the world every second of every day – even though you can and you do.

Travel is your time to be soft. To turn inward. And to be with yourself. So put your phone on do not disturb, leave the laptop behind and check out why you should completely disconnect during travel:

Too Much Scrolling & You’ll Miss Out

Look, we know you love a good picture for the memories but try your best to not even pull your camera out when you’re away. You want to be in the moment and truly see, hear, smell and taste everything around you.

After all, some people never get the privilege of traveling out their own neighborhood, never mind the country. Don’t squander your chance at discovering beauty up-front-and-close by taking pictures or spending your time scrolling.

There are so many studies that show how being on the phone and social media can dampen your mood, and when you’re traveling, that’s the last thing we want to happen!

Unlock Your Creativity

New intelligence level unlocked! Without Google to answer whatever question you have, your brain actually has to work a little harder and find new ways of thinking. It also forces you to be present in the moment!

Think about it like this: always looking up why something is the way that it is can make you miss details you wouldn’t normally catch. Instead of wondering and looking up why there are cobblestones, for example, you can relish in the feel of them beneath your feet. In knowing they were probably built centuries ago and have lasted the test of time.

Just Googling that won’t give you the satisfaction and wow factor of coming to those conclusions on your own!

Stop the Overthinking

The biggest benefit of unplugging? You literally turn off the parts of you that are wired to overthink. When you’re constantly talking on the phone, scrolling or playing around with your electronic devices, it can be difficult not to get anxious or to have 50 million thoughts roaming around.

When you don’t have your phone prompting you to pick it up again, that anxiety can actually go away.

And once it does – you can really relax for the first time. No worries. No cares. Just relaxing and being.

And that alone is worth disconnecting while you travel! Wondering how else you can elevate your travel experience? Learn more about purposeful travel, what it is, and why you should consider it as part of your self-care routine.

Self-Care & Service: How You Can Travel with Purpose

Listen, here at Travel Divas, we’re all about travel as a form of escape, even recharging and relaxation. But there’s nothing like traveling intentionally with a goal of refueling your own cup while serving others.

Purpose-driven travel can be a rewarding way to share your gifts and services with communities in far-flung countries that hold space for you to let go and just be.

Divas like Roxie never miss a chance to practice purposeful travel because they love that sense of giving back and purpose while doing something they’re already passionate about – traveling!

Here are a few ways you can lean into the concept of purposeful travel and elevate your self-care in the process:

Minimize Your Ecological Impact

While tourism is wonderful for those of us who are tourists, it can have an unwelcome impact on the communities you visit.

Take a look at Hawaii for example. A constant stream of visitors has adversely impacted the state’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Traveling purposefully can help ensure your footprint on a destination’s climate and culture isn’t one that causes negative effects.

The same way gentrification affects so many of our neighborhoods – tourism can do the same. Traveling purposefully helps keep the culture and what makes that destination so magical intact.

Support the Local Economy

When it comes to trip accommodations – you can certainly choose big chain hotels, but staying at locally owned spots helps pour resources back into the community.

The same goes for where you eat – dining at local restaurants keeps those businesses alive.

When buying gifts for your friends and family, visit local shops and buy directly from artisans and co-ops whenever possible.

If you love to volunteer, go that route! Take a day during a solo trip and volunteer doing something you love. It could be teaching English, art, building a school, or helping out locally.

There are endless options to indulge in travel that benefits both you and your destination.

Check out this blog post for other ways travel can serve as self-care.

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