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The Diva’s Symbol of Freedom & Global Citizenship: Your Passport

Ah … you smell that? That’s the sweet fragrance of new experiences in a foreign country. Everything is just … fresher. More alive. More vibrant.

At least that’s what your resident Travel Diva Roxie thinks! I don’t know about you but everything seems like it’s turned up a notch when you experience new cultures in a place you’ve never been before.

Something about it just tastes, feels, and smells like freedom. Or, maybe it’s just the smell of my passport! It’s truly a symbol of freedom, and I invite you to explore these reasons why:

It’s a Reminder You are Your Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams

Every time I look at this little book full of stamps, I’m reminded that it was our ancestors’ wildest dreams:

To be able to travel freely without being confined to a single space. Our ancestors didn’t have a choice in the matter but in 2023, we do and your passport is proof of that.

Not everyone is able to get a passport – so the only way they can explore new cultures is through the Internet or TV. Take a moment to be grateful for the privilege to be able to leave your home country to explore another.

It’s a Ticket to Worldwide Connection

Even before the internet gave us the opportunity to connect with folks from all over the world, a passport was your way to do it in real life. With a passport, you can visit far-flung cultures and people from all walks of life – with different religions, beliefs, traditions, and ways of being.

There’s something about being exposed to how others live that opens up your mindset. As magical Black women, we are always about our growth, and your passport affords you the freedom to flex those growth muscles in person with other cultures.

It’s a Way Out in Case of Emergencies

Every Travel Diva has seen a movie where someone needed to escape a dire situation in another country. When you have a passport, you have the option of not being stuck where you are. I wrote an entire blog post on this – tap this link to learn why a passport is a must-have for emergencies.

3 Reasons Why Your Passport is Non-Negotiable for Travel Emergencies

Ring the alarm! Something just went down – and the only thing on your mind is getting out of your situation. As your resident Travel Diva Roxie, one of my mantras is “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

When it comes to travel – there are so many ways to prepare yourself for emergencies, but what about when you’re at home?

Did you know your passport can be your ticket to safety? There’s a reason why a passport is such an important document and requires so much rigorous checking before it’s issued: it’s literally a freedom pass. And depending on what kind of emergency is happening, it’s also a way for you to get out of harm’s way.

Here are 3 scenarios where having a passport can ease your mind:

Natural Disasters

Whether you’re at home or you’re traveling internationally, the truth is the climate is changing and natural disasters are happening more and more frequently. You need to be prepared in the event the unexpected happens.

From volcanic eruptions to floods to tornadoes, having a passport will allow you ease of travel from your location to a safer destination.

Political Unrest

While the likelihood of political unrest changes depending on which country you’re in, the truth is it can happen anywhere. You want to make sure if something happens politically and unrest, turmoil, and riots break out, you can get yourself back home or to another country where you will be safe and sound. Without a passport, you might find it difficult to get out of said situation.

In other words, having a passport gives you options in emergency situations. Yes, it’s a ticket to freedom, exploration, and new cultures, but it’s also a ticket to safety.

When it comes to sprinkling your Black girl magic, there are so many ways your passport can help you do that. In fact, it can help with your career opportunities, too.

Wanna find out how? Sashay over to this blog Roxie wrote on the benefits of a passport for career level ups.