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How to Stay Healthy Like A Diva While Traveling

Well look at that – it’s your girl Roxie back with some more tips for the most Diva-esque traveling experience ever! There are so many new, exciting adventures with your name on them, and the last thing any Diva wants is to get sick and not be able to do any of them!

We all know how important it is to stay healthy before you travel so you don’t have to let that travel insurance kick in, but staying healthy during the trip is just as if not more important!

You’re traveling to release stress from working as hard as you do. So we can’t have you stressing out about how you feel while you’re traveling!

Here are a couple of Diva-approved healthy tips so you can look and feel your best during your next bucket-list trip:

Pack A First Aid Kit

If you’re feeling like you’re the bag lady Erykah Badu was singing about with everything inside your travel luggage, don’t fret. It’s better to be prepared than to get caught out there!

That being said, pack a mini first aid kit with antibacterial ointment, adhesive bandages, medication like painkillers, antacids, and upset stomach relief so you’ll be ready in case you cut yourself or eat something that doesn’t agree with you.

You can find great travel first aid kits on Amazon but don’t forget to also bring your own medicine, peppermint or ginger tea bags, motion sickness bracelets or meds, magnesium cream or tablets (great for aches/pains plus hangovers), and pads/tampons just in case.

Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing I love more than a good sip on vacay, but don’t forget to sip on some H20 as well! Often, we’re more active on vacation than we are at home, so you’re expending tons of energy. Be sure to get at least 3 meals a day (plus snacks!) and stay hydrated with lots of water throughout the day.

Especially if you’re the kind of Diva like me who loves to walk around or even lounge in the sun, hydration will be key to ensuring you wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

Get Enough Sleep

I know, I know. There’s so much to see and you’re too excited to sleep because you want to stay up chit-chatting and exploring, but every Diva needs her beauty rest. It’s easy to sleep less on vacations due to the excitement, but it’s best to aim for as much sleep as you can manage so you have enough energy to explore.

No one wants to be so tired they need to take a nap when they come back from their latest excursion – only to miss the next one because the nap turned into full-blown slumber.

Practice Self-Care

If your itinerary is packed, do yourself a favor and swap an activity out for a relaxing self-care moment. Try the hotel spa where you can get an overdue massage or facial, or if self-care feels like bubble baths and champagne, have your Butler or room service bring it to you! Maybe you love to read on the beach.

Whatever self-care means to you, it’s important to keep that up while you’re on vacation. You don’t need to power through your vacation and tick all your to-do’s – it’s not work; it’s fun!

Now that you know how to stay physically healthy, you’ll also want to make sure your wallet does, too.

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