Your Reservations are Confirmed!
🎉 🥂

Your Reservations are Confirmed!

Congratulations!!! 🎉 🥂

Pour up the champagne, Diva, and dance a little. You’ve just booked an EPIC birthday bash trip! Can you believe it? You’re about to gift Mexico all this vibrant energy and style, so go ahead and dust off that passport, set that countdown timer in your phone, and tell the world you just booked a new adventure by posting a pic using our hashtag #traveldivas. (We’re heading over to IG now to search for your pic to reshare).

But wait, One Last Thing… Your Reservations are NOT Complete… Before you run off and share this fabulous news with everyone, we need a little bit more sparkle from you right now. It’ll take less than 5 minutes. Please click the link below and complete your reservation profile.


Grab the Badge! Now, you can shout it out loud! Screenshot the badge below and share your upcoming adventure with the world. And, oh Diva, don’t forget to swing by our Facebook Community and show off your badge. Let the sisterhood celebrate with you!



Welcome to the Zodiac Birthday Bash family, Diva. We can’t wait to see you shine under the Riviera Maya sky.

With vibrant love and a touch of glam, Travel Divas 🌍✈️💄

P.S. If you’ve got questions or need assistance, we’re just a click away. Because every Diva deserves top-notch care! 🌟


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