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Your Passport Is Your Ticket to Adventure

Meaningful connections with fellow magical Black women, the opportunity to explore new cultures, a moment to refill my self-care cup – there’s nothing Roxie enjoys more than the freedom of travel.

It’s truly something I cherish and don’t take for granted. Not everyone is able to travel freely, so knowing that I can hop on a plane to escape is something I’m eternally grateful for.

Every time I look at my passport, I see more than just a small book with pages and pages full of customs stamps:

I see freedom.

I see adventure.

I see endless possibilities.

In fact, you can consider it your ticket to adventure. Here are a few reasons why:

You Can Travel Internationally

More than just a ticket to adventure and a form of identification, a passport is a collection of memories. Every stamp is a reminder of your Black girl magic: that you worked hard, played even harder, and had the courage to do both.

You see, traveling is an act of bravery. Whether it’s with a group of women you know, a group of strangers, by yourself, or a mix of all the above, it takes guts and gravitas to literally step outside of your comfort zone and fly to a new destination where nothing is the same.

Every time you pick up your passport, remember that.

You Can Immerse Yourself in New Cultures

A Diva knows there’s more to life than what she knows – that’s why she prides herself on being well-versed and cultured. Your passport unlocks opportunities for you to immerse yourself in cultures you never would have been exposed to otherwise, except for in a book or in a YouTube video.

Getting to know how others live their lives can inspire you to live more freely and openly. In fact, chances are, if you’re traveling outside of the U.S., you’ll discover just how much hustle culture isn’t the be-all-end-all.

As a hard-working Black woman, it’s important for you to see that you deserve a soft life. That life – no matter its dilemmas – can be one full of joy … sunshine … clear waters … luxury.

Your passport is the ultimate luxury. Don’t forget to use it.

You can practice doing just that by booking a trip and letting us plan it all for you right behind this link.

Can’t wait to see what adventure you choose next!

How to Navigate Airport Security Like a Diva

Ooooh … hitting the TSA line’s got you feeling anxious? Your girl Roxie gets it.

If there’s one thing I used to hate about traveling, it was this part. That is until I figured out how to best avoid unnecessary delays and hassles at the airport. Now, I breeze through airport security like I own the place!

And once you follow the tips I’m about to share – you will too. I know you’re tight on time packing so let’s get straight into it:

Pack Liquids Properly

Getting stopped by airport security because your liquids and toiletries aren’t packed right can stop even the most prepared Diva in her tracks. First, decide if you’re doing carry-on only or if you’ll also be checking a bag.

If you’re doing carry-on only (or with a checked bag), make sure not to bring any flammable liquids. Everything should be under 3.4 oz (including the size of the container) and fit into a quart-size bag. If you’re checking luggage, you can pack full-size versions of your products. If you have a bottle of water filled up, make sure it’s frozen otherwise TSA will have to throw it away.  

Wear Slip-On Shoes

Have you seen how many people walk through the airport? Then you know the last place you want your feet to touch is the floor! When you’re going through security, you want ease of access AND comfort. The key? Get slip-on shoes. They can be mules, sneakers, or whatever your heart calls for – just make sure you can slip them on and off easily. Don’t forget a pair of socks or light stockings too to keep your feet away from the floor.

Organize All Your Documents

You know the moment: someone’s at the kiosk and the airport security agent needs to see their ID/passport/ticket and they’re holding up the line, digging in their bags and pockets. Don’t be that girl, Travel Diva! Get a cute Travel Divas document organizer (available in our store) and put all your important docs in there so you can whip them out with ease.  

Get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck®

Divas! If you have credit cards like American Express® Gold or Chase Sapphire® or even a travel card, they likely have special statement credits available for purchasing Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. I highly recommend one of these options (Global Entry also contains TSA PreCheck) so you can skip the long lines, keep your shoes on and protect your manicure, plus make it to your gate with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t forget to check the airport website at your destination for all their security tips, too.

