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10 of Roxie’s Favorite Things for a Diva-Like Holiday Season

We hope your magic meter isn’t filled up yet because we’ve been traveling around the world and collecting all types of original, luxurious and rejuvenating items that I know you’re going to love.

And, we’ll be the first one to admit – times have been tough this year and last, haven’t they?

You’ve been holding on and now it’s time to let loose and give yourself (or your loved ones) the gift of joy. Now, it can be a hug, a text, a phone call – or one of these handpicked items we’ve collected across our adventures around the world.

(If you ask us, all those make great gifts, but our list of Roxie’s 10 favorite things will blow anyone – including you – away!)

Here’s to a little holiday joy. Check out some of our favorite things by completing the form to grabbing our download.