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Rich Auntie Social Media Captions

Living my best #RichAuntieLife with @traveldivas. Too bad you couldn’t be here!

It’s giving unbothered, hop-on-a-plane-cus-I-feel-like-it Rich Auntie Vibes.

Healthy ✅ Wealthy 💰 On an island somewhere unbothered. 🏝️

Oops, slipped myself a lil pocket money and accidentally booked an entire trip. #RichAuntieLife

So many passport stamps TSA said it’s bout time to get a new book.

Big sunglasses? Check. Big purse? Check. Money to spend and lounging to do? Check.

Nicki said all these chicks is my sons. All my children? Passport stamps. 

The only thing that breaks my soul is not traveling with @traveldivas.

In my bag and my relaxation with no cares in the world thx to @traveldivas

When they think being called a “Rich Auntie” hurts my feelings, I book another flight with @traveldivas and sip my green tea in another country unbothered. 🫖

Tell Mary J & Taraji to move on over because there’s another Rich Auntie in town.

First name: Rich. Last Name: Auntie. ✈️

Now entering my fine rich auntie era … heavy on the rich and fine. 🤑

I’m OK with being an auntie. Don’t forget the “rich” part tho. 🕶️

Out the way and on vacation 🏜️

Don’t text me “WYA.” Baby, auntie is on a flight! 🛫

NOTICE: It’s a rich auntie summer and I WILL be acting accordingly 💅🏽

Got my @traveldivas right by my side in case things go left ❗❗

Take trips, step on necks, repeat 🔁

Deep in my bag like the fries at the bottom 🍟

And the biggest flex is I do it all so effortlessly ✨ #RichAuntieLife

Proud member of the rich auntie club 💋 @traveldivas

Giving you a front-row seat to the glow-up … you’re welcome. #RichAuntieLife

Beyonce told me to release my job … And I thought about it, but somebody’s gotta fund this rich auntie lifestyle! Y’all be safe though 😹

It’s giving grown, glowed, pretty and paid. Period! 💁🏽‍♀️

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