Wondering what else you need to do to prepare for your next trip? If you’re heading out of the country, check out this list of essential items.

Your Career Glow Up Is Here: The Power of a Passport to Grow Your Career

Travel Divas like Roxie value personal growth and career development above all else.

And just because I may be in one country doesn’t mean I’m trying to only attract opportunities here! Travel Divas are global when it comes to their careers – and your passport can help open the door to a world of possibilities.

Lemme show you how:

Work Remotely in Another Country

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has been all the rage – and that means you don’t necessarily have to work where you live. While there might be things to consider tax-wise if you work a 9-5, there are still employers who encourage Divas like you to sprinkle their Black girl magic over the globe.

And if you’re your own boss – the only limit is where your passport allows you to go!

If you can, give yourself a break from the desk and find a new place across the continents to work!

Network on an International Scale

You never know what business opportunities or new job moments are waiting for you in another country. Your passport is a way for you to get in the right rooms to make those happen!

For example, there may be international conferences around an area you want to break into or in an industry where you’re already an expert. With a passport, you can be confident you’ll be able to attend and make those wallet- and life-changing connections that make that adage “your network is your net worth” so true.

Cultivate a Resume of New Experiences

Job candidates with international experience stand out from the competition – and as Divas, we’re always trying to stand out. Not only do you get access to new experiences that allow you to develop fresh perspectives and insights for work, but you also become a more attractive, well-rounded candidate who’s seen as adaptable, fast-learning, and cultured.

In other words – a passport can help you grow your career. Think of more opportunities and more money in the bank to help fund your wanderlust!

Speaking of wanderlust, find your next travel destination here and extend the trip for a business conference.

Save Time and Money with Global Entry + Passport

Hey hey, Roxie again. Now, if there’s anything I hate to waste, it’s time and money. As a Travel Diva, I know you hear me on this one.

That’s why if you travel often – at least 3 times a year – you’ll want to ensure your hard-earned money is being spent in the right places so you can stay draped in the lap of luxury before, during and after your trip.

That luxury can start before you even get to the airport when you have Global Entry and a passport.

If you’re curious what Global Entry is and all the benefits it offers, I wrote a lil’ something-something for you right here.

The thing is – having Global Entry AND a passport can truly save you time and money. Here are a few of the ways they can do just that:

Get the “VIP” Treatment at Customs

Unless you have a private plane and your own departure terminal, the next best thing is Global Entry which lets you fly through the Customs line. Global Entry gives you expedited entry in other countries because they’ve vetted your identity already and you’re considered a low-risk traveler.

Typically, once you’ve gotten it, you can easily enter back into the U.S. through automatic kiosks depending on the airport. In many other countries, you can skip standing in the standard customs lines because you’ve already undergone a rigorous identity check to obtain your Global Entry card.

Less Likelihood of the Diva “I Missed My Flight” Moment

Because Global Entry makes it easier for you to avoid processing lines and check-in is via an automatic kiosk, as well as its TSA PreCheck® benefits, that means you simply spend less time getting through security.

Translation: Fewer Diva moments and less stress getting ready for the airport hours before your flight. Luxury is having the freedom to choose how you spend your time. A passport and Global Entry give you back valuable hours you can then spend chilling in the high-end lounge or in bed before the Uber comes to get you.

It’s Only $22 More Than TSA PreCheck®

TSA PreCheck® makes going in and out of domestic territories or states a breeze, but you’re still at the mercy of international customs and processing lines. When you enroll in Global Entry – just $22 more than TSA PreCheck® – you get the benefits of TSA PreCheck® included!

Purchased separately, you’d pay about $178 for both programs. By just doing Global Entry, you save almost a hundred dollars.

If you have certain credit cards, you might even get the fee back as a statement credit! It’s perfect for the Diva who knows she’s going to be jet-setting, sprinkling her Black girl magic across the globe for the foreseeable future.

Now, you just need a destination to inspire you to go out and get it done!

Tap this link below to be automagically transported to your bucket-list destination.