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6 Ways to Sprinkle Your Black Girl Magic in Ghana

Here at Travel Divas, we’re firm believers that luxury experiences don’t have to happen solely in Europe. No, you see, there’s a different kind of “je ne sais quoi” you’ll find when you venture out on the road less traveled. And the culturally rich country of Ghana is no exception. In the land of jollof rice (though the Nigerians may fight us on that one), this west African kingdom is

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When is your birthday?

Celebrate Your Birthday with Travel Divas

Okay, we see you, girlfriend! Out here making big moves – with your money, your career, your family. You’re doing the damn thang and we couldn’t be prouder of you. Now, we don’t mean to interrupt your greatness, but have you taken a second to celebrate that? And when we say second, we don’t mean

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Check Off Your Packing List Like a Diva

Listen, we love a good bougie Target run as much as the next Diva. But when it comes to traveling like a bawse, we need something more! Sure, they’ve got some of the essentials but a Travel Diva like you deserves something a little more fabulous. Enter: The Travel Diva Store! Yup, that’s right. Not

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Elevate Your Wellbeing at these 5 Balinese Spas

Not sure if you’ve been listening to the Diva grapevine recently, but Bali’s been calling and it’s time to pick up! We know you’ve been working hard but all work and no play is not how a Diva should live! So, how about we do this instead – head to Bali with us so you

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Experience a New Life

How to Travel Like a Cultured Diva: For the People

You see, as melanated women, we’re all about uplifting fellow Black women (and men) and showing them just how magical they are through the power of travel and exposure to new cultures. Now, this doesn’t mean we aren’t proud of our own culture. In fact, one of our favorite parts of traveling is sharing our

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Yacht Life

Live the Yacht Life on the French Riviera

Travel Diva, what’s bougier than coasting down the French Riviera on a big old yacht? Yep, we couldn’t think of anything either. That’s exactly why we’re setting sail to the South of France next year: so hardworking Divas like yourself can soak up the ultra-luxe vibes of this playground for the rich and famous! In

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Wherever you are you are a diva

5 Things Every Diva Must Know Before Jet-Setting to South Africa

Isn’t it fascinating how far we’ve come? Everywhere you look you can find a magical Black woman doing her thing, living beyond her ancestors’ wildest dreams. And yes, we’re talking about you, Travel Diva! Our accomplishments seem even more monumental when we journey back to the homeland. Traveling to South Africa can be one of

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Divas, We Made It! We’re Ranked on the Inc. 5000 2022 List!

You know that feeling you get when that overdue, well-deserved promotion *finally* comes through? When you do first class for the first time? When the customs agent stamps your passport and says you need a new book because yours is almost filled from traveling like a Diva? Well, that’s us today, because we just made

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Rich Auntie Social Media Captions

Living my best #RichAuntieLife with @traveldivas. Too bad you couldn’t be here! It’s giving unbothered, hop-on-a-plane-cus-I-feel-like-it Rich Auntie Vibes. Healthy ✅ Wealthy 💰 On an island somewhere unbothered. 🏝️ Oops, slipped myself a lil pocket money and accidentally booked an entire trip. #RichAuntieLife So many passport stamps TSA said it’s bout time to get a

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Finding Yourself: Restore Your Black Girl Magic in Bali

When you’ve been hustling day-in and day-out to hit your goals, all that hard work can take a toll and wear the sparkle right off your Black girl magic. And if you ask us, the best way to get your magic back is with a hard reset. Treat your mind, body and soul to restorative

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