Your Reservations are Confirmed!


You’ve just added Palm Trees, Cocktails, Networking and Relaxation to your future. You just booked an EPIC trip for the 2022 TSP March Mastermind Retreat. Can you believe it? You are about to get a new passport stamp.  We are about to drop 100 Million in Black Businesses on the Beach so go ahead and dust off that passport, put that countdown timer in your phone and tell the world you just booked a new trip by posting a pic using our hashtag #TSPMastermindRetreat. (We are heading over to IG now to search for your pic to reshare).

One Last Thing, Your Reservations are NOT Complete…

Before you run off and tell others what you just did, we need a little information from you right now. It will take less than 5 minutes. Please click the link below and complete your reservation profile. 


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