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Need More Melanated Magic After Cartagena? Fly Here.

If you’ve been bit by the melanated travel bug after basking in the culturally lit, Black girl-friendly city of Cartagena, Colombia and need some inspo for a new trip, look no further than one of West Africa’s most electric metropolises … Ghana!

If you loved the vibrant culture and lush, tropical paradise of Cartagena, our 3-locale tour of Accra, Kumasi and the Cape Coast will heat up your winter travel schedule!

Come back to the Motherland with us, reach your roots and immerse yourself in Ghana’s rich history and radiance. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store for you:

Black & Gold Welcome Home Dinner Party & Cultural Performance

Girlfriend, Ghana knows how to party! Celebrate like they do in the homeland with a black-and-gold-themed, “welcome home” dinner party hosted by your Travel Divas guides. We’ve even curated a special performance from local dancers and musicians that will delight your senses and stir your soul.

The Door of No Return

Visit this symbolic landmark that represents the last place many West Africans saw before being forced into the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Bring your tissues, Divas: this one can be quite the poignant experience. The Door of No Return is a reminder of the shoulders we all stand on and a memory that will stay with you forever.

African Naming Ceremony

Feel the warmth of your ancestors’ embrace as you receive a hand-selected, traditional Ghanaian name during a powerful naming ceremony. You’ll feel closer and more connected than you ever have before – even if your family doesn’t come from Ghana.

Come with us and see Africa in a new light! Learn more about the five-star accommodations, luxurious perks, breathtaking tours and excursions we’ve arranged for you behind this link:


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